why Khangress people are so interested in this good for nothing  Sabbatical guy.   Rahul Gandhi. ? 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

Rahul gandhi has been on a sabbatical since birth, and has just returned from an overseas sabbatical which was official. 

Where he went, what he did overseas is any body’s guess.

 But the reasons of sabbatical to carry out introspection on party’s defeats is only meant for fools to be believed.
 Rahul is a political disaster waiting to happen if elected leader of the italian national congress party.
 H e neither has any interest in political maturity,  nor has  local knowledge of the country, leave aside the critical attributes of beiing the leader of the masses.  

why Khangress people are so interested in this good for nothing guy ? Rahul Gandhi. 

Instead of every one jumping onto conclusions about rahul gandhi atleast ask him honestly what he wants to do with his life ?

 whether he is interested in politics at all ?

 he is not a qualified man with no professional degree and no work experience he is not fit enough for any kind of job. 

so let him introspect about his life, give him time. politics in india is not an ad-hoc job. 

either he has to be a full time politician or enjoy spoils of his family name and Loot of Hindustan. 

 in fact except for  nehru no one from nehru- gandhi family has anty academic background and strength. 

Although  alysis is largely ok.

 All critics are either missing a very important point or are dithering to mention the same; is his capacity or the lack of it to shoulder such a big responsibility. 

To say very gently, he is absolutely mediocre and does neither have intelligence nor capability.

 His one tv interview to ‘times now’ talks volumes. 

Can these people imagine this man at the helm of affairs of the country? 

please stop reducing this country to a level of a gram panchayat which also is a big responsibility for rahul. 

he is a total disaster.

 please do not mince word while analyzing him;

 You would be doing injustice not only to the youth of the country but country itself.


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