Incredible Story of Shibani Acharya


Incredible Story of Shibani Acharya

By: Tapan Ghosh**
Translated From Bengali into English by Dr. Radhasyam Brahmachari

The Orissa is a state on the eastern coast of India and Bolangir is the district town of the district Bolangir of the state. The affluent and educated Harishchandra Acharya is a resident of said town of Orissa. He is Brahmin by caste. Harishchandra is serving the Government of Orissa as a Revenue Officer and his wife also is a Lecturer in a local college at Bolangir. The couple has a son and a daughter and the Daughter Shibani is elder to the son. She is 19-year-old and doing B. Sc. in a local college and she is a second-year student in the college. Apart from that, she is doing a computer course B.C.A. in a local computer training centre. The son is younger to Shibani by one year and he is doing an engineering course in an engineering college in Bhubaneshwar, the capital of the state. So, it is a happy and well off family.

But trouble appeared from a quite unexpected quarters. Harishchandra had undertaken a repairing work of his house and engaged some Muslim masons for the job. It should be mentioned here that there is a dearth of masons in Orissa and the people of the state generally hire Muslim artisans from the adjacent state of West Bengal, particularly from the district of Mueshidabad, to get their job done.

In this context, it should also be mentioned that Orissa is the land of Lord Jagannath and the people of the state, though poor, are very pious and deeply devoted to Lord Jagannath. There are two states in India, namely Orissa and Assam, where the Muslims, during the Muslim rule, could not penetrate much due to patriotism and bravery of the people of these two states. So, when the other parts of India were bleeding due to Muslim onslaught, these two states could have been able defeat the Muslim invaders and protect their freedom and culture. So, conversion was also much less and, as a result, percentage of Muslim population in Orissa is much less than the other parts of today’s India.

Presently, Orissa is one of the poorest states of India and many believe that it is due to laziness and lack of initiative of the people of the state. There is a good demand of masons in the state. But the people of Orissa are reluctant to learn the trade to earn their bread. Many also believe that, it is their extraordinary religious and spiritual pursuit that has come in the way of their enthusiasm and perseverance. On the other hand, this lack of initiative and enthusiasm is the wide open gate of misfortune through which distress and misery enter the state. It is, perhaps, impossible even for Lord Jagannath to protect them from that misfortune.

The Muslim masons, Harishchandra had hired, Naimur Shaikh (35) was one of them. One fine morning, Harishchandra and his family could detect that, Shibani had eloped with Naimur. The incident took place at the end of April this year (2010 AD). Everybody was perplexed as well as distressed at this totally unexpected development. Searching immediately started but in vain. At last, Harishchandra could obtain the address of Naimur from other Muslim masons working in the locality. That too could have been possible as the population and influence of the Muslims are marginal in Bolangir. In fact, Muslims contribute only 0.5 per cent of population of the district of Bolangir.

It has been mentioned above that Shibani’s father was an officer under the Government of Orissa and had much influence over the law enforcing authority of the state. So, without much difficulty, he lodged a complaint with the local police station and received quite good response from the police. The reader should understand that, this was not the only incident in the country and hundreds of thousands of such events are taking place in India and in many cases it was found that help from the police is not enough. Hence advice from the peoples, who previously handled such cases, is also important.

In this context, I like to mention one incident, in which Baruipur police station sent a police officer and 6 constables to Pune to rescue a Bengali girl, who had been seduced and kidnapped to Pune and ultimately sold to a brothel. But the police failed to bring her back. On the contrary, the police officer was aware that our organization succeeded to rescue another girl who was similarly kidnapped from Canning and sold to a brothel in Pune, without any police help. So, Shibani’s father, apart from seeking police help, informed the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and other Hindu organization. The All India Assistant Organising Secretary of VHP, Hemantabhai, was from the state Orissa. Harishchandra contacted him and briefed him about the incident and asked for his help. He promised him that his organization would do its best. He also promise that he would also accompany him to Murshidabad in search of her daughter. But they had much confusion over, how far they would be able to do, as the Suti Block in the district of Murshidabad, where Naimur Shaikh lived, is a Muslim dominated (65%) place.

However, on May 3, Harishchandra, with two police officers, one constable and two activists of VHP came to Kolkata from Bolangir. One of the police officers was very efficient and experienced. He was specially selected and deputed by the SP of Bolangir, to rescue Shibani by any means. Meanwhile, we could have been able to engage a person of Fatepur, the village where Naimur lived, to keep watch on Naimur. Luckily, we came to know that the Bharat Sevashram Sangha runs a big Ashram, including a boy’ residential boarding, in a nearby village. We started to maintain regular contact with them. They told me that, Naimur is said to have brought a new girl, who does not understand Bengali and she is not eating anything for last three days. They also informed me that, Naimur already has a wife, a mother of five kids.

On the day before the arrival of the team from Bolangir to Kolkata, I had an occasion to meet Swami Pradiptananda, the brave and spirited monk of the Bharat Sevashram Sangha (and the only shelter for the Hindus of the Muslim dominated district of Murshidabad), at the Sree Nath auditorium hall at Ballygunge and briefed him about the development. It should be mentioned that Swami Pradiptananda is in charge of the Ashram of the Bharat Sevashram Sangha at Beldanga, in the district of Murshidabad. Swamiji contacted the higher police authorities of Bahrampur, the district town of Murshidabad and briefed the incidence to them.
The team from Bolangir came to Kolkata in the next morning. We hired a car for them and they set out for Bahrampur at about 11 AM.

