Is The Obama Administration Abusing its Citizens?

Nothing surprises me any more with the actions, statements and logic of the present administration and its supporters. Yesterday, John Brennan, deputy National Security Advisor, announced that we may no longer describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam.

I have news for Mr. Brennon, it is not Americans who invented the word jihadists, but it is Muslims who used that word for 1400 years. The word jihadist is derived from, Mujahada or Mujahidoun, to describe those who go to war for the sake of spreading Islam. Brennon is right in that jihad is a major tenant of Islam, but wrong in calling it legitimate because in fact it is a declaration of war and violence against non-Muslim individuals, governments and nations that has been going on for 1400 years. The Obama administration refuses to understand that the doctrine of jihad challenges the sovereignty of any non-Muslim country and denies it exercising its right to remain non-Muslim. But after standing against the Arizona law, I do not think the current administration cares much about sovereignty of the USA.

I feel kind of silly in explaining the obvious to Mr. Brennan because he cannot be that stupid. But just in case, this is the definition of jihad as given in mainstream Shafii law: “to war against non-Muslims, derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare, to establish the religion” (Shafii law # o9.0 p 599). To ensure that all Muslims perform or at least support jihad, there is also a law that states that not performing jihad or fleeing from combat with “unbelievers” is considered an enormous crime (Shafii law 377 p. 987). Not only is jihad the duty of every Muslim, but every Muslim head of state. Sharia says: “The caliph fights all other peoples until they become Muslim” (o9.9 p. 603).

This definition of Jihad as above, is being taught today across the Muslim world and producing thousands of young men and women who are committed to killing us. Such jihad commandments to kill and engage in aggressive wars against non-Muslims are all over Muslim scriptures and preached from mosques across the Middle East and even in the West. Such violent jihad commandments all over Muslim scriptures have never been amended, annulled or denied by any Muslim group with authority in the Middle East. All we ever hear is unsubstantiated denials by Muslims in the West.

Here is another Sharia law: “The Caliph makes war upon Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians until they become Muslim or else pay the non-Muslim poll tax while being belittled”. Law# o9.8 p. 602. If that is not enough the following might convince Mr. Brennan: “When the caliph (Muslim Head of State) appoints a ruler on a region, (his duty includes) if the area has a border adjacent to enemy lands, (he will) undertake jihad against enemies, dividing the spoils of battle among combatants and deserving recipients.” (Law# o25.8 and 9 (8) p,647).

When it comes to the interpretation of Islam, many Muslim groups in the US say they abide by the interpretations of Al Azhar University in Cairo. Well, Al Azhar University in Cairo approved and signed the above Sharia laws and also teaches that jihad is a permanent war institution against Jews Christians and pagans.

There is a relentless campaign to dumb down Americans. There is daily massive, merciless pressure on the ordinary American citizen to conform to an unbearable state of giving up their culture, dignity and pride. Those in charge in New York have approved the building of a huge mosque at Ground Zero, which will be financed by the same people who financed the terror attack on 9/11. It will be considered by the Muslim world as yet another holy site for the triumph of Islam. Like holy mosque built on top of the Jewish second temple, in a few decades, Islam will claim this area of New York as Muslim holy grounds. American victims of 9/11 are buried next to a holy mosque of triumph and Muslims will come to visit from all over the world. Who knows, perhaps our great grand children will have an eternal war with Muslims over ground zero as a disputed area between Americans and Muslims.

To teach Americans another lesson, the Obama administration even brought a foreign leader, the President of Mexico, to come to our Congress and teach the American people a lesson about what is right and wrong.

We are told that Americans must never feel insulted, humiliated or that their noses are being rubbed in the ground by President Obma’s administration. You see, a good American must be sensitive to Muslim wishes, but asking Muslims to reciprocate would be insensitive.

A good American can no longer be patriotic, but must respect the patriotism of others. He must be tolerant, but must tolerate the intolerance of others. He must blame himself first, second and third, but never dare blame others. A good American must welcome Islamic penetration and agenda of jihad, but never suspect any ill will from those who call themselves jihadists and blow themselves up with fellow US citizens. He must never demand equal access in Muslim countries. He must resist feelings of pride in his culture, but celebrate the cultures of everyone else, even those who cut the clitorises of young girls. He must celebrate the diversity and division of America into little tribes even if some are hell-bent on imposing their religion, language and culture by any means necessary. A good American must abandon any reference in public to God, Christ, or Christmas. But he must celebrate other religions, especially Islam, while denying that Islam had anything to do with 9/11.

