Hope Congress Takes

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

Hope Congress takes Jairam Ramesh's advice with right frame of mind and addresses the issues within it.

It is important for Congress to recover with right leadership.

It is important to stop relying on Fake Corrupt Gandhis and nurture young leaders.

Old habits die hard…

Khangress is a party of self seekers..hungry for power perks and profit to their family members.

They are unable to move away from minority apeasement, attacking hindu symbols,expressing soft corner towards pak and terrorism, their vision limitted to winning the next ellection and the next..

Introduction of several pro poor schemes that never reaches them..

Investing in developmental projects that never completes…

Khangressee are interestd in advancement salary perks and foreign junkets by apeasing their political masters but not having time to clear files…

They will not improve ..the system they have followed is self serving…no alternative life..

I find Jairam Ramesh as the only sensible and intelligent leader in Khangress.

Rest are all opportunists and have earned their fortune so much so that they continue to lick the boots of their command masters.

After all allegiance flows through money.

Some realisation indeed.

Look at what happens to a truly democratic party like the BJP…which allows purely talent to grow with in party and not pedigree


Basis of my opinions.

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

There is a difference between what I perceive as truth and what the facts are.

Truth for me is what I am told, taught and made or want to perceive. With Scientific , Historic and Geological Evidence.

It forms the basis of my opinions.

Whereas facts are how it is portrayed and propagandized.

However, if I, or any writer or film producers, or the censor board or the political powers above them, are to grow and be a better persons, it is necessary for us to distinguish between facts and perceived truths.

We can choose to be a closed society like the few radical communist Pislamist countries of today.


Collectively, we can try and set aside our truths and opinions in lieu of the facts even if it hurts.

Do you think our daughters are safe under legal system ?

A 17 years old Hindu girl is legally minor. Her parents are her only legal guardians.

Then how on earth, such a minor girl can be converted to Islam without her parent's permission??

If her conversion to Islam is illegal and invalid, how is her Nikah legal? (minimum age for Muslim girls for marriage is 15)

If her Nikah is illegal and invalid, how can court acquit the man who converted such minor Hindu girl and married her under Islam?

Common sense says that the man should be punished for kidnapping, forceful conversion and raping a minor, but our highly respected judiciary thinks he is innocent.

Do you think our daughters are safe under current legal system?

शवयात्रा’ ने रोक दिया है ‘शिवयात्रा’ को घाटी में 

‘शवयात्रा’ ने रोक दिया है ‘शिवयात्रा’ को घाटी में 

नागफनी के पेड़ उगे हैं केसर की परिपाटी में

आतंकवाद का धर्म नही ये चिल्लाते जो घूम रहे

उनके साथी काश्मीर में आतंकी को चूम रहे

नीलगगन फट सकता था उनके जेहादी नारों से

और जनाजा ऐंठ रहा था लोगो के अंबारों से

जो भारत में विस्फोटों का मर्म जान न पाएंगे

वो लोग कभी आतंकवाद का धर्म जान न पाएंगे

आँख खोल इनके जेहादी मंसूबो को पहचानो

बुरहानी के पीछे लाखों को याकूबों को पहचानो

अपने घर पे राष्ट्रभक्ति का टूटा दर्पण रखते हैं 

ये हिंदुस्तानी तन में पाकिस्तानी मन रखते है

ऐसे भारत के मानचित्र का सिर खंडित हो जायेगा

इक दिन पूरा भारत कश्मीरी पंडित हो जायेगा

मातृभूमि की रक्षा में मस्तक पर तिलक लगाने दो

सेना संग सारे बजरंगी काश्मीर में जाने दो

चाँद सितारा टाँगे तब हर एक किला ढह जायेगा

पाकिस्तान बनाने का सपना सपना रह जायेगा

ले लेंगे सारा हिसाब सेना पर फेकें पत्थर का 

घाटी से दाग मिटा देंगे हम धारा तीन सौ सत्तर का

तब हथगोले वाला बागी बमभोले को पूजेंगा

एटम बम की गलियो बस हर हर बम बम गूजेंगा

नयन तीसरा खोल के जब कैलाश का राजा निकलेगा

सभी जनाजे वालों का उस रोज जनाजा निकलेगा…!!…….

