Bee stung.

As the season will soon be here the following information may prove useful and it might be wise to carry a penny in your pocket while working in the garden………..

I was stung by a bee while working in the garden.
When my arm swelled up I knew I would need to visit the gp surgery where I was given cream and an antihistamine. The following day the swelling was becoming progressively worse so went to see my regular doctor. The arm was Infected, an antibiotic was prescribed and the doctor told me
” The next time you get stung, put a penny on the bite for 15 minutes”.

A few days later my niece was stung by two bees. When I looked at the bite it had already started to swell so I taped a penny to her arm for 15 minutes When the next morning there was no sign of a bite we decided she just wasn’t allergic to the sting.

Some weeks later when gardening I was stung again and remembered the penny trick which immediately took the sting out of the bite.

Wanted to share this information in case you experience the same problem.
The doctor had told me the reason the penny trick works is because the copper in the penny counteracts the bite.
It definitely works!

Please remember and pass this information on to your friends, children, grandchildren.

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