What Is SATSANG Acording to VEDA and UpaniShad ?  By : Sant 

Some Times : By Sant (Sanji Bhatt )

Mere physical association with a teacher can’t be considered satsang as such. Satsang in the real sense of the term is a diligent involvement on the part of students in their quest for knowledge and an equally diligent involvement of the teacher who guides the search.

Every Upanishad is the product of a satsang between teacher and student. Every Upanishad is in the form of questions from students and answers from a teacher. It is a conversation between a learned man of realisation and his disciples who have come to him in search of the goal of life. Satsang is an important means employed in the Upanishads, the pillars on which Hinduism rests.

Satsang means association with the wise who know ‘sat’, or reality. Here, one is introduced to oneself, the Eternal, through a teacher and that process of Self-introduction is called satsang. After the initial exposure to Vedantic teaching through a teacher, even reading a book becomes satsang.


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