Master stroke by Chinese.

Master stroke by Chinese.

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt 

British rulers told the Kings of India to relax and enjoy. 

They told that the pain of administration and other tasks of running the kingdom will be taken by british empire. 

We all know finally what happened. 

I think same applies here to Porkistan. 

Now we understand why India does not want to be part of it doesn’t want to be reoccupied..simple..!!

So Pakistan borrowing $50 billion from China. Construction awarded to Chinese companies. They employ Chinese workers in land leased from Pakistan farmers. All the final products are sold back to Pakistan. Money earned by Chinese companies goes back to China. Interest and principal amount borrowed to be returned to Chinese.(not sure how the govt is going to return the money without making any)

Scary. Very scary. First agriculture then culture. Followed by currency. 

To make long story short – Dump Chinese products in Pakistani markets and take away raw material from Pakistan. Master stroke by Chinese.

Surely a game changer, but in what way, I leave it to the imagination of the ordinary Pakistanis.

Good luck Pakistan!! A step closer to Slavery.


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