Change the Law for Rape.

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

strong>i think in india there are 2 type of peoples. one is the internet people who protests, write in blogs, show their disagreement on some social sites etc etc….

and another people who are far from this world.

people who live in slums, those who are born and brought up with people those who have sick mentalities against women.

they have seen there fathers beating there mom, their sisters, their brothers…they have grown seeing women always at the receiving end of what they get from the so called man in their society.

that is the reason when they move to the big cities and they a girl wearing jeans or a short top they feel that they can do anything with them.

the system needs to change, the law needs to change and there should be made many serious efforts to educate this section of the society in india.

I am afraid that unless our government or the intellectual people of the society take this up seriously nothing is going to change.


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