Sikh Gurus, Vedas and Hinduism

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Sikh Gurus, Vedas and Hinduism

April 3, 2011 By Agniveer

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Sikhism represents a tradition that every Indian is
proud of. The Sikh Gurus have inspired us in an era that was perhaps the most
challenging phase of our history. One cannot forget the contributions of Sikh
Gurus and their selfless sacrifices to consolidate the society, provide them
direction and overthrow the rule of invaders. That is why the Sikh Gurus are
revered not only by Sikhs but all nationalists in general as role models.

The medieval era represents the darkest phase of our society. Internally we
were being eroded by termites of casteism, gender discrimination and overt
ritualism dissociated from Vedas. And externally, we were being butchered by a
tribe of most uncivilized society of west Asia – read the Ghaznis, Khiljis,
Mughals, Slaves, Tughlaqs etc.

The Sikh gurus, in these turbulent times, lit the lamp of Vedic wisdom and
steered the society towards the fundamental tenets of our culture – rationalism,
actions and compassion.

Often their is dispute over whether Sikhism is part of Hinduism or a separate
religion. In our view, this is a meaningless debate. Because the word Hinduism
has different connotations. From a western mindset, Hinduism represents a mix of
very specific rituals associated with casteism, gender discrimination and idol
worship. If this be Hinduism, then Sikhs are definitely not Hindus.

However, if Hinduism is considered to mean the culture that is inspired from
the philosophy of Vedas, then perhaps not many sects are more Hindu than Sikhs.
Sikhism represents the message of Vedas in simple language of layman.

Let us see what makes Sikhism an extremely pure representation of Vedic
wisdom (We shall ignore later day aberrations and focus on the key message of
the noble Gurus):

– Sikhism rejects birth-based casteism and believes in equality of all

– Sikhism believes in gender equality

– Sikhism believes in protection of cows because it is one of the most useful
gifts of God to humans

– Sikhism believes in actions as means to achieve God. Thus they reject
withdrawal from life.

– Sikhism believes in one single timeless shapeless omnipresent God whose
best name is Onkaar (Om + Kaar). This is almost verbatim translation of
Yajurveda 40.8.

– Sikhism believes in theory of Karma and rebirth

– Sikhism refuses the concept of Heaven/ Hell and believe in salvation as
ultimate goal

– Sikhism believes in Nama Smaran or understanding the names and properties
of God as way to achieve Him

– Sikhism considers Maya or ignorance as obstacle to salvation and urges to
eradicate it through devotion, noble actions and knowledge

– Sikhism takes it as our utmost duty to fight against injustice of any kind.
The lives of Sikh gurus exemplify this.

– Sikhism considers entire humanity as one family and refuses to have
different treatments for people of different beliefs and religions.

The list can continue further. Note that if you replace Sikhism in above
lines with ‘Vedic Dharma’ you would realize that the points still hold

Further, the Guru Granth Sahib very clearly elucidates on the glory of

1. God created Vedas (Onkaar ved nirmaye- Rag Ramkali Mahla
1 Onkar Shabd 1)

2. With order of God Vedas were created so that humans can decide what is
virtue and sin (Hari aagya hoye Ved paap punya vichaariya- Maru
Dakhne Mahla 5 Shabd 17)

3. No one can value the importance of Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and
Atharvaveda (Sam Ved, Rig, Yajur, Atharvan brahme mukh maaiya hai
traigun, taakee keemat kah na sakai ko….- Marusolahe Mahla 1 Shabd


4. God created day, night, forests, greenery, water and 4 Vedas that are like
4 treasures (Chaar Ved chaare khaani- Rag Maru Mahla 5 Shabd

5. How can glory of Vedas be stated whose knowledge is without end
(Ved vakhaan kahahi ik kahiye, oh ve ant ant kin lahiye- Vasant
Ashtapadiyan Mahla 1.3)

6. Of the infinite texts, Vedas are the best (Asankh granth mukhi Ved
paath- Japuji 17)

7. All the Shastras, Vedas and ancient texts describe the Supreme Lord
(Smriti sastra Ved puraan paar brahm ka karahi vakhiyaan- Gaund
Mahla 5 Shabd 17)

8. Noble persons elucidate the glory of Vedas but unfortunate people do not
understand (Ved bakhiyaan karat saadhujan bhaagheen samjhat nahi
khalu- Todi Mahla 5 Shabd 26)

9. Study of Vedas enhances knowledge by blessings of God (Kahant Veda
gunant guniya…- Sahaskriti Mahla 5.14)

10. Analysis of Vedas, Shastras and ancient texts enriches the entire family
and makes them lucky (Ved puran saasatr vichaaram…. badbhaagi Naanak ko
taaram- Gatha Mahla 5.20)

11. Vedas describe the glory of one God (Kal mein ek naam kripaanidhi
… ih vidhi Ved bataavai- Rag Sortha Mahla 9 Shabd 5)

