What does his kissing style mean?

What does his kissing style mean?

LOVE SEX By Anindita Ghosh

Wed, Jul 20, 2016

What does his kissing style mean?

The way a man kisses you can tell you a lot about what he is feeling and where he’d like to see your twosome going. Here’s how to decode his smooches.

The tongue lashing

When it comes to kissing, he cuts to the chase and doesn’t waste a second before jabbing his tongue into your mouth and almost down your throat. Well, this hasty Harry has obviously got a lot of bedroom action in mind and while, that may be a good thing, be warned that he is not likely to spend much time on foreplay. 

His lips are sealed!

This tightlipped guy prefers kissing you with is mouth closed. Drily brushing his puckers against your without coming anywhere close to exchanging bodily fluids, this man is obviously not as turned on by you as you’d like him to be. He is also in no mood to lose control. Psst…he might also be suffering from Halitosis!

Long, slow and sexy

Now, this is a kind of kisser that you are sure to enjoy. This guy is a gentle lover who wants to get you into the mood by taking it slow and arousing you slowly with his lips. The fact that he is in no hurry means that he is willing to take his time in seducing you till you grab his face and deepen the kiss to hurry things up. 

The nibbler

First, there was Count Dracula and then there is your man of the moment who can’t seem to wait to get a bit of your luscious lips. His tendency to nibble shows a strongly passionate side. But while all that nibbling and rough play can be very exciting, tell this Transylvania resident to back off if you find it uncomfortable. Also, know that this guy will want more than plain missionary in bed.

The sloppy kisser

For this guy love is all about swapping saliva. This sloppy, open mouthed kisser is uninhibited, passionate and is clearly making no bone about wanting you between the sheets and soon. While you might not be a huge fan of all this slurpy action, a sloppy kisser is clearly confident and secure about his sexuality and doesn’t care if the sex is messy as long as its mind-blowing!


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