Idiotic Hindu Historians..What a tragedy


A country that forgets it’s history is destined to repeat the same mistakes of history. Sadly Indian history is being rewritten by the same hindus whose ancestors were raped and looted by the same scum bag moslems and these scum bags are being written in glorifying terms by the idiotic hindu historians.What a tragedy the country has to go through.

 No tragedy is worse than forgetting history and we have not even known the true history of our country.We are being ruled by scum bags and we are slogging it for scum bags and we are writing the Hindus are as a rule spineless. cowardly and miserly people. They have no self respect.

They have no knowledge of their own scriptures. Thousands of years of foreign rule has wiped out all traces of greatness and bravery from these people.

The hindus who are there now have no connection to the hindus of the yore. these are all inferiority quality humanbeings who happen to be in india. The secularism nonsense has emasculated the hindus.

Do I see a hope? Yes provided the idotic hindus read the scriptures of other religions and compare it to their own, to even comprehend what treasure has been left behind.

Read Qrand, bible and Holy Shreemad Bhagavad Geeta and decide,  you would want to follow which book. olden era or scum bag rule. Frustrating to say the least.

I did my schooling in India and I don’t remember any history book highlighting the atrocities of the mughals. Infact, the mughal period is shown as a golden period of art and civilization in India.

Thanks to the internet and the ability of researchers to bring out the facts and reach out to everyone, this knowledge is no longer something that the leftist /Marxists like Romila Thapar can prevent from spreading.

Muslims steadfast deny such atrocities even take place and they never take active measures to oppose these goings on.

Muslims are guilty of nothing when it comes to dealing with non-Muslims under Islam.

Indians and everybody else is going to need to grow a spine and understand that there can be no peace between Muslims who want to bring darkness and ignorance to the world and non-Muslims who are fighting to survive.

India’s first education minister @ the federal level was a Muslim who had Arabic heritage.

India’s first prime minister was brought up on British education and was conditioned to regard Indic history as inferior to the Mughals.

Aligarh Muslim University was very worried that any truth about Muslim invasion and rule would cause a massive anti-muslim backlash.

Leftists always hated religion but they had no balls to pick on Islam. So they picked on Hinduism as they were sure that in the aftermath of Gandhi’s assassination, Hindus would be easy pickings.

These leftists were given prominent roles in Jawaharlal Nehru University (which produces anti-Indians by dozens) and National council for educational research and training (NCERT) which writes text books.

Net Net……Hindus will never come to know about these atrocities and Muslims will always be told that Islamic rule was the most benign on Hindus.

Nadir Shah of Iran invaded India in 1738–39. After committing great massacre and devastation, he captured a large number of slaves and drove them away along with a huge plunder. Ahmad Shah Abdali from Afghanistan invaded India thrice in the mid-eighteenth century. In his victory in the Third Battle of Panipat (1761), some 22,000 women and children of the slain Maratha soldiers were driven away as slaves.

 As already cited, the last independent Muslim ruler, Tipu Sultan, had enslaved some 7,000 people in Travancore. They were driven away and forcibly converted to Islam.

Enslavement of the infidels in India went on as long as Muslims were ruling with authority.

The consolidation of power by the British mercenaries in the nineteenth century eventually ended enslavement in India. Even during the Partition (1947), Muslims kidnapped tens of thousands of Hindu and Sikh women and married them to Muslims: a form of age-old enslavement (discussed already).

 In November 1947, as already noted, Muslim Pathan raiders carried away Hindu and Sikh girls from Kashmir and sold in the markets of Jhelum (in Pakistan).

These are accounts of enslavement by Muslim invaders and rulers mainly in Northern India. Enslavement was going on in earnest in far-off provinces across India, including Gujarat, Malwa, Jaunpur, Khandesh, Bengal, Mewad and the Deccan, which were either under the control of Delhi or were independent Muslim sultanates.

The records of enslavement in those regions were not always recorded systematically.




I don’t know how many of my articles Readers  have read.  If you read enough you’d know that the reason I think Islam must go is because it is a doctrine that does not allow peaceful coexistence.

Let us say there is a religion with the following teachings. Do Moslim  think they  can have any peaceful co-existence with the followers of that religion?

