80% of the world’s charity to the poor nations is By Kafir Hindu and Christians. 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

Some facts & myths of Ramadan and reality!

National Productivity: National productivity of all Muslim nations goes down in this month due to serious disruptions of business as usual. All educational institutes remain shut-down for the entire month. 

Muslims do not work hard during this month: they reach office mostly late and go home early. 

All Arab nations (Muslims) basically do not work at all during this month. Arabs even do not sleep during the night also. 

They remain awake and busy eating and drinking all night long; and after their Sehari (early-morning meal)—they go for a long deep-sleep in holy comfort.

Charity and donations: Mullahs and Islamic scholars brag that, the so-called fasting during Ramadan teaches Muslims to do charity for the poor people; but in reality, 

Muslims are little charitable; their contribution to global aid is very little or negligible in quantity. It is the non-Muslim kaffir countries of Hindu  and Christans of the East and West (especially American and Hindustani kaffirs) give 80% of the world’s charity to the poor nations.


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