“Why is only female sexual organ an honor” ?

All religions are misogynistic but in various degrees. You cannot generalize the whole world as one Mr. Haider. Even within religions, Buddhist countries are far better than Islamic countries.
World has been male dominated world so far. Male gods, male prophets, male gurus and so forth. Although Hindus have goddesses but condition of women in India is very bad.

“Why is only female sexual organ an honor” ?
I think it must be socio-religious-historical reasons for societies to get to this kind of sick thinking. I read in a book long time ago that Romans used to rape men of lost armies and especially their young boys as that was thought to be more humiliative.
To be fair, the thought described in the post prevails world over. Even in English language, nobody curses male sexual organs. Its a universal sickness of male-dominated world of history. It will take time to go away. To this day, women take last names of their fathers or husbands and hence let themselves to be treated as property. Invent your own last names and have your children 50-50 of male-female names. These small things will go a long way.


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