Facts About Indian You Did not Know. George Washington, The first American President, was half Indian.

The facts you Didn’t know about India !


Indians were launching rockets almost 1000 years before Russians and Americans made an attempt in this direction.

 The Chola empire was founded by Vijayalaya , who captured Tanjore in 850 AD. The Chola power became solidly established in the reign of Rajaraja (985 AD – 1014 AD) and his son Rajendra I (1014 AD – 1044 AD).

Rajaraja and Rajendra were militarily very advanced and it seems they are the reason that we have our modern day invention of GPS. It was Rajendra who sent first rocket to space fired by a mixture of combustible obnoxious gases made in their backyard makeshift laboratories.

It seems that they concocted the fire power to send a cylinderical rocket to space by producing nuclear energy from ” Myrcoodi”(Myrcoodi is made out of Sambhar dal and Medu vada rice pudding mixed with cowdung, lame lion’s droppings and the shit of black monkeys mixed in right proportions tied together in banana leafs with jute ropes).

The rocket sent to space by King Rajendra was called ” Latoopatayyam” and it carried a payload of 5000 Sers (old measuring unit equal to 2500 Kilos).

It was the first satellite ever launched by mankind and is now in the possession of the CIA (God knows how they got hold of it).

 – this story was published in October 1917 issue of the Forbes magazine when the magazine got launched by a Scottish immigrant B.C.Forbes –

 Alfred Noble stole Dynamite formula from an Indian

 The invention of Dynamite is attributed to Alfred Bernhard Nobel but in reality he stole this invention from a man named K.J.A Alphons, a native from Calicut, in 1865.

 Alphons and Alfred met in Cairo in 1865 and became friends. They never could understand each other as one spoke in one of Southern India’s intelligible languages whereas the other one spoke in the Swedish language which first sounded like Marathi to everyone in India.

They would speak to each other with hand-made gestures and signs.

 Alphons had the designs from the Dynamite since many years but to safe guard it from the evil men he hid it in his Pyjama linings. It is not clear as to how Alfred got hold of Alphons’s pyjamas but in 1867 Alfred patented Dynamite exactly giving the same recipe Alphons was guarding protectively.

 So ashamed was Alphons that he never returned to his native India. Alfred had duped him fair and square.

 – published in Mother India magazine in 1958 and then in Dharamyug in 1966. Indrajal comics even made a Phantom story on it in their series of September 1967 –

 Bicycle was invented in India by a Maharshtrian.

 Modern day bicycle is also an invention from India as it was virtually designed by “Pao-Ghasita Tukaram” a native of present day Nagpur in Maharashtra in 1810. Pao Ghasita used to supply oranges to the British Army based in a cantonment in that area.

 One day while carrying the whole lot of oranges from the hill, Pao Ghasita Tukaram tripped and fell along with all the oranges. All the oranges and he himself kept rolling down without any effort and in few minutes all the oranges dropped on the Army tent like rain followed by a big thud of Pao Ghasita flattening the whole tent and the two officers from the British Army on their siesta break.

 Pao Ghasita was badly roughed up by the pissed off army men and was locked up in a dog cage. It is here, while he was getting kidney punches, he thought of inventing a bicycle. He realised that if two wheels could roll instead of hundreds of oranges and a human this would have saved him from the beating and other related insults.

 He sketched a diagram called ” jhaunyapahiya”in his 4 by 4 feet dog cage. Those rogue army guys snatched the technical drawings from Pao Ghasita and chased him away and sold the same drawings to a German Baron called Karl Von Drais who further claimed the patent on a bicycle in 1818 in a show in Paris where he introduced the first Bike called pushbikes, Draisines or “hobby horses”.

 – first published in CIA chronicles of 1956-

 George Washington, The first American President, was half Indian.

 The mother of George Washington, Mary Ball Washington, was of the Indian origins. Her parents Ram Lalu Yadav and Radha Lubhai were the stowaway on a ship ” HMS Queen Mary ” which docked in Boston and they both got off.

They soon found a job in a farm by acting dumb and mute. Mary was born as Kanya Seeta in 1702 in Fairfax Virginia (now known for CIA headquarters) to her parents who had converted to Christianity while they were still on the ship fleeing India in search of golden future.

 It is alleged that while on ship, Kanya Seeta’s father, Ram Lalu Yadav, stole a huge chunk of beef from the ship’s kitchen in order to survive some days of the voyage. As pagans belonging to a frog sect they couldn’t have consumed that delicious steak hence conversion to Christianity was a next logical step.

 In a hurried, half baked ceremony performed by Lalu, both husband and wife became Christians and started calling themselves Michael and Sharon Ball. It seems that they both enjoyed stolen steaks so much that they literally had a “ball” during their illegal voyage hence their surname Yadav was replaced by Ball.

 It was here in the state of Virginia where ”Mary” met Augustine Washington and married him. George was born as Pandurang Washington but was referred so only in private. Having Indian blood, he excelled in everything he did and became Father of nation for the United States when he fought British and got independence from them.

 It seems that Americans are embarrassed about this fact that their father of nation was half Indian and hence utmost secrecy has been used to cover up these facts hence, CIA HQs are located right on the barn where Ram Lalu and Radha Lubhai lived and worked. So that the matter remains deeply buried and a weight on them.

 – this revelation was published in the NEWSWEEK, March 10th Issue in 1968



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