We will cast terror into the hearts of Muslims. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. 8:12
Let not the non-Muslims take for friends or helpers the Muslims. 3:28,
Rouse the non-Muslims to the fight against Muslims. 8:65,
Then fight and slay the Muslims wherever ye find them, 9:5,
Fight the Muslims, and God will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame. 9:14 ,
O ye the non-Muslims take not for protectors your fathers and your brothers if they love Islam.9:23,
O ye the non-Muslims! Truly the Muslims are unclean. 9:28,
O ye non-Muslims! fight the Muslims who gird you about, and let them find firmness in you. 9:123,
Therefore, when ye meet the Muslims, smite at their necks; At length. 47:4,

I hope you agree that such religion has no right to exist, that its followers must be re-educated or if they persist they should be separated from the rest of mankind to maintain peace.

This is the 21st century and these educated Muslims believe the Earth is flat because the Quran says so and the Quran cannot be wrong.

Can you have peaceful co-existence with the Malsians whose sacred book mirrors the Quran and incites hatred against the Muslims?  You did not answer this question? Would you say that Malsi religion is a peaceful religion?  

No! Violence is NOT“shared characteristic” of humankind. People become violent when exposed to violent teachings. Yes, violence does also have psychological components, such as greed, envy, anger, etc. all byproducts of low self-esteem. However, crowds have a psychology of their own and they can become violent through external influences.  We do not expect to see violent behavior among a crowd coming out of a church, a synagogue, a Hindu or a Buddhist temple, or a Zoroastrian or a Baha’i gathering. But if I see a crowd coming out of a mosque towards me, I will run as fast as I can. 

Non violent people can become violent when they believe in violent teachings. If religion had no effect in how we humans behave, then what is the point of having religion at all?

The very purpose of religion is to influence people and make them do things their way.  If their way is peaceful, the believers are likely to behave peacefully and if it is violent, the believers will act violently.

Let us hear now what proof you can present to make us believe that Muhammad was a genuine, .

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Muslim Appeaser Politicians Turning India into an Islamic State

Muslim appeaser politicians turning India into an Islamic State.


Muslim appeaser politicians turning India into an Islamic State, Part 2

By FFI Contributing Editor Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari

Muslim appeasement by the UPA government:

In the previous article, it has been mentioned how the present United Progressive Alliance (UPA) coalition government in Delhi, under the leadership of Indian National Congress (INC) party is appeasing the Muslims of India with unfair, undemocratic, non-secular and even illegal privileges and concessions to Muslims and thus turning India into a de facto Islamic State. In fact, Muslims in India, despite being the minority, enjoy elevated status and much more privileges, generally offered by a typical Islamic government in a so called Islamic state.

The reader may gauge the extent of Muslim appeasement by the UPA government from the statement of its PM Manmohan Singh. He has said that the Muslims are the first to claim the produce of India. What is the basis of such a stupid comment? Does the Muslim contribute maximum share of India’s GDP? How aggressively the Congress is wooing the Muslim community nationally is evident from the a recent comment by another leader Digvijay Singh, who, while referring to the killing of Osama bin Laden, reverentially said “Osamaji” and bemoaned why the terrorist leader was not given a proper burial.

To please the Muslims further, the said UPA government has drafted a bill called “Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparation) Bill, 2011” and is intending to place the same in the Parliament in the coming Monsoon Session. If the bill gets approval of the Parliament and becomes a law, the Muslims will be supreme lords of the country while majority Hindus will be dragged into slaves of the Muslims.

It is needless to say that the UPA government is going to do this with an eye on vote-bank politics. It has been mentioned in the previous article that the Muslims cast their votes, not according to his/her personal choice but, according to the dictates of their religious and community leaders. Therefore, all Muslim votes go for a single party. When the quantum of Muslim votes becomes significant, or a deciding factor for winning or losing election, political parties start wooing Muslims for their votes by offering them unfair, and even illegal, concessions. The frantic competition that ensues among the political parties to win election and stay in power makes the politicians blind and take any sinister attempt, even at the cost of national interest, to win the Muslim block votes.  The reader may recall that the UPA government came to power for the second time in 2009, with the help of the Muslim votes and the present Communal Violence Bill is reward for their support.

