Selfie : A Hindi Drama Review 

Selfie : 

A Hindi Drama Review  By : Santosh Bhatt

Today I had a chance to see my Wife's school friend Tanaz Irani who visited our home town with Her exceptional talented friends, who performed at Meadow club in Hindi Drama Selfie. 

One fateful evening in a ladies waiting room at a remote railway station, five women find their lives intersecting with cathartic consequences.

 Tanaaz Irani ( Dolly Soda water Batliwala )  a middle-aged nurse and home-maker with a ready and sarcastic  wit and acidic tongue, finds that the perfect world she thinks she lives in may not be so perfect after all. 

Paramjeet Chaddha , a good-natured, IT professional in her late thirties, realises that all her superficial sweetness and bonhomie may not hide the fact that her one decision, that isn't really even hers, may slowly be destroying her from within.

 An excitable, vivacious and married woman, hides some very important secrets and chooses to give her conscience the benefit of doubt in the pursuit of pleasure with her so much suited self righteous to justify her life act and insidents. 

 Sonia  Kapoor the hottest, most desirable , fascinating and most alluring thing on television, has the world eating from her hand. 

At the top of her career, what worrying reason has sent her to the god-forsaken waiting room? 

Pooja ( Sweta Gulati )  is incredibly articulate and well-spoken and reasonable, rational and Amazing actor who can act in second from funny to emotional and take audiences to a Time travel journey. 

This feisty young company manager should have everything to live for… but does she? 

Blemishes must be hidden, flaws must be air-brushed and the real hard truth has no place in our quest to be picture perfect.

 But can truth ever be far behind? 
I highly recommend this mystic play to watch which does address today's family and personal issues for modern family. 

Five star by : Santosh Bhatt. 


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