12. Do not say that Vedas are false. False are those people who do not
analyze (Ved katev kahahu mat jhoothe jhootha jo na vichaare-
Rag Prabhati Kabirji Shabd 3)

13. Those who studied Vedas were called Vedis. They initiated noble virtuous
acts. Listening to Rigveda, Samveda, Yajurveda and Atharveda destroyed all sins.
(Jinai Ved padhyo suvedi kahaaye… Padhe Sam Vedam Yajur Ved Kattham
Rigam Ved paathayam kare bhaav hattham… Atharav Ved pathayam suniyo paap
nathiyam…- Dasham Guru Granth Sahib Vichitra Natak Adhyaya 4)

To check more examples of glory of Vedas in Guru Granth Sahib refer the

14. Chauth upaaye chaare Veda- Rag Bilawal Mahla 1 Thiti

15. Chache chaar Ved jin saaje chaare khani chaar juga- Rag Asa Mahla 1 Pati
Likhi Shabd 9

16. Oordh mool jis saakh talaaha chaar Ved jit laage- Gujri Ashtapadiyan
Mahla 1.1

17. Chare Ved hoye sachiyaar- Asadi Var Mahla 1 Var 13

18. Chaturved mukh vachni uchre- Rag Gaudi Mahla 5 Shabd 164

19. Chaturved pooran hari naai Ramkali Mahla 5  Shabd 17

20. Chaar pukaarahi na tu maane Ramkali Mahla 5 Shabd 12

21. Chaar Ved jihwa bhane- Rag Sarang Mahla 5 Shabd 131

22. Brahme ditte Ved Rag Malar Var Mahla 2 Var 3

23. Chaare Ved Brahme kau diye padh padh kare vichari- Rag Asa Mahla 3 Shabd

24. Chaare Ved Brahme np furmaayia- Maaru Solahe 3.22

25. Chaare deeve chahu hath diye eka eki vaari- Vasant Hindol 1.1

26. Vedu pukaare vaachiye vaani brahm biaas- Shreeraag Ashtpadiyan 1.7

27. Vedan ganh bole sach koi- Maajh Vaar Mahla 1 Vaar 12

28. Deeva jale andhera jaai Ved paath mati paapan khaai- Raag Suhi

29. Ved pukaarai punn paap surag narak ka veeu- Raag Saarang Vaar 1.16

30. Gurumukhi parche Ved vichari- Raag Ramkali Sidh Gosht Shabd 28

31. Puchhahu Ved pandatiyaan muthi vin maane- Rag Maaru Ashtpadiyan 1.6

32. Man hath kine na paaiyo puchhahu Vedaam jaai- Shri Raag Vaar 3.10

33. Smriti saasat Ved vakhaanai bharmai bhoola tat na jaanai- Rag Maajh
Ashtpadiyan 3.18

34. Veda mahi naam uttam so- Rag Ramkali Mahla 3 Aanand 19

35. Hari jeeu ahankaar n bhaavai Ved kook sunaavahi- Rag Maaru 3.9

36. Jugi jugi aapo aapna dharm hai sodh dekhahu Ved puraan- Rag Vilaaval

37. Saasat Ved puraan pukaarahi dharam karahu shat karam dradaiya- Vilaaval
Mahla 4.2

38. Naanak vichaarahi sant jan chaar Ved kahande- Rag Gaudi Vaar 4.12

39. Vaani brahm Ved dharam dradahu paap tajaaiya bal raam jeeu- Suhi Chhant

40. Das ath chaar Ved sabh poochhahu jan naanak naam chhudaai jeeu- Maaru

41. Smrat saasat Ved vakhaane jog gyaansidh sukh jaane- Rag Gaudi 5.111

42. Ved puraan smrat bhane- Gaudi 5.144

43. Saasat smrat Ved vichaare mahaapurushan iu kahiya- Rag Gaudi 5.162

44. Ved saasat jan pukaarahi sunai nahi dora- Rag Aasa 5.152

45. Saasat Ved smriti sabhi….- Gujri 5.2

46. Chaar pukaarahi na tu maanahi- Ramkali 5.12

47. Kahant Veda gunant guniya- Salok sahaskriti Mahla 5.14

48. Ved puraan saasatr vichaaram- Gatha Mahla 5.20

49. Ved puraan saadh sang- Rag Gaudi 9.6

50. Ved puraan padhai ko ih gun simre hari ko naama- Rag Gaudi 9.7

51. Ved puraan jaas gun gaavat taako naam hiye mein dhar re- Gaudi 9.9

52. Ved puraan smriti ke mat sun nimash na hiye vasaavai- Rag Sorath 9.7

Now Guru Granth Sahib also consists of several verses that appear to be
condemnation of Vedas. These are often cited to prove that Sikhism is a separate

However, this is a very childish argument. How can Guru Granth Sahib condemn
Vedas when it also praises it to an extent that it calls Vedas divine and that
those who do not appreciate Vedas as foolish?