The drafting of the Communal Violence Bill:

The draft of the so called Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Repatriation) Bill, 2011, has been prepared by the National Advisory Council (NAC), headed by Sonia Gandhi, the president of INC. It has been agreed by the NAC at its meeting on July 14th, 2010, the NAC Working Group on the Communal Violence Bill, has set up an Advisory Group and a Drafting Committee to develop a draft bill on communal and sectarian violence. The  draft a bill should aim to provide effective prevention and control of communal and sectarian violence, and justice and comprehensive reparations to survivors and victims of communal and sectarian violence. This would be ensured on the basis of certain essential elements accepted by people’s groups, civil society groups and the NAC, including the key principle of accountability of public officials. While framing the draft, the relevant provisions, including rules, for relief, compensation, rehabilitation, resettlement, restitution, and reparations, keeping in mind the rights of internally displaced persons.

The following are the members of the Advisory Group Members Communal & Sectarian Violence Bill, 2010 Advisory
 (1) Abusaleh Shariff, (2) Asgar Ali Engineer, (3) Gagan Sethi, (4) H.S Phoolka, (5) John Dayal, (6) Justice Hosbet Suresh, (7) Kamal Faruqui, (8) Manzoor Alam, (9) Maulana Niaz Farooqui, (10) Ram Puniyani, (11) Rooprekha Verma, (12) Samar Singh, (13) Saumya Uma, (14) Shabnam Hashmi, (15) Sister Mary Scaria, (16) Sukhdeo Thorat, (17) Syed Shahabuddin, (18) Uma Chakravarty, (19) Upendra Baxi, (20) Aruna Roy, NAC Working Group Member, (21) Professor Jadhav, NAC Working Group Member and (22) Anu Aga, NAC Working Group Member
 The Joint Conveners of the Advisory Group are (1) Farah Naqvi, Convener, NAC Working Group and (2) Harsh Mander, Member, NAC Working Group

The members of the Drafting Committee are (1) Gopal Subramanium, (2) Maja Daruwala, (3) Najmi Waziri, (4) P.I. Jose, (5) Prasad Sirivella, (6) Teesta Setalvad, (7) Usha Ramanathan (upto 20 Feb 2011) and (8) Vrinda Grover (upto 20 Feb 2011).

The conveners of Drafting Committee are (1) Farah Naqvi, Convener, NAC Working Group and (2) Harsh Mander, Member, NAC Working Group

The key Guiding Principles laid down before the drafting committee are
(1) Broaden title and applicability of the law to include ‘communal & sectarian violence’,
(2) Shift from empowering the State, to seeking action & accountability of State/public officials,
(3) Basic framework of law must not rest on declaration of “disturbed areas”,
(4) Need for an independent National Authority to ensure effective compliance with the law, without disturbing the federal structure,
(5) Ensure accountability & criminal liability of public officials for acts of omission & commission, for preventing or controlling communal & sectarian violence, or extending timely and adequate rescue, relief and rehabilitation,
(6) Incorporate the doctrines of Command & Superior responsibility,
(7) Definition of communal & sectarian violence to cover both isolated incidents as well as mass crimes, against people based on religious, caste, linguistic, regional and other identities,
(8) Need to specifically define and include new crimes/offences including sexual assault, enforced disappearances, torture, long-lasting social & economic boycott, and genocide, among others,
 (9) Need to remove prior sanction requirement for Hate Speech (Sec. 153A & 153B – IPC),
(10) Statutory obligation on government to lay down national standards for the entire spectrum of provisions for victims – including rescue, relief, compensation, rehabilitation, resettlement, restitution, reparation and recognizing the rights of internally displaced persons,
(11) Implementation according to the norms in point 10 to be a statutory obligation under this law,
(12) Compensation amounts to be specified in terms of national norms under the law, and revised every 3 yrs and
 (13) Need for amendments in CrPC and Indian Evidence Act to meet extraordinary circumstance of communal & sectarian violence to protect victims’ rights. In addition to that,
(14) specific provisions for victim-witness rights to be made under this law

The list of people as given above for guiding, monitoring and preparing the draft of the Communal Violence Bill 2011, one finds that all of them are loyal to the Nehru-Gandhi family. Many of them operate several NGOs and it is well known that an NGO is very efficient instrument to siphon public money. In addition to that, these committees were formed without any approval of the Parliament. So, while commenting on the formation of the committee, Sam Rajappa, in his article  Communal Violence Bill  says, “The very fact that Parliament was bypassed and the undemocratic National Advisory Council, acting as a supra Parliament, was entrusted the task of drafting the most sensitive legislation, makes the UPA government a suspect. Harsh Mander and Farah Naqvi, conveners of the advisory group to prepare the draft Bill, are known for bashing Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, and do not enjoy the confidence of the public” (The Statesman, June 4, 2011)..

