My Freedom 

Some Times : By Santosh Bhatt

(You can’t handle it even now) How do you know ? 

If only I was so fortunate. LOL. In theory I agree 100% with “Your freedom ends where it starts affecting mine”. 

In reality, ‘affect’ is often interpretive rather than absolute/concrete. We then get lawyers involved. 🙂 

An example of the issue, by way of an anecdote not related to our topic:

After a successful week cutting a real estate deal, a Muslim friend and I were ready for lunch on a Friday.  

Aware that I am an agnostic (for decades), he asked me not to have any fire water with lunch in his presence. 

Amused, I asked him to show me how my freedom to consume it could possibly impact his freedom to drink non-fiery liquids. 

He was unable to do so. 

I ordered Fire Drink. 

In a Muslim-majority country where moral bullies abound, I might not have been so free. 

I ran companies in the world, when I helped settle allegations of ‘sexism’ every now & then. 

More often than not the allegation was interpretive, with no clear answer. 

As a US citizen I endorse the Constitution. 

Hence I endorse free speech. 

I may consider some speech unacceptable. 

But I shall also defend others right to speak freely. 

If indeed my freedom was to be left at the mercy of someone’s interpretive ‘offense’, it would be equal to no freedom. 

I just avoid people whose notions of social decency I disagree with.

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