Muslim writers support Ram Mandir!


Muslim writers support Ram Mandir!

Even Muslim writers support the Shri Rama Janmabhoomi truth:

Once again, we are not basing our facts on stories woven by “our community”. Many learned Muslim writers have documented the truth through their books.

One of the earliest books written (end of the 17th century and beginning of 18th century) by the daughter of Alamgir, the son of Bahadur Shah, clearly states that in the mosques built on the orders of Babar (Ba Farman-e-Badashahi), Muslims were not permitted to hold prayers or read the holy scriptures. It also states that the Hindus have a lot of faith in the temples situated in Mathura, Benaras and Avadh. It also states that these places of worship were destroyed and mosques were built to display Islamic power. You can find the details in “Sahifa-e-Chahal Nasa-ih-Bahadur Shahi”.

Tarikh-e-Avadh, one of the most recently published books in 1909 by Allama Mohammed Nazamul Ghani Khan Rampuri, states that Babar constructed a grand mosque under the protection of Sayyad Ashikan at the same spot where once stood the temple of Janmasthan of Shri Ramachandra in Ayodhya.

One can read similar evidences in books written by other Muslim authors. Some of them are:-

* Zia-e-Akhtar : by Haji Mohammed Hassan – 1878

* Kesar-ul-Tawarikh or Tawarikh-e-Avadh Vol.II : by Kamaluddin Hyder Hussain Al Hussain Al Mashahadi.

* Asrar-e-Haqiqat : by Lachhami Narayan Sadr Kanongo Assistant of munshi Moulavi Hashami

* Hindostan Islami Ahad : by Moulana Hakim Sayid Abdul Hai – 1972


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