Can Bharat,  Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Myanmaar, and Sri Lanka Unite ? 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt 

I didi not compare anyone with Muhammad For my readers to mis understand. 

I just gave as an example to make you guys understand that it is not a  proof of your patriotism if you are being caught by the authorities.                                                            

 if you read my message once you would realise that I did not criticise congress and its leadership at the time of freedom   movement. 
On the other hand reading history book from any author does not mean that you know all the facts of the history. 

Its just snapshot of a writer’s understanding but what you need to learn how to draw conclusion from different perspective (different writers and their books). 

see both sides of a picture without any grievance and partial-ism. 

One fact from the history is both (congress and Muslim league and their followers) won freedom from Britain but both killed each other at the time of partition.                                                                                                              

For you there is a old proverb that there is a saying in Vedic wisdom that an agent can recognize an agent. 

Failure people always  blame others while successful people finds reasons in their actions. 

In my personal opinion, subcontinent produced a variety of great leaders starting from Chandargupta Morya to Ashoka to  Rana Pratap, Veer Shivaji, Bose, Sardar Patel, Baacha Khan (Abdul Kalam Azad, 
A. P. J. Kalama.  Iqbal Just because the political ideology was different doesn’t make them any less to each other. 

Once Pakistan was made, Ghaffar Khan was again equally loyal to the new state even after suffering through so many hardships because of his pre-Pakistan stance. 

Our history is violent, and our present is also not that good. 

But what I believe we should look at is a sensible leadership in both the countries, which can understand the idea of co-existence, strong historic decisions, compromises & the reality that we both originated from the same piece of land. 

Two nuclear powers, A Hindustan, great military powers, two nations with exceptional intelligent human workforce and great celebrities and sportsmen. 

Still fighting each other for pieces of lands, blame games, intelligence games and what not. 

Europe learnt from thousands of years continued war & now has united together while maintaining the individual integrity. 

But we can’t? Can We ?


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