Why do Man Cheat ?

Some Times : By Sam Hindu

Maybe if  woman  did her job in the bedroom to keep her man happy there would be no reason for man to get it elsewhere…..

.nobody ever considers that as a reason why some men may cheat.

Blah blah blah it’s always feel bad for the female…

wah he’s cheating on me….. do your f#@king job in the bedroom and maybe he wont!

EXACTLY!!! So tired of these wives boo-hooing when their men cheat!

Maybe if you had been taking care of him, he wouldn’t need to be getting it from someone else!

We’re all human…

we need love and affection and when you get married you’re BOTH vowing to give that love and attention to each other.

But these women think “Yay, now I’m married, I can get fat and stop having so much sex”

Sorry ladies, that’s not how it works.

He didn’t fall in love with a prude nag,

so don’t turn into one and expect faithfulness.



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More Popular than Ever? Beards and Masculinity in History.

I personally believe all bearded men are communist. . Cant stand bearded men from Mid east. .

Dr Alun Withey

This week came the startling revelation that, in the past year, manufacturers of razors and related goods such as shaving foam, have seen a drop in sales of more than £72 million pounds. Market analysts IRI noted that men’s shopping habits were changing and, even though the total market still accounted for 2.2 billion pounds, this was a substantial dent. The cause of this change? Beards.



Nobody can have failed to notice in recent months the ubiquity of facial hair. Keep your eyes open as you walk down your local high street and you will probably notice a variety of styles, with the ‘Amish’ style seemingly especially popular. It is also interesting how newsworthy beards are. Just look at how often they have appeared as a topic for discussion in recent months. The furore caused by Jeremy Paxman’s beard for example. There were lengthy discussions about celebrity beards at…

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Wow.. what a way to start. . I loved your writing. . Keep it up..

Sam Hindu


Dear Coffee,

Make yourself comfortable at the dining room table. Take a seat. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble, so relax your steaming breath. I have so much to tell you.

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Tell him what you want—now

. Tell him what you want—now

One of the best ways to turn a man on is the simplest: “Tell him how good he is,” says Cavanah. Think of something he excels at between the sheets, and as you lean in to kiss him, whisper, “I love the way you _____ my ______.” Chances are, he won’t wait long to prove you right.

Bobby zindal a venomous snake

A brown American could be more dangerous than a white American. Remember Bobby Jindal – Louisiana  Governor – originally a Punjabi Hindu, who converted to a Roman Catholic and frequently spills anti- Indian venom.

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