Is Congress a Secular ?

The ideology of secularism found by our  Gandhi.

The only thing Nehru interested or fend off was womanizing.

The Nehru happens to be Prime minister for the first time due to Gandhi backup.

Otherwise, there was lot of other great leaders were there in the wings like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri (remind as PM for short period during Pakistan war) and many more.

Please note, the word secularism is not a term or just a definition, it is something how coexistence can be done in a productive way instead of vote bank politics like Congress , Left, communist, BSP, SP & DMK is doing.

If congress is secular, then why congress president Sonia needs to meet Delhi Imam and requesting the Delhi Imam the Muslim votes should not get split.

If congress is following the so called secularism, then why need to have alliance with Muslim league party.

In this election, instead of paper secularism the BJP proved ultimate secularism by reaching across caste , religion and won people heart to get such a land slight mandate to ensure the Congress needs to search for support to sit in opposition seat.
Santosh Bhatt


One Response

  1. Abdullahs’ ‘secularism’ will destroy India

    But the political situation in Kashmir Valley has changed to an extent in the aftermath of the developments which unfolded on and after May 16, including the elevation of Narendra Modi to the position of Prime Minister and virtual political extinction of the National Conference and the Congress in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. The people of Kashmir Valley have realised that the time for the ruling coalition in the State and at the Centre is up and it would be only politically prudent for them to adopt a soft approach towards the BJP. In fact, a number of educated and other Muslims in the Valley have already started coming forward to support the BJP and the Government of Narendra Modi.

    All this should serve to indicate that the situation in Jammu & Kashmir is changing and at an appreciable pace and that it would not be surprising if the BJP achieves its Mission 44+. If the BJP could increase its tally from two in 1984 to 282 in 2014, why can’t it achieve its stated goal, particularly at a time when the democratic and impartial BJP is in the driver’s seat in New Delhi and many regional satraps are trying to cultivate the BJP Government? Nothing is impossible considering the unfolding developments and the fact that many Muslims voted for the BJP, not only in Gujarat but also in UP, Bihar, MP, Delhi, Rajasthan, Jammu, Ladakh and so on. In sum, it can be said that Jammu & Kashmir, like Haryana, Delhi and Maharashtra, is on the top of the BJP’s political agenda and that the positive attitude of the national and local BJP leadership would surely induce many Kashmiri Muslims to join the BJP or support it in the upcoming Assembly election in the State.


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