Abuse of power has nothing to do with sex. 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

What I want everyone to remember is that purpose is not  to put anyone down. 

Or call anyone bad. 

Purpose is just to write things in an interesting fashion. 

It’s not about judging people. 

It’s about having a normal conversation on day to day subject which are part of people’s life. 

And in above message I actually mixed too many messages again. 

Abuse of power has nothing to do with sex. 

You can have sex or orgies that’s not abuse of power.

True  I’m just just a writer. But that doesn’t mean I’m asking that others have to talk about it. 

But then there is certain hypocrisy of shaming and lying too. 

I have had people just playing me. 

Just knowing everything very well but playing like they didn’t know a thing and in the end the same story of their own comes out with flying colors, Thats ok too. 

I call housewives ” monsters” with love. 

On one hand I’m happy they are this strong because of kids. 

Husbands are totally helpless before them. 

But some cases, they are abusing their husbands. 

But then its a person’s own responsibility to protect themselves. 

I always say be selfish 5 percent. And put you, yourself and you again First. 

There is a time everyone has to protect themselves. 

 But I agree with what you said. That being said, in every other culture people have talked about it. 

About choices. 

And sexual behaviors. 

Only in Pakistan and Bharat and Bangladesh and Mid East we pretend that none of this exists when it does. 

Just like rest of the world.


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