What is Yantra (यन्त्र) ? The Sanskrit Word

What is Yantra (यन्त्र)  ? The Sanskrit Word
  • Yantra (यन्त्र) is the Sanskrit word for “instrument” or “machine”. Much like the word “instrument” itself, it can stand for symbols.Yantra function as revelatory conduits of cosmic truths. Yantra, as instrument and spiritual technology,it is prototypical and esoteric concept mapping machines or conceptual looms. Certain yantra are he……ld to embody the energetic signatures of, for example, the Universe, consciousness, ishta-devata. Mantras, the Sanskrit syllables inscribed on yantras, are essentially “thought forms” representing divinities or cosmic powers, which exert their influence by means of sound-vibrations.

    Symbols employed in yantrasShapes and patterns commonly employed in yantra include squares, triangles, circles and floral patterns but may also include more complex and detailed symbols, for instance:

    The lotus flower typically represent chakras, with each petal representing a psychic propensity (or vritti) associated with that chakra
    A dot, or bindu, represents the starting point of creation or the infinite, unexpressed cosmos
    The şaţkoņa (Sanskrit name for a symbol identical to the star of David) composed of a balance between:
    An upwards triangle denoting action (or service), extroversion, masculinity or Shiva
    A downwards triangle denoting introversion, meditativeness, goddess energy or Shakti

    Geometric element meanings:

    Circle = Energy of the element water
    Square = Energy of the element earth
    Triangle = Energy of the element fire
    Diagonal lines = Energy of the element air
    Horizontal line = Energy of the element water
    Vertical line = Energy of the element fire
    Point = Energy of the element ether

    As an astrological deviceYantra may be used to represent the astronomical position of the planets over a given date and time. It is considered auspicious in Hindu{Sanatan Dharm} mythology. These yantras are made up on various objects i.e. Paper, Precious stones, Metal Plates and alloys. It is believed that constantly concentrating on the representation helps to build fortunes, as planets have their peculiar gravity which governs basic emotions and karma. These yantras are often made on a particular date and time according to procedures defined in the vedas.

    This one above is Shri Yantra



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  1. Nmaste guru ji,,my name nvdip kaur,,,,mri prblm hai k jiske sath mera relatn h, uske sath meri kafi time se shadi ko lekr bat chl rhi h,vo v shadi krna chahta h, or me v usi se hi shadi krna chahti hu ,prblm hai k abi tk usne or maine is bre me apni fmily se bt nhi ki,,Me chahti hu k phle vo apni fmily se bat kre,,jbki vo apne papa se bhut drta h,,kio k uske papa bhut hi jada strict h,or love mrg k against v h,,vo kisi ki bat nhi mante,, bt lakhwindr apne papa ke samne kbi kuch v ni bolta,, fmily me uske papa ki hi chlti h,,or koi v uske papa ka faisla bdl nhi skta,,Guruji me chahti hu k uske andr etna confidence aa jaye,,k vo hmare relatn k bre me apne papa ko bta ske,or uske papa man jaye or uske bd uske ghr vle khud hmare ghr rishta lekr aaye,,or hmare privaar vle v shadi k liye man jayee! Plz guruji plz hlp mee !Aap hi koi rasta dikhayiye guruji,,,k uske papa man jaye koi esa mantra btayiye!!!Gurujiplz hlp me ..,,me chahti hu k mri shadi usi k sath ho.plz guruji ab aap hi koi rasta dikhayiye,,Guru ji or ek bat k me chahti hu k hmara relatn aage tk badhe orr ye mere liye bhut khushi ki bat hogi,,ab aap hi koi rashta dikhayiye..guru ji




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