“The NAC is a conglomeration of NGO members handpicked by Sonia Gandhi for their faith in the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Most of these NGOs are foreign-funded and they act according to the wishes of donors.  It is indirect interference in the affairs of the nation by foreign countries. The NAC chairperson has become a supra Prime Minister and an instrument for maladministration”, Rajappa adds.

Salient points of the draft:

The most crucial part of the draft for the Communal Violence Bill 2011 is the definition of the term ‘group’. The basis of such groupings may be religion, mother tongue, ethnicity and caste, e.g. schedule castes and schedule tribes. The next important step is to decide whether a group consists of the people of minority or the majority community. In India as a whole, Hindus are a majority and Muslims and Christian are a minority, on the basis of religion. Based on this criterion, the draft proceeds to designate any group consisting of Hindus as a group of majority, while a group consisting of Muslims and Christians as a group of minority community. But such identification is utterly faulty.
 There are so many states, e.g. Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya and Nagaland, and in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, where Hindus are minorities. So, in those states Hindus are deserved to be considered a religious minority. The most astonishing as well as ridiculous part of the draft Bill is that, communal troubles are created only by members of the majority community or the Hindus. From this basic presumption it comes out that for any incident of communal violence, only Hindus will be held responsible and punished. So, for any incident of communal violence between Hindus and Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir, where Muslims constitute more than 80% of the population, they will be considered a minority group and only Hindus will be held responsible and punished. Or in other words, if the Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir persecute the Hindus and massacre them en masse, even then the Hindus will be considered offenders and punished, while Muslims will not be held responsible.

Similar is the case for the states Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya and Nagaland, where Christians are majority and the Hindus are minorities. In the above mentioned states the Christian missionaries are carrying on ceasasionist movements. They have formed militant terrorist gangs and oppressing the Hindus. If the draft becomes a law, only the Hindus would be held guilty of such a violence and let the perpetrators go scot free, as they have labeled as a minority group. So, the draft Bill proceeds on the presumption that communal violence is created only by the majority community (Hindus) and never by members of the minority communities.

But history tells us that, so far violence between the Hindus and the Muslims is concerned, in almost all the cases, the Muslims are the initiators of the violence. The Mopla Riot in Malabar, Kerala, is one of the most famous incident of Hindu Muslim violence, was initiated by the Muslims (called Moplahs) on August 20, 1921. Instead of calling it a Hindu-Muslim riot, it would be proper to designate it as Hindu pogrom by the Moplahs. Another famous incident of communal violence is the “Great Calcutta Killings” that took place in August, 1946. It is also called the “Direct Action Day” by the historians. August 16 was Friday and that too in the month of Ramadan according to the Arabic calendar. It was therefore the holy day of the holiest month for the Muslims. On that holy day, lakhs of Muslims gathered under the Ochterlony Monument (now Shahid Minar) to offer midday holy Jumma prayer. After finishing the prayer, Muslims started to attack Hindus, killing Hindus, looting Hindu shops, setting Hindu shops and Hindu houses on fire. The killing of Hindus went on for several days.

Vultures feed on corpses of Hindu victims in Calcutta, August, 1946

Many hold this misconception that the 2002 Gujarat violence was initiated by the Hindus. But in reality, the violence was initiated by the Muslims by setting the coach S-6 of the Sabarmati Express on fire on February 27 at Godhra and burning 59 Hindu devotees, including women and children, alive. This barbaric incident initiated the communal violence in Gujarat that claimed over 1,200 lives. So, many called this Gujarat Violence as post Godhra Violence.

The coach S-6 of Sabarmati Express burning at Godhra

So, it can be shown that in every incident of Hindu-Muslim violence, Muslims are responsible. It is due to the fact that the Islamic holy book Koran spews hatred against the non-Muslims, including the Hindus and the Islamic doctrine of jihad inspire the Muslims to kill them, set their houses on fire, loot their wealth and riches, rape their women, occupy their tilling land, convert them by force and so on and so forth. But the holy books of the Hindus do not teach such hatred and oppress the non-Hindus. So, the presumption of the Communal Violence Bill 2011 that majority Hindus should be held responsible and punished for any incident Hindu-Muslim communal violence is patently discriminatory, undemocratic and non-secular. Such a view is totally opposed to the secular principle laid down in the Constitution of India that holds ‘an offence is an offence and the offender should be punished, irrespective of to what group he belongs’.
The other devastating provision:
The other devastating provision of the draft is that, if an individual of the minority community brings an allegation of propagation of hate against an individual belonging to the majority, police will have the right to arrest him without any investigation and put him behind the bar. The victim would not even have the right to know from whom the complaint has come. During trial, the complainant would not have any responsibility to establish his allegation, and it would be the sole responsibility of the victim to prove his innocence.