The present administration and its supporters are following a policy of divide and conquer and are gambling with our future, thinking that in the end the jihadists will get tired and reform themselves of their own volition. The administration is trying to play word games to tell Muslims they are not at war with America, when even the children in the Arab streets know that Islamic jihad is at war with America. America might be afraid, but denial and playing word games is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. Mr. Brennon and those who agree with him have ignored 1400 years of Islamic jihad history. Only those cultures that fought the jihadists survived and preserved their language and religion. Wars at the gates of Vienna stopped the jihadists in their tracks, but with appeasement, political correctness and Muslim immigration, America might wake up one day asking “how did we lose Europe?”

The present administration is selling America cheap, very cheap, for votes, for approval from Saudi Arabia and radical Islamists. I wish to tell them, you are rewarding the enemies of America who will never love you. Our politicians are at least engaged in gross negligence and at worst playing with fire.
Is this a great country for Islam to conquer or what?

Nonie Darwish
Author: “Cruel and Usual Punishment; The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law”.


French President Sarkozy Calls Obama Insane – Atlas Shrugs

French President Sarkozy Calls Obama Insane – Atlas Shrugs

Santoshbhatt’s Blog

Santoshbhatt’s Blog

Boycott Ethan Allen Which is supporting Terrorist Jihad.

In addition to marring a woman from Kashmir, Fesail Rauf performed the marriage ceremonies for the daughter of Farooq Kathwari.

WEDDINGS; Farah Kathwari, Mubashir Mohi-ud-Din Published: July 7, 2002Farah Maryam Kathwari, the daughter of Farida and Farooq Kathwari of New Rochelle, N.Y., was married at her parents’ house yesterday to Mubashir Mohi-ud-Din, a son of Sakina Mohi-ud-Din and Dr. Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din of Potomac, Md. ,b>Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf performed the Islamic ceremony.
 Ms. Kathwari, 27, is keeping her name.

This wealthy, and well connected Kashmiri Muslim does business with the White House through his business Ethan Allen, and in his capacity as CEO, and president of the company

In fact Mr. K is not only the President of Ethan Allen furnishers , but is a leader in the Kashmir succession movement.

In 1922, at the age of 19, Karthwari’s eldest son left Harvard Med school and died fighting with the muhajideen in Afghanistan. The Irfan Kathwari Foundation was started by Farooq Kathwari in memory of his son, and funds things like “The Islam Project.“

Another of Kathwari’s sons wrote fondly of his memories of the movie “Battle of Algiers”.

Kashmir Dispute Will Make Ground Zero Seem Like a Bonfire By Rafiq KathwariIt [the movie “Battle of Algiers“] captured my imagination as well as that of my classmates, one of whom approached me a few days later and asked if I would commit myself to the liberation of Kashmir. Yes, of course, I said, reading a typed sheet my friend took out from his coat pocket. “Bear Arms against a Sea of Troubles,” I remember the title said.
“This is our manifesto,” my friend said as I read the aims and objectives, which included blowing up bridges and the local radio and telephone buildings, ambushing army convoys and killing soldiers. The text said nothing about where we would get arms and ammunition, the number of members in the group, how we would organize, who our leader was or when we would execute our plan.

to say nothing of the morality. — livingengine


* * * *

It was great stuff for my impressionable mind. My friend had energized me. If the Algerians could do it, so could Kashmiris. I read the typed manifesto again before signing it with a flourish.

A few weeks later that teenage flirtation landed me for 11 months in Srinagar’s Central Jail.

* * * *

The passage of 35 years hasn’t dimmed my memory. My passion for Kashmir’s freedom is undiminished, despite the horror of the last ten years during which anywhere from 35,000 to 80,000 mostly civilians have been killed.

Indifference [to Kashmir] will make Ground Zero seem like a Boy Scout’s bonfire gone awry.
 Farooq Kathwari has been called a “seccessionist leader”, and he is well connected. He does business with the White House through Ethan Allen furniture, and may, as President and CEO of that company perform back channel diplomatic functions for the US government concerning Kashmir.

He is also friends with Feisal Rauf.

Idiots guide to Christianity

Idiots guide to Christianity

ખૂલી આંખનાં સપનાં

ખૂલી આંખનાં સપનાં

If you are a Muslim woman or plan to be a Muslim woman for sake of someone’s love, think twice before you jump into Hell or continue to live in Hell.


