Congressman Lewis your free loading shop is about to be shut down. 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

So people are expecting Trump to just let Lewis smear him all around anyway?

 The voice of the voters and the Electoral College is what senator Lewis really thinks is illegitimate.

it astounds me that this man is a civil rights leader when he belongs to the Democratic party which is nothing but a Racist party who’s agenda is to keep poor black americans down and out living on welfare so that they can control them.

 For him to call President elect Trump illegitimate is INSANE.

HE KNOWS full well Donald Trump was Elected fair and square and to say otherwise is a disgrace to the Democracy of our election process. 

HE should retire or be put out of his job. 

We need people who will work for the american people and our country and not against the president who was elected by the Silent majority of americans, if he cannot do it then he needs to go.

These senator’s that are not going to the Inauguration should be ashamed of themselves. 

They are voted in by the American people and they represent the people that voted for them. 

I’m sure that there are people that voted for President Elect Trump that those senators represent ..

So being that these self righteous senators were also voted in by people that wanted President Elect Trump they should represent them.

 I would surely remember them when election time comes around. 

Shame on those senators.

As we approach Martin Luther King day we should take into account that yes John L. Lewis an icon!  

King was an iconic symbol and legend for civil rights and nearly stands alone today in that manner!  

Lewis on the other hand stands with the Lazy likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and many liberals that keep racism alive and well in this country! For their own benefit rather then Black American. 

They will go down as instigator’s! Definitely not legends. 

I think it hilarious that polls are still being used as truth when it was proven they are about as useful and honest as the Democratic party’s easy win was. 

Not! As for Lewis, I don’t care what he did fifty years ago any more than I care what Trump did fifty years ago. 

What they do Today, tomorrow, and beyond, are what I will measure these men by. 

History can’t be changed. It’s done. Over with.  

Be men of honor and decency now and forward. 

Let go of the chains of the past and use positive energy instead of destructive energy. 

We’ve had enough of the destructive energy over the past eight years to last a lifetime.

Interesting, George W was considered an illegitimate president, too. 

I guess it’s only the Democrats that are for real. 

No bias there, right.

What 35% approval rating, lol , according to what pole…

the pole that predicted major landslide win for Killery and Democrats. 

Hmmm scratching my head and lol. 

 Trump already have supper approval rating among ppl.  

who cares about their bias poling.

It is very clear you are lost in thoughts, shine your eyes, he has already won, you are only free to present your definition of the word Legitimate, after the swearing in, till then be a good congressman Lewis your free loading shop is about to be shut down and Bankrupt like Jessie Jackson lost respect. 

This man is why we need term limits in Congress. He forgot years ago why he was elected a congressman and what his duties are to the people from his home state. Term limits need to be put in place NOW!


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