In reality, the condemnation of Vedas relate to those people who only mug up
Vedas but do not live their lives accordingly. Or those people who distort the
message of Vedas by claiming to have expertise. The likes of western indologists
and communist historians who see beef and wine in Vedas perfectly exemplify the
target of this condemnation.

And why Guru Granth Sahib, Vedas themselves condemn such hypocrites. Rigveda
1.164.39 very clearly announces – “What can the Richas of Vedas do
for a person who does not possess intellect”

Upanishads and Geeta also condemn a person who claims expertise in Vedas but
do not preach.

If one reviews the Guru Granth Sahib dictionary by renowned Sikh scholar Tara
Singhji, you would find a striking similarity between what he wrote on Vedas and
what was written by Swami Dayanand.

Thus we see that Sikhism represents the essence of Vedic wisdom in simple
language of common man and rejects all those external features that are wrongly
associated with Hinduism.

Our humble reverence to the great Sikh Gurus who saved the society by
lighting the lamp of Vedic wisdom when there was utter darkness. Lets now work
to carry forward their noble legacy by living by this wisdom and bringing
transformation in self, society and world through service, devotion and

(For a thorough treatment of this subject, we strongly recommend the book
“Arya Siddhant aur Sikh Guru” by Swami
Swatantranand, a legendary freedom fighter, leader of Hyderabad
Satyagrah movement and established Vedic scholar. You can avail this book from Please also review
the preface and introduction by Prof Rajendra Jigyasu that covers important
historical aspects of the subject.)


South Korea and Pakistan: Christianization and democracy and Islamization and hell

Buddha at Seokguram in South Korea, World Heri...

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South Korea and Pakistan: Christianize and democracy and Islamization and hell

South Korea and Pakistan: Christianization and democracy and Islamization and hell

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times
South Korea

The nations of South Korea and Pakistan have very different histories but both nations are relatively young because South Korea is the legacy of a divided Korean peninsula and Pakistan, alongside Bangladesh, have splintered from “mother India.”

In both nations you have seen major religious changes since the middle of the twentieth century. These changes reflect the religious nature of both nations because Christianity grew rapidly in South Korea and in Pakistan the demise of Hinduism and Sikhism took place quickly because of systematic persecution.

However, Christianity in South Korea grew rapidly because of strong social networks, charities, institutions with an emphasis on social policies, and because Christianity was seen to be modern and democratic. Therefore, the Buddhist majority succumbed to the rapid growth of Christianity and the religious divide in South Korea is very even between both religions.

Yet, in the political sphere and welfare sector, it is clear that Christian politicians and welfare institutions have bypassed Buddhism in order to change society. Recently, it appears that conversions have evened out but the South Korea of 60 years ago is very different because around 35 per cent of the population is Christian (estimates vary).

Irrespective of your religious persuasion or if you are not religious; it must be stated that Christianization grew in tandem with democratization and modernization. Buddhism had a vast period to modernize the Korean peninsula but it failed because of several factors.

However, in Pakistan the Islamization of this nation is based on persecution, hatred, inequality in law; and instead of democratization you have a nation where minorities reside in fear. It therefore appears that women can be gang raped in tribal areas in Pakistan; Christians can be killed for blasphemy; the Ahmadiyya face systematic persecution and mass hatred; the Shia are deemed un-Muslim by Sunni Islamic zealots; and terrorist attacks are frequent alongside a major drug problem.

The destruction of Hinduism and Sikhism took place because of hatred, persecution, and bigotry. At the same time, the indigenous culture which existed prior to the Islamic invasions of “mother India” continues to be dismantled and ancient religious architecture is being either destroyed or left to rot.

Christians in South Korea do not want Christian law or to kill non-Christians under draconian blasphemy laws. Instead, the Christian community wants modernity, economic growth, and opportunities for all citizens and to create a vibrant economy based on high technology and creativity.

However, in Pakistan it is about Islam, Islamic Sharia law, and discriminating against non-Muslim minorities. It appears that the blasphemy law is more important for the Islamic leadership in Pakistan because the majority say little about honor killings and instead of supporting democracy they want Islam to be central to all institutions.

The reality of the situation in Pakistan and South Korea should be a wake-up call to the entire world. After all, Muslims in many parts of the world are demanding greater rights and when their numbers increase then some call for Islamization.

India, a nation which is multi-religious and which protected religious minorities like the Zoroastrians from Islamic persecution in Persia, was carved up by the forces of Islam alongside the duplicity of the British government.

This led to the systematic persecution of the Hindu and Sikh population under a Muslim majority. Therefore, the traces of Hindu tolerance have been replaced by Islamic fanatics who are bent on persecuting all minorities, keeping women downtrodden and hating diversity.

