presswallas like TOI , NDTV, AajTak, CNN IBN, the (leftist) hindu, etc.

*slow clap* for a barely disguised sycophantic editorial that blames the congress demise on ‘anti-incumbency’, and vaguely to rahul’s lack of acumen. no sir. the congress is being slowly wiped out because now indians have a legitimate, motivated alternative to this burden we have carried for 6 decades, a rotting corpse of corruption, sedition, anti-national activities, which perpetuated every sort of oppression on indians – hindus and muslims, rich and poor, to the benefit of western nations, under the disguise of ‘socialism’. indians now have sources of information other than paid media. the moment we got this freedom of information (once controlled with an iron fist by congress, supported by money-making psycho-phantic presswallas like toi, ndtv, the (leftist) hindu, etc. obliterating truth and facts), we have realised what has driven us down into the gutter, and found the right chap to drag us – by sheer force of will – out of it, because this chap, unlike the gandhis – starting from nehru’s dad – is not a servant of the west. thank you, and stop thinking you’re cleverer than your readers. not anymore.


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