Innocent people are cajoled By Fake Guru

Innocent people are cajoled

Some Times : Sam Hindu

The present situation

I often wonder why do the people of a country who are ardent believers and practitioners of religion, need spiritual leaders in the first place. ?

The answer lies in the question itself. 

Its easy to fool a believer than to fool a non-believer. 

Bharat or India, 

the home to greatest men in the world’s history is battling the evils of poverty, illiteracy, food shortage, disease and corruption. 

In such times, when we need to unite as a nation and fight against these evils, we have some opportunists for whom nothing else but the money matters. 

The innocent people are cajoled into believing that they are living sinful lives and are in great need of soul cleansing and spiritual healing. 

These opportunists claim to perform miracles to relieve you of pain and sufferings, which you might not even have in the first place, but they make you believe you do. 

(Isn’t that the first rule of MBA? If you want to sell your product, make your consumer believe they need it even when they don’t. 

Oh comon man and even an idiot like me knows that! )

Be your Own Guru and Master of Your own Domain and Destiny and Carve your own Path. 

And Stop Vyaktii Poojaa or Blind Following of any Human being. 

Ask critical Questions and Analyze from All 6 Dimention and Make and Find Your own Answers and Truth 

These so called Cheaters Goodman are Eating, Drinking and Doing Sheet the same way as you and me. 

AKa Aasharam, Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba a cheap magician, A Murdere Didi of Swadhyaay  Some branches of Swaminarayan sect discriminating against Women and putting theier own Stachues  in temple and Cult of terror Mohammad are all the same. 

According to our scripture Next Supreme personality will be Kalki Avatar and we have another 180 Thousands years to go with-ought Avatar.  

Only some 12000 years have passed of Current Kaliyuga. 

In Kaliyuga so called Guru and Baba business is booming.  And gullible people will be Kajoled by these money grabbing Lazy baba who will promise All kinds of Goodies and Sex in Heaven as Heaven is their Fathers Property snd they are a visa office. As Catholic priest propaganda Will try to sell. 

Read my blog. And be your own Guru.

By Sam Hindu 


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