Not only this; radical Sunni Muslim fanatics have turned on fellow Muslims and moderate Sunni leaders who speak out also face death and persecution.

Therefore, in modern day Pakistan many mosques belonging to the Ahmadiyya, the Shia and Sufi religious places are being attacked and destroyed by the fanatics of Sunni Islam.

The contrast of Christianization in South Korea alongside the Islamization of Pakistan is clearly visible. Therefore, in South Korea you have a dynamic economy and modernization continues. However, in Pakistan the Islamization of society means more hatred, more persecution and keeping women firmly in their place.

Islam, in all its reality, is clear for all to see and modern day Pakistan is a land of institutional religious discrimination and the central government is weak because of internal Islamic chaos which is turning on itself. In contrast, South Korea is growing rapidly and people have religious and democratic freedom.

Heroin is also devastating parts of Pakistan because Muslim warlords desire to control this lucrative market; typical to Islamic morals it appears that alcohol is haram but heroin is ok. Similarly, if women do not cover up then they face punishment in conservative areas like northwestern Pakistan but it is ok in law to abuse non-Muslim women or to gang-rape Muslim women in tribal areas.

Therefore, while South Korea’s future looks bright it is difficult to say the same about Pakistan. After all, the only thing that appears to bind Muslim conservatives in Pakistan is hatred and this hatred is unleashed against non-Muslims and Muslim minorities like the Ahmadiyya and Shia.

Holland and France, and other nations with growing Sunni Muslim communities, should be aware; after all, elements within the Sunni Muslim community dream about a future Islamic state in both nations. Also, to the scholars of Islam the theory of democracy is alien unless they are in kitman mode in order to spread Islamic dawah by deceit.

This may seem fanciful but it probably seemed fanciful when Islamic armies invaded India. After all, India had a much richer history and Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and other faiths, had shared connections despite being diverse faiths.

Hinduism was the “tree” that allowed the branches to “blossom” and the Hindu faith was based on religious freedom.

Hinduism was fully interwoven within the psyche of India but the Hindu faith which gave the world so much science and highly valued philosophy; was crushed in many parts of “mother India” and the demise of Buddhism fell to the Islamic sword, stealth jihad, Islamic Sharia law and Islamic kitman.

The Hindu faith survived because it refused to bow down to the Islamic onslaught but after the creation of East Pakistan and West Pakistan; then the writing was on the wall because the Muslim masses turned on Hindus and Sikhs, and other minorities, and the religious balance meant that all non-Muslim faiths were in freefall.

Yet what is the 92 per cent Muslim Pakistan? Well, it is like the virtual 100 per cent Muslim Afghanistan. That is, it is backward and going more backward and alongside institutional discrimination and hatred you have powerful Islamic movements in both societies which desire to turn both nations into “year Mohammed.”

In reality this means a fully fledged and barbaric Sharia Islamic state where apostates from Islam can be killed and women can be stoned to death like modern day Somalia.

In contrast, irrespective if people are unhappy with the Christianization of South Korea; you have a nation which is democratic, prosperous, and where high technology is flourishing.

Academics in lofty Oxford and Harvard can propagate the Islamic faith based on unreality; however, in the real world you have daily honor killings in Pakistan, people can be charged under the barbaric blasphemy law and Islamists desire to stone people to death like in Somalia while chanting “God is great.”

South Korea is moving forward despite a difficult birth and past leadership connections with imperial Japan. However, Pakistan is moving backward and all non-Muslims and minority Muslims face the wrath of Sunni Islam.

It is time for academics to wake up and for democratic leaders in the West to stop pandering to Saudi Arabia which desires to usurp Western democracy from within.

Either you learn from history or cultures and religions become history?

Islam does not worry about sensibilities when in power and instead it is about more Islamization and the ongoing destruction of other religions and thought patterns.

South Korea and Pakistan may seem like a strange lesson; however, reality is clear for all to see and which nation is going forward and which nation is going backward?

LETTER TO Mrs. Sonia Gandhi,


LETTER TO Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, From Typical mouse from Mumbai

