The Fallen One…. A Poem By Krishna.

The Fallen One


By Krishna
***** *****
There lived a lecherous man
way back in Arabia.
 Learnt tricks from a older woman,
Tricked the whole world later.
 He was Mad Mad mohammad(chorus 3 times)
Went to a cave for masturbation,
Ended up having hallucination.
Because he had a horny cock,
felt he was the chosen peacock.
 He was Mad Mad mohammad(chorus 3 times).
He set out to ravage the land of arabia
with his sword and  penis.
Sword killed thousands.
Penis ravaged hundreds,oh what a dreadful sight.
Set a gold standard for his followers to follow.
 He was Mad Mad mohammad(chorus 3 times)
Wow he was a beloved prophet.
He loved children so much.
He made love to them.
 with permission from allah,
 to push in his bullah,
kids cried out in pain,
while he Looked on with religious disdain.
 He was Mad Mad Mohammad(chorus 3 times)
He told the pagans and the Jews and the Christians
fall in line or else……
gave a choice.
sword or penis.
He was the kindest of the prophets.
 He was Mad Mad Mohammad(chorus 3 times)
He offered the sword to the husbands
penis to the widows…
alas time took its toll,
never could make it full,
 tried with a horsey,
attained ecstasy,
cried “i am in heaven”,
stupid followers shouted  ’encore’.
 He was Mad Mad Mohammad(chorus 3 times)
People tried to bump him off,
with knife,with poison.
Cat of nine lives,lived on.
Because he was evil.
Because he was poison.
World will remember him,
 He was Mad Mad Mohammad(chorus 3 times)


Bullah means large penis in urdu(type of a slang).Also for ur information(this is out of context) there is a language called brahui spoken in pakistan which has dravidan roots.This world has so much surprises,it is amazing.


One Response

  1. name — bhupinder gupta .
    father name– purshotam lal gupta .
    (coimbatore) tamilnadu —-india .
    i am writing from india .

    requests, pray and beg , please read full request . please come forward together to make to stop all the bad things,destructions of humans, lives , souls ( atma) , (grand souls) parmatama, are going on and save to everyone good or bad.souls..

    requests to guruji and all to pray, enemities all bad evil budhies ( wisedom,) bad thoughts, be change to good & noble .and save every soul (atama) , (grand soul) paramatma , human , balas in back bones , kundlani power , every molecules .

    -1 ) we request you from the time of old vedic .puranic stories ( ancient) time and stories, curses of rishes (saints) devtas (angles) asurans (satans) ( devatas quarrels ) ramanya , mahabharata enemities, conspirancies ( षङयत्रॅ ) cheatings ,mistakes ( that time may be mistake of one or two persons) ,old revenges are taking place still going on. due to some bad budhies ( wise )(wisedom) ( बुदधि ) bad thoughts , bad understanding , egos , and adament natures ( हठ ) ,blaming each others, those enemities and revenges has brought to this level . now it has taken very destruction .

    2 ) if at those ancients times some wise peoples would have taken wise decissions for the betterment for each others.and others , no ramayana, mahabhartha , no war ,no fight ,no quarrels , in puranic (ancients) times and now nothing would have not taken place .

    3 ) on the name of punishment , taking revenges, taking under earth alive , several thousnds kilometers under earth , even to center of the earth, where no body can be able to find out , under rocks ( चटटान ) .even converting souls (atamas) to pieces the size of molecules even to newtron, proton size so that no one can search .buring alive .beating , cutting parts of boby of (souls) atama , sending to hell ( नरक़ ) the place where no body sees , making aliens and like aliens from human .joining different souls atamas giveing unnatural shapes .
    breaking soul ( atama ) cutting hands , legs .stomach ,toungs,seprating layers of body ,atama
    spoil of budies( बुदधि ) brains , spoiling atama , kundlies shakties ,nurves systems ,spoiling humans -,-beating souls
    human .micro soul powers .

    4 ) .
    bhupinder gupta (or his soul , atamas ,paramatama (grand soul )micro soul , son of purshotam lal gupta in his earlirer past births ( janams ) would have done some mistakes or sins that may be due to bad budhies (bad wisedom )( बुदधि ) or bad fate . which made sinner and sinner, and was not able to come out of bad thoughts and bad budhies . due to that others are also got affected and became victims and getting punished .
    —————————– ————————————————- ————————————
    5 ) please requsts you to request , give death penality for bhupinder gupta ( even to his father purshotam lal gupta and mother )to his (soul)atama , jeevatama , parmatma , kundalani power , every molecule of body by giving posion or injecting (now science have and can produce poision) and burn on the earth not in earth in front of every body .

    6 )
    requests you to and request to other guru jis . please come forward togethers to make to stop bad things,quareels whic under earth are going on , taking souls under earth and requests to make to bring back on earth .all the bad things are going on ..and save lives ,pain of every molecules of atama ,paratama ,human
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    7 )
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    8 )
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    hope all together will do best .and will request to others to save every life from the under earth and bring back to earth every grand or micro soul good or bad .

    please save .
    please save to every one good or bad .


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