Chicago was blessed by Dr Avadhoot Shivanand Swami -Babaji for the first time by conducting Advaitya Sri Vidya 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

Chicago 7-20-17

Chicago was blessed by Dr Avadhoot Shivanand Swami -Babaji for the first time by conducting Advaitya Sri Vidya seminar for Sadhaks of Advaitya Sri Vidya and got initiated for Sacred Vedic and Sanatan Dharma Sadhana of body, mind and soul at JAIN center Temple of Greater Chicago area. 

400 Plus Sadhaks from all over world and Local attended and got initiated with Sri Vidya. 

Following are highlights of event ,

• Advaitya Si Vidya Brings abandon wealth and success. 


• Objective is obtain final Moksha with worldly success in this life time. 

• Shivyoga is a sacred Sadhana and is an experience of world in totality. 

• Purpose of life is Atma Sakhatkar ( Self realization. )

• Sri Vidya unfolds infinite power of with In.  

• Shakti  Sadhana is highest level of Vedic Tantra, Mantra and Yantra Sadhana and Beez Mantra are pre category to unfold your own potentiality. 

• If Beez Mantra are fully empowered then it has power to vibrate at atomic and sub atomic level and sound waves can go very high level of Dimensions. 

• Shakti  Sadhana is a Dasha Maha Vidya Shakti. 

Unfortunately China expects all others Counties to kneel before it. 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

Unfortunately China expects all others Counties to kneel before it. 

China has a fascination to keep fingering all its neighbours. 

China’s small neighbours may be scared of it but India is a giant nation and hence China is finding it tough to unsettle with Bharat

China should recall that the boundary definition was between China nd India and not China and Bhutan. So Bharat does have a right , and responsibility to protect it. 

This is unlike China which has chosen to ignore International Court of Justice in case of South China Seas. 

During the Qing Dynasty China forcibly occupied Tibet, 

Areas north of the “Great Wall” and western provinces.

 Some of these continue to be tagged by China as “Autonomous Regions”. 

Why does China not respect the “historical claims”of these areas to be independent?

 It would be good to recall that during the Qing dynasty China forbade foreign trade because other country Ambassadors refuse to kneel before the Emperor!

 This appears to be the approach of China even today as it expects all others to kneel before it. Unfortunately for it, times have changed!

China must realize that it is not an imperialistic world anymore. 

You can’t bully country like Bhutan without any resistance from rest of the world. 

As far as Bharat  goes, Indians are not under any Chinese loan. 

China is a communist country where they don’t care about people’s opinion..

Wondering why they are trying to convince the World here…

Looks like they are skeptical about India’s fire power and looking for a way out of this mess

So, China should better keep its patience with itself. 

China should stop hegmonic behaviour with all its neighbours

India must help Bhutan, since it is not capable to standup against mighty China. Defending smaller neighbor is Indians responsibility. Great efforts by India and it’s government.

Any dispute can be resolved through dialogue if there is a will. 

In China’s case, unfortunately, there is only one way, that is the Chinese way. 

China having boundaries with 14 countries and border disputes with 23 countries. 

Must take special effort to achieve this spectacular feat.



Dr Avadhoot Shivanand Swami -Babaji Teach Cosmic Healing in Chicago 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

Chicago 7-15-17
Chicago was blessed by Dr Avadhoot Shivanand Swami -Babaji for the first time by conducting cosmic healing seminar for healing of body, mind and soul at JAIN center Temple of Greater Chicago area. 

350 people attended and got initiated with Cosmic Healing Shakti. 

Following are highlights of event ,

• Infinity is within all of us

• God is one and within us

• If human being is sitting in a hall and if walls are removed then size becomes bigger and space is infinite and similar principle applies in to us as human As to how we can remove negative belief and blockages and become infinite. 

Humans can tap unlimited Cosmic energy from the universe and merge with infinite. 

• Presence of toxins in body is the cause of sickness and suffering. 

• Detoxification of physical body and mind can be achieved by continuous Pran Kriyas and Sukshma Kriya

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