7 Apr 2011

Dear Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

Hello from typical mouse from Mumbai. After Mumbai attack I
had written a letter to Mr. Manmohan Singh, with the hope that at least
once in life time he will behave like Sardar who were always in
forefront of protecting the nation, but he has turn out to be worse than
a mouse. I realize you are the king maker, hence I am addressing this
letter to you.
Today you requested Mr Anna Hazare to end his fast. For last
one month Mr. Hazare had been writing to you and PM, none of you even
bothered to reply. Suddenly you realize that every Indian is with him,
and that is the reason you decided to request Mr. Anna Hazare to end his
Let me ask you few simple questions.
Why one of the best presidents that is Dr. Abdul Kalam was
removed? Isn’t it because he had objected to your becoming Prime
minster? In the disguise of giving gift of woman president you selected
Mr. Pratibha Patil, her only qualification is that she used to do dishes
for Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Royalty to Gandhi family never goes
unrewarded. If you were concerned with welfare of Indian people you
would have selected person like Ms. Kiran Bedi, but you wanted a perfect
rubber stamp just like Dr. Manmohan Singh.
Coming back to issue of corruption.
Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh has destroyed Mumbai. In the disguise
of giving house to homeless he kept on increasing FSI to help builders,
so that all the money can be sent to Delhi & Congress can fight
election. In last eight year prices of flats has increased three times
and now AAM ADAMI cannot even dream of having his own house. Same
Vilasrao Deshmukh was fined Rs 10 laks by Supreme Court for helping
money lender who was charging poor farmer interest of 10% per month that
is 120% per year! Instead of taking action against Mr. Vilasrao
Deshmukh he was made rural minister. Funds allotted for rural
development is Rs 4 Lakh crore and who could have better person than Mr.
Deshmukh to divert the fund to Delhi?
More than a year has passed. Since Suresh Kalmadhi ‘s role
in CWG scam has been exposed. Till today he is roaming free. How long
this drama of CBI interrogations will go on?
Then there is Mr. Rane, minister from Maharashtra. Mumbai
high court has passed severe stricture against him for snatching land
from poorest of poor and giving it to industrial house. Even Mrs. Indira
Gandhi who was never known for her honesty did take action against a
former chief minister when he was indicted by high court for corruption,
but you who advocate zero corruption did not utter a single word and Mr.
Rane continues to be honorable minister.
There were truck load of corruption charges against Ms.
Mayawati, they were dropped when she supported your party during no
confidence motion. If you call this helplessness of coalition
government, then what about helplessness of a poor person who steals
bread for his children, what’s about helplessness of government servant
who takes bribe so he can send his children to good school, what’s about
helplessness of an officer who cannot afford to buy house in south
Mumbai so he indulge in act of corruption?
Hasan Ali is highest income tax evader not only in history
of India but the whole word. Till today he has not been even charged. He
has given name of three chief ministers who has helped him. So far no
action is being taken against them. We keep on reading that he as
support of senior minister from Maharashtra. Why you are silenton this
In 2G scam besides losing huge money, just think of
opportunity lost by our young and brilliant scientist & engineers to be
at par with the world. We are second to none in this world, but this
cancer of corruption has ruined our body, our mind & our soul.
Last but not least , what’s about crores & crores of rupees
with Swiss bank. How long your finance minister will keep on fooling us?
Just with help of a simple SMS sent by Swiss bank, American government
could force Swiss bank to reveal the name of account holder, why Indian
government cannot do anything. Reason is very simple, if anybody is
punished he will reveal the name of all politicians and bureaucrats
involved. There is proverb in Hindi “Teri bhi Chup, meri bhi Chup”
meaning you keep quiet and I will also keep quiet.
There is not even iota of resemblance between your word and
your action. I will rather trust a prostitute who tells that she is a
virgin, rather than trusting your word about zero corruption.
So much I love India and love my people. I wish my best of
best luck to Mr. Anna Hazare. I hope every Indian writes on every
currency note that “WE SUPPORT ANNA HAZARE”. If not the voice of people
at least these currency notes will reach your corrupt ministers and the
parties who are supporting your government.


મારે ફરી એકવાર શાળાએ જવું છે.

Friend I received this in e mail from a good friend and don’t know writer so if any one knows name of write credit shall be given to the original writer.

મારે ફરી એકવાર શાળાએ જવું છે.

મારે ફરી એકવાર શાળાએ જવું છે.

દોડતાં જઈને મારી રોજની બાંકડીએ બેસવું છે ,
રોજ સવારે ઊંચા અવાજે રાષ્ટ્રગીત ગાવું છે.
નવી નોટની સુગંધ લેતાં પહેલા પાને ,
સુંદર અક્ષરે મારું નામ લખવું છે.
મારે ફરી એકવાર શાળાએ જવું છે.

રીસેસ પડતાં જ વોટરબેગ ફેંકી ,
નળ નીચે હાથ ધરી પાણી પીવું છે.
જેમ તેમ લંચબોક્સ પૂરું કરી…
મરચુ મીઠું ભભરાવેલ ,
આમલી-બોર-જમરુખ-કાકડી બધું ખાવું છે.
સાઈકલના પૈડાની સ્ટમ્પ બનાવી ક્રિકેટ રમવું છે ,
કાલે વરસાદ પડે તો નીશાળે રજા પડી જાય ,
એવાં વિચારો કરતાં રાતે સુઈ જવું છે ,
અનપેક્ષીત રજાના આનંદ માટે…
મારે ફરી એકવાર શાળાએ જવું છે.

