Be generous with your man, Know His Tools. 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

Men suffer from “P*nis Panic”Officially called “Koro,” there is a real and widespread hysteria amongst men that their privates may disappear one day. Could explain why they’re always grabbing themselves—just checking it’s still there!

Men are big self-helpers

The average number of times a man will “release” in his lifetime is 7,200. The average number of those that will come at the work of his own hands: 2,000.

Sensitivity decreases with age

It’s hard to pinpoint at exactly what ages, and by exactly how much, but there is a definite decline in sensitivity in the private for men, as they grow older. However, rarely does a man complain about this to a doctor. That’s probably because your gorgeous body on top of his gets his imagination going enough to make up for the lack of sensitivity.


Or at least his little man does. Most healthy men surveyed reported being the most sensitive to sexual pleasure on the underside of the shaft and head. Closely following those areas in the pleasure department were the upper side of the head and shaft, as well as the sides of the p*nis.


The length of a man’s flaccid p*nis is no indicator of how long it will be when erect. (Makes you feel bad for those guys being teased in the locker room!) A man with a small member might experience growth twice that length when erect, while a man with a long one can experience no growth at all. So don’t judge a guy by the bulge in his pants


If he doesn’t use it, he’ll lose it

Like any tool God gives you, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! 

The flow of oxygen to a man’s member that happens during an erection is essential to the health and maintenance of said member.

 Without regular erections, men can experience shortening of the penis over time. 

So be generous with your man, even if you’re not “in the mood.”

 Or else you may find yourself disappointed when you are!


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