Make Sanskrit a Compulsory to Learn..

I am not surprised reading the comments from some readers here.

Problem with Indian is that they do not want to believe their heritage as they can not understated the scriptures leave alone reading them as they are written in Sanskrit which is supposedly dead language but read whatever white skin masters wrote in English whose primary goal was to malign India, belittle India and demean whatever was Indian.

Mayo, Mcalay, Max Muller successfully had done this.

After reading about India in English these elite Indians think they know everything and got gospel right to ridicule Indian scriptures.

My humble request to these elites who are knowledge hungry to genuinely try to understand these scripture as these also have knowledge only need is a genuine try.

We appreciate Israel for their development courage but we forget when Israel was made from ashes by vision .

they declared Hebrew their national language which was also dead language then made RABIs as the compulsory routine of their religious education.

They cared for their heritage. Europeans / US all are saving their cultural heritage only we willingly are destroying it.


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