છૂટવાનો ઘંટ વાગવાની રાહ જોતાં ,
મિત્રો સાથે ગપ્પાં મારતાં વર્ગમાં બેસવું છે.
ઘંટ વાગતાં જ મિત્રોનું કુંડાળુ કરીને ,
સાઈકલની રેસ લગાવતાં ઘેર જવું છે.
રમત-ગમતના પીરીયડમાં તારની વાડમાંના બે તાર વચ્ચેથી સરકી બહાર ભાગી જવું છે.
તો ભાગી જવાની મોજ અનુભવવા…
મારે ફરી એકવાર શાળાએ જવું છે.

દીવાળીના વેકેશનની રાહ જોતાં ,
છ માસીક પરીક્ષાનો અભ્યાસ કરવો છે.
દીવસભર કિલ્લો બાંધીને માટીને પગથી તોડી ,
હાથ ધોયા વિના ફરાળની થાળી પર બેસવું છે.
રાતે ઝાઝા બધા ફટાકડા ફોડ્યા પછી ,
તેમાંથી ન ફૂટેલા ફટાકડા શોધતાં ફરવું છે.
વેકેશન પત્યા પછી બધી ગમ્મતો દોસ્તોને કહેવા…
મારે ફરી એકવાર શાળાએ જવું છે.

કેટલીયે ભારે જવાબદારીઓના બોજ કરતાં ,
પીઠ પર દફતરનો બોજ વગાડવો છે.
ગમે તેવી ગરમીમા એરકંડીશન્ડ ઓફીસ કરતાં ,
પંખા વીનાના વર્ગમાં બારી ખોલીને બેસવું છે.
કેટલીયે તૂટ્ફૂટ વચ્ચે ઓફીસની આરામદાયક ખુરશી કરતાં ,
બે ની બાંકડી પર ત્રણ દોસ્તોએ બેસવું છે.

બચપણ પ્રભુની દેણ છે
તુકારામના એ અભંગનો અર્થ હવે થોડો સમજમાં આવવા માંડ્યો છે.
એ બરાબર છે કે નહી તે સાહેબને પુછવા માટે……
મારે ફરી એકવાર શાળાએ જવું છે.
મારે ફરી એકવાર…..

નાનો હતો ત્યારે જલ્દી મોટા થવું હતું…

આજે જયારે મોટો થયો છે કે “તૂટેલા સ્વપ્નો” અને “અધુરી લાગણીઓ” કરતા
“તૂટેલા રમકડા” અને “અધૂરા હોમવર્ક” સારા હતા..

આજે સમજાય છે કે જયારે “બોસ” ખીજાય એના કરતા
શાળા માં શિક્ષક “અંગુઠા” પકડાવતા હતા એ સારું હતું…

આજે ખબર પડી કે ૧૦-૧૦ રૂપિયા ભેગા કરી ને જે નાસ્તાનો જે આનંદ આવતો હતો એ આજે “પીઝા” મા નથી આવતો…

ફક્ત મારેજ નહી આપણે બધાને ફરી સ્કુલે જવું છે .
ખરું ને ?


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BY : Ali Khalaf

Many non muslims get impressed when they see muslims praying salats at all hours of day and night chanting and reciting quranic verses.

They think they are such spiritual and holy bunch. Little do they know that their chants and recitals are far from spiritual and are actually sex-talk,

badmouthings of infidels and women , cursing and threats of violence and stupid childish meaningless statements about heavenly bodies and old pro … Read More

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I Am a Moslem Woman – Parvin Darabi

woman. Please visit for complete set of articles. Many of the articles contain excerpts from Islamic laws that are too vulgar to be discussed. So discretion is advised.

I Am a Moslem Woman – Parvin Darabi

(Please note that this first part of the article is directly taken from works of Parvin Darabi. The Agniveer site does not necessarily agree with all the points mentioned in the article. It is being presented to showcase the frustrations of an erstwhile Muslim woman who had to suffer a lot in Iran, as a point of view. So any questions on this part of the article may be directed to the author directly at the website address given above.)

I am a Moslem woman. I have no face. I have no identity. At age 9, based on lunar year (a lunar year is ten days shorter) I am considered an adult. Being an adult means that I have to adhere with Islamic laws as stated below.

I have to pray five times a day, fast one month out of the year and cover myself from head to toe in yards of black fabric. I am eligible to be married and can be punished for any wrong doing. I can be incarcerated and, if needed, executed for my crimes, even political ones.

Islam’s law – that Allah sent down to his messenger Muhammad – came to announce that women (exactly like men) are full human beings. Women (like men) are therefore required to follow the way appointed by Allah.
“A woman (like a man) is therefore obligated with all three degrees of this religion: Islam (outward submission to Allah), iman (inward faith in Allah), and ihsan (perfection of worship of Allah)”.
“Women have such honorable rights as obligations, but men have a (single) degree above them”. The Koran 2:228
“Men are the managers of the affairs of women because Allah has preferred men over women and women were expended of their Rights”. The Koran 4:34

Islam believes and promotes only one relationship between male and female and that is the relation of lust.
“If a man and a woman are alone in one place, the third person present is the devil”. Prophet Mohammed

I am not allowed to swim, ski, ride a bike, dance, learn to play musical instruments, practice gymnastics, or any other sport. I am not even permitted to watch men play sports, either in the stadium and/or on television.