 If you are a Muslim woman or plan to be a Muslim woman for sake of someone’s love, think twice before you jump into Hell or continue to live in Hell.If you are a Muslim woman or plan to be a Muslim woman for sake of someone’s love, think twice before you jump into Hell or continue to live in hell    

Here is a summary of what Islam has to offer to Muslim women:a. Men can keep unto 4 wives and as many sex-slaves as they want. (Refer Quran Nisa 3) 


Some Muslims defend this by saying that 4 wives are allowed only if one can do justice to all of them. This is a hoax. Because the role model for Muslims is Muhammad

were revealed only to settle the jealousy and feeling of injustice among his wives. So in essence, Muslim women are doomed to share their beds with other women, if their husbands so desire.  Ayats and even he could not do justice to 9/11/15/18 or whatever number of wives and innumerable concubines he kept, if we are to believe in Quran and Hadiths. Some 


 b. One cannot marry women who are already married. But if they are obtained after fight, even they are legal to be kept for lovemaking.   


That is why all Muslim wars are followed by widespread rape and trading of women. (Refer Quran Nisa 24)    

 c. Quran states that one should not marry someone whom one’s father married or real sisters or milk-siblings. But it also states that what has happened is already happened.    

 To make this more clear, one should know that Quran considers Bible, Tauret and Zabur as previous messages from Allah. But none of these ever prohibit incest or close-kin marriages. In fact, these books are full of stories of incest. Hence Quran shamefully accepts Allah to have justified incest previously!    

 That is why some Imams of Sunni Islam like Abu Hanifa even justify intercourse with mother, sister and daughter!    

 d. Quran permits men to replace wives on condition that nothing given to the wife being replaced is taken back! (Refer Quran Nisa 20)    

 So this is open invitation for wife-swapping. What difference does Quran accord to women from cattle or shoes?    

e. Talaq is unilateral. Only husband can give Talaq. Women can request for Talaq but only husband has the final authority to give Talaq. Even Imam or Qazi cannot force a husband to give Talaq!    

f. In case a husband gives Talaq to his wife in anger or due to some misconception, but later wants to repent, there is no option left.    

 Now he can have the woman as his wife only after the woman has married another man, lived with him for at least one month, has had intercourse with this new husband and then takes Talaq from this new husband!    

 Refer Bukhari and other Hadiths.    

g. Quran considers Tauret to be a divine book. This divine book allows a husband to throw out his wife from his home if he does not like him. He simply needs to write a resignation letter and put in her hand!    

But this book states that an ex-wife who had intercourse with a new husband cannot be accepted by the old husband. This contradicts Quran. Only Allah knows why he sent such sharply contradictory messages and what was the need to change his law to force women into prostitution?    

h. Quran allows one to have intercourse with slaves. It suggests that one should not force them, but then states that even if one forces them for sex, Allah is forgiving!    

i. Quran and other books of Islam like Hadiths openly justify characterlessness.    

 One states that if one rapes a mad woman, no one is guilty!
(Fatabi Kazikhan Jild Avval Hadith 101)    

 One need not clean himself or be considered to have broken his Roza if he had intercourse with an animal, child or woman but did not ejaculate!
(Fatabi Kazikhan Jild 1 Safa 100)    

 Quran considers women to be like farms where men should approach from top, bottom, back or front! Even anal sex is justified as per some Hadiths!
(Refer Quran Bakar 223)    

Men can even have animal sex as per Islamic texts. It is obvious that women is nothing more than a mean to satisfy uncontrollable perverted passions of barbaric beasts who call themselves followers of Allah!    

j. Paradise is nothing but a mega-brothel for sex-maniacs. Quran states that Paradise will have beautiful virgins for each Muslim.    

Some hadiths state that even the lowest level of people in Paradise will have 500 hours, 4000 virgins and 8000 married women to enjoy! The description is too vulgar in many Hadiths and even in portions of Quran!    

Obviously, it is silent on what does Paradise have for women!    

Is it not a matter of shame that women are depicted in such cheap manner in earth as well as Paradise?    

k. A women is expected to satisfy her husband’s sexual needs whenever he demands, regardless of whether she wants so or not. What a pity that women are reduced to sex-toys!    

 Some Hadiths even talk of people lending sex-slaves to each other who can then have intercourse with them!    

l. Shias go a step ahead and allow the practice of Mutah. In Mutah, one can marry a woman for a fixed time period – from few minutes to few years – and enjoy her. After the period is over, marriage is considered null and void. Even if a woman gets pregnant during Mutah, the man has no liability! There are no limits on number of Mutahs that a man and woman can enter into.    

