My love Affair with Sari or Saree. 

Some Times : By Santosh Bhatt

My love Affair with Sari or Saree. 

A Sari or Saree a Bharatiya woman’s dress worn by my Grand Mother, My Mother and Sister is so fascinating and elegant and so teasing to man. 

That look but Don’t touch. 

Admire and drool and exposing right amount of teasing skin to apreciate and aluring. 

I can confess that I have s soft corner for sari and it’s my weakness may be because my wife doesn’t know how to wear it. And  or hardly wear once or twice a year with my help. Or professional help. 

“There are women who are teaming it up with tank tops, T-shirts, crisp white shirts and jackets instead of the conventional blouse, Sari, or Chaniya Choli. 

That is what inspired me though I really admire a woman in A sari..” who has taken to the pact wholeheartedly since there is no commercial motive or personal agenda.

A Sari allows you to be who you are. 

There are no set rules.

 It’s not necessary to wear a sari every day or wear it compulsorily any  time. 

There are some woman who wear Saree so elegantly and carry themselves so confidently. Man can drool at her feet and die for it. 

 “It’s just an expression of our emotional connect with the traditional attire and the many memories it holds in its folds. 

Yes , very very dignified, cultured , well dressed in sarees, giving a graceful look . In those days the news anchor and actresses were actually news her self in Saree. 

I do have some ticklish feelings for beauty in saree. 


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  1. Baarish ke mausam me saree ke bare me socha to waqt tham gaya aur dil ke arman ne dastak de di.

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    • Thodaa Dhiree se Mataka ke Bhii chalaa Karo By : Sant Bhatt
      Tum laal Saree Pahenaa Naa Karroo

      Pahenoo to Kaallaa Tikaa Bhii Lagaayaa Karoo

      Dil Hamaaraa Aisae Na Machalaa Karoo

      Thodaa saa Dhiree Bhi Chalaa karroo

      Hum dekhatee Hai aap Koo Bharpoor

      Itanii Raftaar Mai Naa Ghoomaa Karoo

      Sant chakraa jayegaa

      Thodaa Dhiree se Mataka ke Bhii chalaa Karo

      By : Sant Bhatt

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