I am not permitted to participate in Olympic games.

From age 7, I am segregated from all males in and out of my extended family.

My father, grandfather, uncles, brothers or my male cousins are not allowed to be present at any ceremonies for my accomplishments. They will not be allowed to participate in my birthday parties.

I have to study under female teachers and professors. However, since women of prior generations were not allowed to go to school, there are not that many qualified women teachers and professors. Male professors must teach me from behind a wall.

I am to be treated by female doctors. Go to female dentists. And if there are none, then I have to go without or I must be examined through some sort of divider.

I am not allowed to practice birth control or have abortions, even if carrying or having a child means I have to die.

My worth is based on the Islamic Laws of Retribution, 24th edition, December 1982, as half of a man. It doesn’t matter who I am, how educated I am, and what earning potential I may have in my life. My worth is half of a man, any man.

According to clauses 33 and 91 of the law in respect, Qasas (The Islamic Retribution Bill) and its boundaries, the value of woman is considered only half as much as the value of a man.
Article 1: dieh or blood money paid to the victim or next of kin for as compensation for bodily injury or murder of a relative.

The Islamic Law of Retribution
In the old Islamic laws, recently placed into practice by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the worth of a man’s life is equal to the market value of 100 camels or 200 cows and that of a woman is equal to half of the man’s, 50 camels or 100 cows.

The clause number 6 regarding the dieh (cash value of the fine) states that the cash fine for murdering a woman intentionally or unintentionally is half as much as for a man. The same clause adds that if a man intentionally murders a woman and the guardian of the woman himself is not able to pay half of the Dieh (the value of 50 camels or 100 cows, the difference between the value of a man to that of a woman’s life) to the murderer, the murderer will be exempted from retribution.

New Legal Standing: Pursuant to article 85 of the constitution, the Islamic penal code article 300, blood money or dieh, a sum paid to the next of kin as compensation for the murder of a relative, is twice as much in the case of a murdered man as in the case of a woman. The number of witnesses required to prove a crime is higher if the witnesses are female. For example, article 237 of the penal code states that first degree murder must be proven by testimony of two just men and evidence for second-degree murder or manslaughter requires the testimony of two just men, or one just man and two just women, or of one just man and the accuser.

My testimony in a court of law is equal to half of that of a man. In most countries I don’t vote and I don’t get elected to office. And if I do, it does not mean much. I inherit only half as much as my male siblings.

I cannot get custody of my children. Even if their father dies. In the case of divorce or death I have to surrender my children to their father and/or his family.

I cannot travel, work, go to college, join organizations, even visit my friends and relatives without my father or husband’s permission.

I must live where my husband desires.

I am banned from studies such as engineering, agriculture, archaeology, restoration of the historic monuments and handicrafts, and many other fields. I am not allowed to become a judge.

Under the terms of Koranic law, any judge fulfilling the seven requirements (that he have reached puberty, be a believer, know the Koranic laws perfectly, be just, and not be affected by amnesia, or be a bastard, or be of the female sex) is qualified to dispense justice in any type of case.

I have no right to choose the clothing I wear in public. This is done by the Office of the Islamic Guidance which sets the color, the style, and the accessories for women and girls as young as 6 years of age.

I will get arrested, beaten, and sometimes even executed if I wear make-up, nylons, bright colors and specifically the color of red.

I cannot choose my mate and am not permitted to divorce him if things did not work out.

According to Khomeini, the Iranian Islamic Imam, “The most suitable time for a girl to get married is the time when the girl can have her first menstrual period in her husband’s house rather than her father’s”.

I have to meet all my husband’s desires including the sexual ones. And if I refuse he has the right to deny me food, shelter, and all of life’s necessities. I have to say yes every time he wants to have sex.

According to Hojatoleslam Imani, Religious Leader in Iran. “A woman should endure any violence or torture imposed on her by her husband for she is fully at his disposal. Without his permission she may not leave her house even for a good action (such as charitable work). Otherwise her prayers and devotions will not be accepted by God and curses of heaven and earth will fall upon her”.

My husband can divorce me without my knowledge and by the Islamic law he is required to support me for only 100 days. And if he dies, I am entitled to 1/8 of his Estate.

My husband can have four permanent wives and if he is from Shi’i sect, he can have as many temporary wives as he wants.

Koran says that “Men your wives are your tillage. Go into your tillage anyway you want”. This means that a man is allowed to sodomise his wife and she cannot complain.

In some countries they even mutilate, cut and sew my female sexual parts in order to control and regulate my sexual desire.

According to the Islamic Laws, I am supposed to be seen outside of my home three times in my life. When I am born, when I get married and when I die.

