Hymns From The Vedas – Creation

Hymns From The Vedas – Creation


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  1. Eric Hoffer has identified most of the porblems the Muslims cause.
    1) He left out how they manipulate the press in order to gain public opinion. A journalist in a Muslim country will easliy invite a death sentence if he honestly reported the complete facts. They only report what is politcally correct and are basically pimps for the ruling mafias/mullas.
    2) Certain intelligence sources made a study of terrorists. They found it mainly comes from the displaced farmers who are uneducated and forced to live in slums in the cities where they are looked down upon by the rest of society. Without education they can not get decent jobs and are forced to live a humiliating life when they fall victim to the teachings of religious fanatics. Undera these conditions the 72 virgins after a sucide death doesnt sound like such a bad deal. To them terrorism is a form of revenge against society that played a part in their miserable life. In Africa, it led to a genocied of close to 1,000,000 in a civial war in a former French Colony. The perpetrators were basically displaced farmers and the victims the middle class. Since there are plenty of uneducated poor in Muslim countries, there is no shortage of potential terrorists. The only cure is education, career, training, and obtaining political support from those who control those countries


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