Sant is eager to Fly Next By : Sant Bhatt

We voyage through journeys of our soul, 

Dreaming away in different worlds, 

Feeling everything nourishing, 

A momentary beauty flourishing. 

I see an ocean filled with mystery up to the horizon, 

Filled with depths as the sun is rising, 

I see you alive in radiant colours of life, 

Filled with love and beauty that comes alive. 

Lost in a world of illusions we create, 

By the fear that turns into ignorance and hate, 

Their hearts without feeling and eyes blind, 

All these minds stained with time. 

Air broadens perspectives that make Sam fly, 

A place where our enlightened hearts never dies, 

We walk among the dreams of havens, 

Fulfilled in infinity, 

Like waves drifting through the sea,

Fulfilled for eternity.

Sant is eager to Fly Next

Come and join Hands in Air Next. 

By : Sant Bhatt


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