Wake up Republican Establishment before it’s too Late 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt 

Republican Insider established losers GOP is not your fathers property and USA is not going to tolerate your bully attitude to thump your puppy as party pick. Who ever got maximum votes should contest election. 

Not a stupid delegates. 

We have told you Republican National Committee exactly how we feel about this election. 

You won’t listen because your life style would be in danger if you did. 

Well, go ahead with your back room deals, your cheating and your fancy footwork against the front runner. 

You will suffer the consequences of your actions. 

There will be a new party, stronger and more effective at bringing this country out of the morass it’s fallen into. 

You will just be a footnote in the history books. 

In the end you will not have protected your jobs but will have eliminated them. 

Think long and hard before you continue on this path.

Whole system of delegates Is a con and to cheat people’s voice. 

This is your last chance to win otherwise your party will be shattered in to pieces you won’t be in position to count. 

Get it and get it soon before citizens of this beautiful country puke on you.


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