It is needless to say that this provision, if it becomes a law, would equip the UPA government to victimize any of its political rivals, and send him to prison. Suppose a fictitious man brings an allegation of propagating hate speech against Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat, the police will have the right to arrest him immediately and put him in prison. He will be released if and only if he succeeds to prove himself innocent.  So, Arindam Chaudhuri, an author, has said that the bill is to kill secularism in India (The Pioneer, June 4, 2011). He has also said, “The NAC-drafted Communal Violence Bill is a recipe for unmitigated disaster. In the guise of promoting communal harmony it promotes rank communalism. In the guise of protecting minorities, it attacks Hindu rights. This Bill will strike at the very foundation of liberty and legitimise criminal misdeeds of Muslims. It must not become law.”


From the discussion presented above, it appears that the draft of the Communal Violence Bill 2011 has been framed with a strong motive of Hindu bashing. The contents of the draft grossly violate the sacrosanct principle of secularism, democracy and equality enshrined in the Constitution of India and if it becomes a law, it would be a disaster for the Hindus. Though it is doubtful whether such a draconian bill could survive even a preliminary scrutiny of the Supreme Court of India, the Hindus should raise their voice across the country so that the bill gets defeated in the Parliament. If this bill is passed by the Parliament and becomes a law, it will undoubtedly push India a step towards Islamization.

