Goddess Laxmi Mantra 

Some Times By  : Santosh Bhatt 

I  was there once. A beautiful temple. 

Laxmi Devi Maha Maye

Dehi Me AnuRagraham

Tata Scha Sampati Dhanam

Aayur Aarogya Sampadam

This Shree Laxmi Sloka you will not find in any Veda or Purana 

But Shloka was given By Shree KRISHNA to His Bhakta as a answer How to worship Goddess Laxmi.  

This Sloka survived by Guru Parampara to Shishya and Putra Parampara from Father or Mother. 

All our Sloka starts with Om or Shree 

Which are salutations and respect to Referring God 

This is only Sloka which has neither. 

Because Lord Shree KRISHNA gave Mantra about his wife and he did not use Salutation for his wife Goddess Laxmi as out of Love. 


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