Humanity is inseparable From Education.

Some Times : By Sam Hindu

What stuns the educated people is that they do not blame themselves or their educational-background for their misery; they just put the blame on western world.

“Afghans suffer poverty because of America’s disproportionate wealth” – this is what Madrasah teachers say in Afghanistan.

This is the bottom line of Madrasah education.

The basic essentials of a successful education system are never fulfilled.

Education involves transference of knowledge and values accumulated by mankind from one person to another.

Humanity is inseparable from education.

The best process of education encourages the students to ask questions, which propel them on the path of further learning.

Without this, education becomes a burden.

Scientific enquiry also enriches mankind with knowledge.

Education improves the reasoning power of a person.

Neither memorization of a book nor physical punishment helps the students.

Students can learn not only through reading, but also by experience, by watching others and also by observing the world in general.

Unfortunately, Madrasah education lacks all of the above.

Education is an important area to advance the civilization further. If it is left in the hands of some semi-literates, sadists, paedophiles and homosexuals, this is bound to happen.

Some Times By : Sam Hindu


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