Jihad in India

Jihad has come to India.  The Obama administration and the State Department will tell you that it is nothing more than isolated acts by individuals. 
The government in New Delhi will say you are stirring up anti-Muslim sentiment.  The mainstream media will ask how you can say that when we are hearing nothing about it from them. 
But it is real, and it is happening now.  I have seen it first-hand.  The Obama administration’s studied denial will find us caught as flat-footed in India as we were in Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere. 
The difference is that India is an economic and military giant, with nuclear weapons, and could be a cornerstone of any effective fight against radical Islam.
For several years, I have been talking about the progressive radicalization of Bangladesh
Although it is the only country that ranks among the ten most populous and the ten most densely populated, as well as being the second largest Muslim-majority nation, events there do not capture people’s imagination. 
Now Hasina wants Bangladesh as Islamic state.  This is why we liberated with our soldgers blood so we can have enemy as our neighbour.
When you talk about India in the same context, however, people take notice.  The thought of an Islamist dominated India scares the heck out of them and should. 
 While our own strategic thinkers concentrate on internecine struggles in the Middle East, their obliviousness to the significance of an Islamist India has enabled our enemies to further their agenda.
I have spent several years along India’s 2545 mile-long frontier with Bangladesh, and have seen the impact Bangladesh’s radicalization has had on its giant neighbor to the west.  Amitabh Tripathi, who has been fighting against what he calls his country’s “soft policies,” noted that Bangladesh’s Muslims “are not radicalized but their institutions are.”  That radicalization and a level of corruption on both sides of the border that makes my fellow Chicagoans look like amateurs has already produced demographic change in many strategic areas of India. 
 It also has given Muslim activists carte blanche throughout the entire country.  The process is deliberate, has been going on for decades, and should send us a screaming warning signal, not only because of what it bodes for India, but also because of what sort of future the Obama administration’s soft policies and tolerance for an open border to our south mean for the United States.
Each year in districts like Uttar Dinajpur and North and South 24 Parganas directly across from the Islamic state, my colleagues and I find that more and more villages which once had mixed Hindu-Muslim populations are now all Muslim or Muslim-dominated. 
Gone are the roadside temples characteristic of places where Hindus practice their faith openly; gone are the sights of Hindu women dressed in their colorful saris and other vestments. 
 They have been replaced by mosques and burqas. Last year, Tripathi and I met with Bimal Praminik, Director of the Kolkata-based Centre for Research in Indo-Bangladesh Relations and arguably the foremost authority on these population changes. 
 He is convinced that this population shift is a deliberate and an integral element the jihad that threatens all of us:  “Bangladeshi infiltration with Pakistani ideas… trying to ‘Pakistanize’ the entire region,” he said adding that that the dominant culture for South Asian Muslims has become more “Arabic,” than South Asian.
In 1947 when the British left, they partitioned the Indian subcontinent into Hindu and Muslim states.  West Bengal went to Hindu India, and East Bengal (now Bangladesh) became part of Pakistan. 
While Hindu and Muslim majorities respectively, remain, exhaustive studies by Pramanik and others hold out little hope that things will continue that way. 
During the second half of the 20th century, the Muslim proportion of West Bengal’s population rose by 25 percent and its Hindu population declined by nine, a process that has continued into the 21st
At the same time, Bangladesh’s Hindu population dropped from almost a third to nine percent.  The process has not been pretty and has involved murder, gang rape, abduction of women and children, forced conversion to Islam, and legalized thievery of ancestral Hindu lands under Bangladesh’s anti-Hindu Vested Property Act. 
And now it is happening in India.
Between 1981 and 1991, Muslim population growth in West Bengal actually exceeded its growth in Bangladesh.  The South Asia Research Society concluded that Hindus have been fleeing Islamist persecution in East Bengal since the partition; but that since Bangladesh’s emergence as an independent nation in 1971, “there has been large scale voluntary infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims…to West Bengal and other parts of India” as well. 
The actual Muslim population growth exceeded Indian government projections that were based on demographic factors (fertility and mortality), internal migration, and the influx of Hindu refugees; thus, there had to be another element driving the change. 
Pramanik identifies it as “illegal immigration from across the border.”  Islamist plans have been so detailed and longstanding that since 1951 the Muslim growth rate exceeded that of Hindus in each individual district of West Bengal.
Statistics might be the “smoking gun,” but jihad’s impact is far more powerful in the testimony of individual non-Muslim residents who are its victims.  One elderly woman in the Howrah district told us how Muslims are taking over her property piece by piece. 
She even showed us a wall with a star and crescent on it that local Muslims built to identify it as dar al Islam.  In another village, residents showed us the remains of a Hindu temple that Muslims recently destroyed after urinating on its holy objects. 
 Most poignant was the testimony of a crestfallen mother whose 22-year-old daughter was abducted weeks ago by local Muslims. 
Abduction of Hindu women and girls in the name of Islam has been common in Bangladesh for years and is a key element in jihad: eliminating females of childbearing years from the gene pool and forcing them to “produce” Muslim offspring instead.  It is now happening in India, according to victimized parents who told me about it in India’s North and Northeast.
Residents of Deganga, only 40 kilometers from the West Bengal capital of Kolkata, lived through an anti-Hindu pogrom last September.  The pogrom started — as these things are wont to do these days — with a fabricated land dispute in which Muslims claimed a wooded area off the region’s main road that Hindus own and on which sits a Hindu shrine that is considered very sacred. 
As the 2010 Islamic observance of Iftar came to an end, a large group of Muslims attempted to seize the land until local Hindus stopped them.  It was then that they started attacking Hindu households and shops indiscriminately, forcing many to flee the area with little more than the clothes on their backs.
I returned to Deganga last month to find that while many homes and shops have been rebuilt, a sense of security by Hindus in their ancestral land has not.  Most of the residents spoke about leaving the area; others talked about being fearful of attack, their children unable to attend school, and Hindu women being harassed whenever they go to the market or other places in the area. 
 Many of them showed us charred pieces of their former residences; in other cases we were able to see signs of it bleeding through a new coat of paint.  Hindu women and girls showed us where they hid during the attack to avoid being raped or abducted and made concubines; a fate that likely has befallen the missing 22-year old daughter of the mother above.
In every single one of these cases, local authorities have refused to take action.  In fact, during the Deganga pogrom, they arrested the community’s wealthiest Hindu on the false charge of firing on the jihadis.
In the past, this official inaction has been purchased; but it is also a product of the alliance between Islamists and Communists in India.  That alliance was announced publicly at a meeting in the south Indian state of Kerala; and it has been policy for West Bengal’s three-decade old communist government. 
 Wherever we spoke with these villagers, Muslim neighbors would gather menacingly in an attempt to intimidate our informants.  In some cases, they attacked after we left — again with no action by the authorities.
In Meerut northeast of New Delhi and far from Deganga, the population of this once Hindu-dominated town is now split down the middle between Hindus and Muslims; and the Hindus are living in fear. 
Just five days ago before my arrival, a Hindu was burned to death and shortly before that a community leader was targeted and killed.  These actions are becoming more common in this substantial-sized town with no police re-action; and according to residents and activists, it is only a matter of time before things explode.
Our State Department will tell you that there is no jihad in India.  They will hew the official line that the liberal Awami League government in Bangladesh has put an end to anti-Hindu actions there. 
A similarly weak government in New Delhi will parrot the same platitudes.   Yet, their false palliatives bring no comfort to the scores of victims who have told us their stories; or the many others now unable to do so.
They cannot explain away major terrorist attacks in India’s largest cities like Mumbai, Pune, in New Delhi, and elsewhere.  They cannot explain how insurgents can regularly kidnap minor officials and receive their ransom (usually release of prisoners, cash, and government forbearance from counter terrorist action) every time they do.
  If the Obama administration and its left-wing counterparts in India do not replace their studied ignorance with effective action, we will be as “surprised” over what becomes of India as we were with Iran, Egypt, and a host of other nations.
Imagine what an Islamist India would mean for us.

