it’s you who has Islamhydrophobia”

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt 

I know Trump since 1987 and when his first book came out Art of Negotiation. 

I liked the guy for His success and He speaks the mind with clarity of thoughts and looks for results. 

I hated Trump when he was on the apprentice. 

But these days he is the only one who has the balls to confront the issue so good on him. 

Do you think Saudis give money out because they want to see a woman become president? 

Yet they refuse to take any “refugees” because there is a security concern. 

Yet the fools insist these are mere scare tactics and nothing to worry about. 

Even Clooney fumbled when talking about how he will not fear. 

I am not in fear, but I will not ignore my common sense and instincts either, that would be pathetic with dire consequences . 

If you find Trump offensive just keep in mind that even if he is wrong, 

his thoughts are on keeping everyone safe and protected. 

Unlike the fools that don’t recognize a 1,400 year old enemy Pislam and goes in to bed with Terrorist Ideology. 

“I don’t have Islamaphobia, 

it’s you who has Islamhydrophobia”


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