Sant thinks too much


Sometimes. By Sant 

when the clouds rain,

I see you with my eyes,

(full of water, like clouds),

You look like a wish 

for the first rain of season..

I wish to live in your shadow,

I wish to be called mad (for you),

Whether you give me sadness or joy, 

I’ll bear, my Wish O beloved..

There is nobody other than you who is mine,

All my destinations are here (in you alone)

Come, end all distances,

I wish you to share me with myself,

Peek into me a little bit..

You shall listen your own Twinkley smiles

Echo of my soul 

Screams like a squeaking doors 

My eyes are open or closed 

My Feelings are heard loud and Clear

How can I say, oh friend, what this love Feels like ?

Sant thinks too much

May be he lost his mind or two 


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