Some Times : By Santosh Bhatt.    Did Our PM Modi Whine while working on Deepawali ?

Today is Hanuman Jayanthi. Aren’t Hindu judges attending the conference? 

I have lived in the US and good Friday was never a holiday. 

People go to church in the morning and attend work for rest of the day..

in India, we worked on shivaratri, krishna JanmaStami, Sri Rama Navami, Karthika poornima, and countless list of Hindu festivals.. 

It has become a habit of certain people in the minority to constantly criticize Modi. 

They are unable to digest the fact that A guy from RSS background has become the PM of India.

Someone should tell the moron Christian judge that our Hindu PM was in Siachen and later in Kashmir with flood victims during Diwali. 

Did he whine?

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