Use Your Body to Help You Reach People

I have studied Desmond Morris a Father of Body Language and read all his books when I was kid and as my family is full of Journalist Desmond Morris was introduced to me before I read any book.

I believe in subject my Bloger friend has done excellent job in this article so with ought taking any time i am reposting this article from as it is.    SAM HINDU

Use Your Body to Help You Reach People
Tuesday, November 9
SO YOU want to educate your fellow non-Muslims about Islam. Excellent. Bravo. And sometimes you have a difficult time getting the message across. They seem to turn against you. They want to reject your message. You lose rapport. It can sometimes be upsetting.

People who also need to gain rapport so that they can influence others (therapists) have discovered many clever ways to gain rapport and prevent losing it. One of those ways is by using your body.

I want you to try an experiment today and tomorrow. You’ll be talking with many people in the next two days. Here’s what I want you to do: Every time you are talking to someone, notice how they are positioning their body, and make your body’s position similar to theirs.

You don’t have to match it perfectly, although they probably wouldn’t notice if you did. But if the person’s head is tilted slightly, tilt yours slightly. If the person has all his weight on one leg and the other one slightly bent, do the same.

Notice how he has positioned his arms and hands. Make yours somewhat similar. Notice his posture. Make yours similar.

This is one of many ways to gain and keep rapport with someone. We’ll be covering other ways in the next few weeks. But for now, just concentrate on your body, and see what happens.

What will happen is that people will respond to you better. They will feel closer to you without knowing why. And oddly enough, you will feel closer to them. Over the next couple of days, concentrate on this. If you keep it up, it will begin to come naturally. At that point, you will have increased your ability to influence people.

If we want to reach people, if we want them to listen to us, if we want our message to penetrate, gaining rapport is a skill worth learning. And using your body is a good place to start.


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