I have no explanation on why God denied me everything and made men in charge of me.

In Islam, the age of majority for a girl is 9 years and for a boy is 15 years. This means that a 9 year old girl and a 15 year old boy are considered to have the same level of maturity. Now, if girls reach maturity six years earlier than boys, then why did God place men in charge of women? Was there something wrong with God’s Judgment?
In some Islamic countries such as Iran, if I am arrested for wearing make-up, the guards will force me to clean my face with cotton balls rubbed in pieces of glass. This cuts my face. The barbaric revolutionary guard, while watching the blood run out of my flesh, will tell me, “next time you think about this and will not wear it”.

As a political prisoner I will be used as a concubine for the revolutionary guards. In case I am condemned to death I will not undergo the sentence as long as I am a virgin. Thus I will be systematically raped before the sentence is executed. Mullahs believe that virgin girls who die go to heaven but politically inclined girls are ungodly creatures and they do not deserve to go to heaven, therefore they are raped so that the Mullah’s can be sure that they indeed will be sent to hell.

In Islam, if a 6 or 7 year old girl is raped by an adult man, she will be the one that gets punished. It is her fault because she provoked it. The parents then will burn or kill her because she has dishonored the family.

It has been said that the Moslem Prophet got very upset one day noticing his wives flirting with men who visited him and ordered women to stay behind a dividing curtain when speaking with men. The idea of hijab, the covering up of women, became a law in Islamic countries from that day.

In 1991, the Prosecutor-General of Iran, declared that “anyone who rejects the principle of hijab is an apostate and the punishment for an apostate under Islamic law is death.”

Polygamy is legal in Islam. A man may marry “four Permanent” and as many “Provisional” or temporary wives as he desires.

“Marry such women as seem good to you, two, three, four; but if you fear you will not be equitable, then only one, or what your right hands own; so it is likelier you will not be partial”. The Koran 4:3

“Most Europeans have mistresses. Why should we suppress human instincts? A rooster satisfies several hens, an stallion several mares. A woman is unavailable during certain periods where as a man is always active….”, Ayatollah Ghomi, LE MONDE, January 20, 1979.

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Its a pity that such barbaric and dehumanizing treatment of women has forced the thoughtful and righteous women to adopt atheism and has filled their lives with hatred. All Muslim women should come back to their original Vedic Dharma, either alone or with their husbands to discover the true status that true God (not the Biblical or Quranic pervert) has accorded to them. In Vedas:

a. Women are neither considered sensual objects nor jailed in hijab.
b. Women have same rights as those of men. In fact, owing to their critical responsibilities in shaping the future of society, they are given an edge over men in terms of rights.
c. Women are neither expected to be glam girls, nor expected to be dumb animals in prison. They are to be respected for their intellect, feminine qualities and their role in society that cannot be replicated by men.
d. Vedic ideology states that only those places prosper where women are given highest level of respect.
e. Vedas further state that men should not try to control the minds of women.
f. Rights for divorce are inclined favorably towards women.
g. Physical torture of women is a crime.
h. Women have equal social and political rights. Vedas say that all things being equal, women should be preferred for administrative roles.
i. Marriage of women until they have matured physically and mentally, and have completed their education is a sin.
j. Women have full rights to choose their husbands after completion of their education. They should not be forced to marry against their wishes by relatives.

So all women in the world, especially Muslim women, should show courage, reject their humiliating destiny and embrace Vedic Dharma to restore their dignity accorded rightfully by Ishwar.

A dignified Muslim woman is an oxymoron!

I welcome all Muslim women to assert their right to self-respect.

If you are married, convince your husband to convert away from Islam. He would do so if he indeed loves you. If not, prefer truth over blind affection that offers you no scope, and manage a divorce. That may be difficult in a Muslim country, but explore legal loopholes in case they do not follow Sharia too strictly. Or convince him to come to a non-Muslim country for a while and once out of Sharia clutches, assert your right to dignity.

If you are unmarried but plan to marry a Muslim man, make sure he is not already married. Investigate his background. And if indeed he is a genuine person who loves you deeply, ask him to embrace Hinduism. He would readily do so to gift you your self-respect and dignity. If not, swallow the hard pill, burn your past and look ahead in life. Thank Ishwar for saving you from being a victim of love jehad. Because once you marry a Muslim man, there are hardly any options for you to protect your self-respect and right to equality.

No person or object in the world is more important than self-respect and natural rights of equality among all humans regardless of gender or birth. So refuse to be a Muslim woman at any cost.

Note: By Quran we imply the modern Quran and its translations as patronized by dominant representatives of Islam like Zakir Naik et al. There are alternate interpretations by minority scholars who are considered apostates by these dominant representatives and are victimized. These minority views do not form focus of the article. Similarly by Islam and Muslims we mean dominant version of Islam and their representatives/ rulers.

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