What is Democracy ?

Some Times : By Santosh Bhatt

A Muslim child asks his mother,

 “Mama, what is Democracy?”

 Mother dressed in her Burkha replied , 

“Well son, Democracy is when the Hindu, Jew and Christian tax payers work hard every day so that we Muslim Lazy, Jihadi and cult mentality can get all our benefits like free housing, free healthcare, free education in our Madarassas, and we can produce fanatics babies. 

Hindu Temples, Church and synagogue Donation collections goes to build our mosques, community centres, Haj subsidy and so on. 

This is Democracy”. 

“But Mama, don’t the Hindu, Christian and Jew tax payers get angry about that?”

Hijabi Jihadi Mom Replied. 

“Sure they do. 

That’s why we call them Communal”. 

I can’t and Never explained more simpler then this. 

Do you understand ? ! If yes then Do not hesitate to share and wake up our Hindu, Yezdi, Buddhist, Christian and Jew and wake them up. 


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