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Top cricketers’ earnings over 60 years–Very interesting

Subject: : Top cricketers’ earnings over 60 years–Very interesting

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Top cricketers’ earnings over 60 years -Very interesting


Playing Fee per Test Rs. 250

Brand endorsements: None, except G. S. Ramchand, the first cricketer to endorse a brand. But he was paid no cash for his modeling.


Playing Fee per Test Rs. 400.

Brand endorsements:

Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi for jewellery, Taj Mahal Tea.

Farokh Engineer, who got Rs.25 for Brylcream ad.


Test Fee Rs. 500 – 700.

ODIs Rs. 500 per match.

Brand Endorsements:

Sunil Gavaskar, Eknath Solkar for Philips cycles. An ad fetched roughly Rs. 2,000.00



ODIs Rs. 5,000 per match

Brand Endorsements:

Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev for BSA SLR cycles, Palmolive cream. An ad fetched about Rs.3,000.00


Playing fee per Test Rs. 3 lakh

ODIs Rs.50,000 per match.

Brand Endorsement:

Kapil Dev, Sachin for Boost, Hero Honda. An ad fetched about Rs.50,000.


Annual Contract:

Grade A Rs. 1 crore

Grade B Rs. 50 lakh

Grade C Rs. 25 lakh

Playing fee per Test Rs. 4 – 7 lakh

ODIs Rs. 1.8 – 4 lakh

T20 Rs. 1 – 2lakh

Brand Endorsements:

Sachin Tendulker Rs.180 crore deal with Iconic in 2006.

M.S.Dhoni Rs.210 crore deal with Rhiti Sports Management in 2010.



BCCI annual contract Rs.1 crore

Match fee Rs.1.86 crore

Endorsements Rs. 150 crore from 23 brands

IPL Rs. 9 crore


BCCI annual contract Rs. 1 crore

Match fee Rs. 85 lakh

Endorsements Rs. 60 crore from 17 brands.

IPL Rs. 9 crore


BCCI annual contract Rs.1 crore

Match fee Rs. 94 lakh

Endorsements Rs. 5 crore from three brands.

IPL Rs.11 crore

All information according to India Today of 13 Feb, 2012

Heart Attack and Water –

Hope this helps because I care!

Heart Attack and Water –

I never knew this ! Interesting…….

Heart Attack & Water

Something I didn’t know either! I asked my Doctor why do I and other people urinate so much at night time.

Answer from my Cardiac Doctor = Gravity holds water in the lower part of your body when you are upright (legs swell). When you lie down and the lower body (legs and etc) seeks level with the kidneys it is then that the kidneys remove the water because it is easier.

This then ties in with the last statement!

I knew you need your minimum water to help flush the toxins out of your body, but this was news to me.

Correct time to drink water… Very Important. From A Cardiac Specialist! Drinking water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body:

2 glasses of water after waking up – helps activate internal organs

1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal – helps digestion

1 glass of water before taking a bath – helps lower blood pressure

1 glass of water before going to bed – avoids stroke or heart attack .

Please pass this to the people you care about……

I can also add to this… My Physician told me that water at bed time will also help prevent night time leg cramps.

Your leg muscles are seeking hydration when they cramp and wake you up with a Charlie Horse.

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