Ted Cruz a biggest looser and pathetic lier 

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

Ted Cruz a biggest looser and pathetic lier who lost a golden opportunity to make peace with his own self, a party and next President of USA and could have been graceful. 

But he could not reciprocate the grace Trump granted  to be speaker and his own pledge the winner should be Supported which is voice and choice of people. 

So Lying Ted you just came out of your closet that you are not a team player but selfish, pathetic, self centered Pig and American people do not forget traitor like you soon.  

Your career politician days are numbered and you will go down to dustbin like many career politician.

Cruz won’t Honor his pledge to support the Republican nominee, what makes you think he would Honor his oath of office?

 He has proven by his actions, he is not honorable man ,  and talk about principles, what about the principles of honoring your commitment?

 Cruz knew Trump was running when he signed the pledge to support the nominee, and therefore knew there was a chance he might have to support Trump, so he knew ahead of time he was not going to honor his pledge, that whole pledge fiasco was done because they thought Trump would never sign it but he did, and dishonorable men like Kasich, Busch, Cruz, Graham and Rubio, otherwise known as the establishment, all support amnesty in one form or fashion, coincidence ?
Trump proved he was a team player, A man with Big heart and a true Republican and Patriotic by inviting him to speak.

 Cruz showed his true colors. Was a horrible slap on his own face by his own speech. 

No Texas senate vote from me and my fellow American knows a insider traitor and career politician like him. 


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