The team arrived Bahrampur in the afternoon and met the Additional SP, and according to his instruction went to the Suti police station at about 9 PM. To keep their operation secret, they preferred to go to Suti police Station in the darkness of night. The Officer-in-charge of the Suti police station fully cooperated with the team. We have previous experience that, in such cases a Muslim staff of the police, who are regularly paid by the miscreants, informs the culprit so that they could hide the kidnapped girl.

A team of police personnel from the Suti police station and the team from Bolangir, accompanied by Harishchandra and two members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, raided the house of Naimur nearly at 12 in the midnight. It was a thatched cottage. Naimur was alarmed by seeing the headlight of the police convoy and escaped. After knocking the door, Shivani came out. She was sleeping with Naimur in that room and his other wife was sleeping in the adjacent room with her five children.

Harishchandra became extremely emotional after seeing his daughter. He clasped her hands and broke into tears and said, “Please return to your home. Your mother is very sick of your absence. She is not eating anything for last a few days. She will die if you do not return with me.” The manner and tone, in which Shibani replied her father was extremely harsh and totally unexpected. Everyone was dumbfounded by her behavior. In extremely rude, rough and shrill voice, she said, “None has kidnapped me and I have come here out of my own will. I am having nice days here and I won’t return.” To the police team from Orissa, She said (in Oria), “Naimur was not ready to bring me here, I came here with the unwilling Naimur.” She also said, “I am an adult woman and hence I have the right to do what I want.”

A police officer from Orissa asked her, “Who is that man who has just fled?” Shibani boldly replied, “He is my husband.” The officer asked, “Who is that man to you.” With similar boldness, she replied, “Being a officer, you do not know what is the relation between a husband and a wife.”

The police team from Orissa were surprised and taken aback by the rude and harsh behavior of Shibani. In general, the noble and educated families in Orissa, the children never talk in this manner with their parents. Even Shibani never behaved in this manner with her father. Her attitude toward her father was unthinkable. Sri Hemantabhai, the Leader of VHP, who accompanied the team, later told me that even the main gate of the house of Harishchandra is costlier than the entire house of Naimur. And more than that, he is already a father five children. Add to that, the difference in their food habits. When I was listening to the narration from Hamantabhai, it appeared to me that those were not Shibani’s words, but someone was inside Shibani was telling those words on her behalf.

Shibani then went inside and brought all the documents to prove her age and showed those documents to the police officers. The police team from the Suti police station then told the team from Orissa that, in such a situation they have nothing to do. “We cannot take an adult woman to the police station by force”, they said. Father Harishchandra could understand that, any request and advice to his daughter would be futile. The case of Rijwanur Rahman and Prianka Todi was still haunting the West Bengal Police. So, the entire team returned bowing down their heads with shame.

The tale of Shibani Acharya has been told above. But my intention is not only to tell the story. The long story, that has been told above, is for my inability to make others understand that why Hindu girls behave so erroneously. I have encountered so many similar cases. While I am writing this article, a 16-year-old uneducated village girl is staying in the other room of my house. She fell victim of an attempt of rape and somehow she could escape and come to me. Tomorrow, she will be sent, accompanied by a few members of Hindu Samhati, to the Mandirbazar police station to lodge an FIR. Many similar cases I have heard, heard very attentively. I have heard such stories even from victim girls.

By observing such cases, I have been convinced – though many would not be ready to believe – that the Muslims have acquires some type of black magic or some other form of occult science, or sorcery to charm or hypnotize the Hindu girls. Or they take the help of some herbs to charm them for a certain period of time, a few days or a few months, and to force them to obey their whims. If not occult science and drugs, they must apply some psychological process to hypnotize them.

I am fully convinced that they apply either of the two methods mentioned, otherwise how these Hindu girls, coming from well off educated families can accept such unequal marriages with uneducated Muslim men, most of whom are daily labourers having a wife and children at home and how these Hindu girls continue to live with their poverty-stricken families. I am also convinced that the trend is being diluted by calling it a love-jihad. By studying many such cases, I have been fully convinced that, there is not a trace of love in such cases, but there are tricks, or effect of some herbal medicine, or some psychological or hypnotic process which we do not know. So we are failing to prescribe an effective antidote for that. This ignorance, inability and helplessness is tormenting day and night. I am unable to rid myself of this agony even for a moment.

I therefore request each and every reader of this write-up to give a deep thought over the matter and find out an effective means so that we may be able to stop thousands of Hindu girls from going with Muslims. In that case, we would request him to let us know the trick so that we may put that in practice in a bigger way. We shall then be able to save thousands of our Hindu sisters from disaster and we shall be able to save them from getting lost under the black burqa.


**The author Tapan Ghosh is the founder and president of the organization HINDU SAMHATI, that is striving to save the Hindus of India from the barbaric Muslim onslaught.

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