Sanskrit a Language of Hindustan. A Must.

SOME TIMES BY : Santosh Bhatt

Hindi/Sanskrit, English and local language should be a part of the three language formula. Even those opposed to Hindi, would have none against Sanskrit.

In these days of internet and satellite communications, it shouldn’t be too difficult to introduce Sanskrit or any other language, in an incremental fashion. Sanskrit would promote national identity.

English is an international language and even Japanese, Germans, French and Italians are learning it. Sanskrit is for our spiritual heritage and promotes bonding with our greatest past and future.

Sanskrit is the major language of culture in India since thousands of years.

Her philosophers and sages have done most of their writing in Sanskrit.

Now, Indians are being asked to forget their origins and dump the very source of their culture.

I say ‘to hell with those who think like that.’ Sanskrit must be preserved, treasured and taught in Indian schools everywhere.

Sanskrit should be taught to non-Indians as well.

A knowledge of this language enables a greater understand of the timeless Upanishads, as well as many other important texts.

This is how India will maintain the great treasure of her country — a treasure that enriches the entire world, both directly and indirectly.


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