A Meaning of True Friend. 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

DOSHTI  is like a water and milk. 

When you add milk in water then value of water goes up. 

And both becomes equal because milk brings down its own value to lift a value of friend. A water. 

When time of tasting comes when same goes on fire. 

A water pays a first price by burning and evaporating first to save a friend. A Milk. 

Now that is a true friendship. 

A lucky one will get a friend. 

A very lucky one will get a love. 

But only a fortune one will get a Love who is a friend and if you are one of those luck one then you are most wealthiest and Fortunest  in life.

You can do any crime and go to a friend and talk with ought judgement , Then he or she is a true friend. 

But when you go to love and talk the same and your partner understands you and stands by you is Love. 

And that is a rare combination.


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