Hope Congress Takes

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

Hope Congress takes Jairam Ramesh's advice with right frame of mind and addresses the issues within it.

It is important for Congress to recover with right leadership.

It is important to stop relying on Fake Corrupt Gandhis and nurture young leaders.

Old habits die hard…

Khangress is a party of self seekers..hungry for power perks and profit to their family members.

They are unable to move away from minority apeasement, attacking hindu symbols,expressing soft corner towards pak and terrorism, their vision limitted to winning the next ellection and the next..

Introduction of several pro poor schemes that never reaches them..

Investing in developmental projects that never completes…

Khangressee are interestd in advancement salary perks and foreign junkets by apeasing their political masters but not having time to clear files…

They will not improve ..the system they have followed is self serving…no alternative life..

I find Jairam Ramesh as the only sensible and intelligent leader in Khangress.

Rest are all opportunists and have earned their fortune so much so that they continue to lick the boots of their command masters.

After all allegiance flows through money.

Some realisation indeed.

Look at what happens to a truly democratic party like the BJP…which allows purely talent to grow with in party and not pedigree


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