These colonies are already being established in America

Of course, and we know Saudi Arabia now owns America, threatened to cripple America financially. 

if it didn’t block the families from suing them. 

This is what happens when you allow foreign malign countries to finance your Institutions, your politicians , and allow them even to buy masses of land in your country. 

Saudi has bought American land, huge land areas, the size of states, for the purpose of creating an Islamic stronghold, a State, in America, and no law was passed to stop it. 

So, the dangers are obvious, a country like Pakistan ((which Hindu Bharat / India gave to the Muslims in the hope that they would all honour their promise to leave IBharat ) will be formed within America, as a nest of vipers to come out of their nest and bite the Americans with their poison. 

These colonies are already being established in America, and the American police are not allowed to interfere even when they know that the Muslims are teaching political jihad, muderous jihad, on the kafirs. , the infidels, the people who don’t believe in Allah and Pedophile Muhammad and terrorist ideology. 


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