What could be more disgusting!    

m. In many Muslim countries, women are circumcised and this hazardous method can cause lot of temporary and permanent trauma.    

Even for men, because of inherent unhygienic culture prevalent, circumcision is considered necessary to reduce risks of sexual disorders that emanate from promiscuous lifestyle.    

 n. In Islam, there is no concept of brother-sister, father-daughter etc. Unless there is a blood relation, there is no stopping from even a 60 year old to marry a 6 year old baby, or an elderly uncle to marry wife of someone who is age of his son. So all women need to be beware if they live in a Muslim society.    

o. Women are considered half as intelligent as men. Even in court cases, evidence of two women equal evidence of one man.    

p. It is impossible for a woman to prove rape even though rape-laws may be strict. Because to prove rape, circumstantial evidence is not sufficient. At least two prime witness who saw the actual penetration must be brought. And mind you, if you bring women, then you should bring 4 women, because a woman is half-intelligent than man!
q. Even in matters of property, right of woman is half that of man.    

 All wise women should embrace Vedic Dharma and reject Islam if they value their dignity. All married women should force their husbands to convert or plan ways to take divorce and convert to Vedic Dharma. This may be difficult in short-term but would ensure a life of dignity and self-respect forever!    







The Quarrel 

Although living with Mustafa proved to Irshad that he was neither a saint nor an angel she remained loyal to him and faithful to her Islamic faith. Somehow she showed blind eyes to all those abuses that Muslim women go through in a Muslim society. She always convinced herself that the problem was not with the Qur’an and the prophet but with the interpretations of those divine texts. Irshad believed that if those religious texts were subjected to better reading and understanding Muslim society would be an ideal society and Muslims would be like Brahmans as believed in Hinduism were gods on earth. Nevertheless, this blind belief of Irshad was shaken one day when she had a serious quarrel with her husband.    

The fight happened on a particular evening after the family returned from a celebration of a genital mutilation of twin sisters children of the age of five. The screaming and agony of those two little children when the midwife subjected them to that cruel and painful torture haunted the mind of Irshad as a horrifying nightmare. Therefore, when she reached home she talked to her husband about it and expressed her doubts about the authenticity of those hadiths that justified such cruel practice. When Mustafa as usual confronted her with two hadiths in Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim that no Muslim scholar would ever dare to doubt or question the authenticity of a hadith that mentioned in those two collections of the prophet sayings Irshad made a comment that turned Mustafa into a ferocious animal.    

“May be the hadiths are right and the prophet Muhammad sanctioned the practice but genital mutilation is harmful and abusive to the woman,” said Irshad.    

“You want to tell me that our blessed prophet Muhammad sanctioned a practice that is harmful and abusive to the woman?” shouted Mustafa at the top of his voice.    

“While I was at the university I read many researches carried out by highly qualified scholars in this topic and all agreed that female genital Mutilation has bad consequences for Muslim women. I remember I read an article that states. “Female genital mutilation or cutting ‘involves the removal or the sealing of the labia majora and the labia minora together after the entire clitoris has been removed’ (Lois 1985: 115). Problems that result from female circumcision are ‘the woman is no more capable of normal sexual intercourse and childbearing. And no longer able to gratify her spouse’s appetite, she is cast out for a younger and healthier wife’ (Lois: 117).”    

 “I don’t care what those damned enemies of Islam have written about female circumcision. I am repeating my question for the last time, do you want to say that our blessed prophet Muhammad has commanded us to abuse and harm our women?”    

“What the prophet had allowed might be okay at that time but today scientific research proves that female genital mutilation is harmful to the women.”    

“Know you not that our blessed prophet does not speak out of himself but whatever he said was inspired by God? Do you not know that Islam is applicable in all times and places?”    

“I don’t know what you are trying to say but one thing I am sure about. This practice is barbaric, painful, and harms the women.”    

When Irshad finished the above sentence she felt as if a hammer hit her face. The blow of her husband hit her directly on the face. It was so powerful it sent her straight on the floor. Then, Irshad saw her husband jump over her body and begin to hammer her as if he was beating a dangerous animal and he wanted to subdue it before it attacked him further. When Mustafa felt tired of repeatedly beating the surrendered body of his wife he caught hold of her neck and began to strangle her. Irshad knew her end had come. The last thing Irshad could remember on that evening was the screaming of her little children dying away as she passed out.!/note.php?note_id=149243431770134&id=100000215477921    





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