Disrespect to USA and American Citizens., who voted for Trump. 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

You know America and to all those Democrats who are not attending Potus Trump’s Inauguration Ceremony on 20th. Including Secretary John Kerry.  

This is what American people have to tell you. ? 

I never approved of you in your current position but you have really shown your true colors!! 

Don’t you think that a man of your age should finally ” grow up” !!!

When u have an inferiority complex,

You hide. 

He can’t hold a candle to Trumps new cabinet.

Same goes for the DEMS staying home in shame.

Who cares???? 

You people in the media keep talking about who’s not going to be there and I’m telling you “who cares anymore?” 

It is not going to stop Trump from being sworn in as POTUS and this is all that matters to the Trump’s silent majority supporters. 

The other dark side can sit in their corners, suck their thumbs, and hang on to their blankies..

why don’t you all educated, ignorant Yahoo Generation Democrats stay away. 

I don’t think you will be missed with 9000 wonderful people that want to be there so they can have your 68 seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tickets to those empty seats should go to someone like our veterans or even the the people who worked on Eric Trumps Cancer Foundation for children!!!!! 

They have both been hurt by these hateful Democrats!!!!!

Don’t these politicians work for us tax payers, why aren’t they going to Washington to help unite this country, I thought when you pay someone’s salary they were suppose to do the job they were hired to do!

WONDERFUL! Just another person we taxpayers won’t have to pay for their meals, lodging, and security! Thanks for letting us know you Liberal demo’s finally helped us SAVE MONEY!

do think they all need to be remove dfrom office due to they are showing No respect to America. 

I will never vote any of them back in office in the years to come and if they run for president they will not have my vote due to disrespect to USA and American Citizens., who voted for Trump. 

Doesn’t our votes count to him (Dem)


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