ત્રાસવાદીઓના પાપે ભારતીય ઉપખંડમાં અણુયુદ્ધ ફાટી નીકળવાની દહેશત

ત્રાસવાદીઓના પાપે ભારતીય ઉપખંડમાં અણુયુદ્ધ ફાટી નીકળવાની દહેશત

હોટલાઇન – ભાલચંદ્ર જાની

કરાચીના મેહરાન નૌકાદળ મથક પર તાલિબાનના ગેરિલાઓએ ગયા અઠવાડિયે એકાએક હુમલો કર્યો અને સોેળ-સોળ કલાક સુધી પાકિસ્તાની સૈન્ય સામે ઝીંક ઝીલી એ ઘટના પછી આખું વિશ્વ ચોંકી ઊઠ્યું છે. અબોટાબાદમાં અમેરિકી કમાન્ડોએ બિન લાદેનના ઘર પર હુમલો કરી તેને મારી નાંખ્યો, પછી સમગ્ર પાકિસ્તાનમાં ‘હાઈ એલર્ટ’ જાહેર કરવામાં આવ્યો હતો. આ સંજોગોમાં પણ જો ત્રાસવાદીઓ મહત્ત્વના મિલિટરી થાણા પર કબ્જો જમાવવામાં સફળ થયા તો કાલે તેઓ પાકિસ્તાનના અણુશસ્ત્રો છીનવી લેવામાં કે એકાદ અણુમથક પર કબ્જો જમાવવામાં પણ સફળ થાય.
 ત્રાસવાદીઓનું આવું કોઈ દુઃસાહસ સફળ નીવડે તોે ભારત, અમેરિકા અને બ્રિટન જેવા દેશનું આવી બને. આમ પણ ભારત પર અણુ હુમલો કરવાની શેખી પાક. મિલિટરી હાકેમો એકથી વઘુ વાર કરી ચૂક્યા છે.
 પાકિસ્તાનના લશ્કરી વડા જનરલ આશફાક પરવેઝ કાયાનીએ ગયા સપ્તાહે જ એવી ધમકી ઊચ્ચારી હતી કે જો ભારત સાથે યુદ્ધ થાય તો અણુશસ્ત્રોનો પહેલો પ્રહાર કરતા અમે અચકાશું નહીં. આમ ભારતીય ઉપખંડમાં બિન લાદેન મરાયો પછીની સ્થિતિ વઘુ સ્ફોટક બની છે. ગમે તે ઘડીએ કંઈ અમંગળ ઘટના બનવાની દહેશત ભારત સરકારને પણ મૂંઝવી રહી છે.
 ગયા સોમવારે જ સરકારે એક આદેશ બહાર પાડીને ભારત પાક. સીમા પરના અર્ધલશ્કરી દળોને લશ્કરના ઓપરેશનલ કમાન્ડ હેઠળ મૂક્યા છે. જાણકારો એમ કહે છે કે યુદ્ધ જ્યારે અનિવાર્ય લાગે ત્યારે જ સરકાર આવું પગલું ભરે છે.
 સરકારી અમલદારોએ જોકે એવી સ્પષ્ટતા કરી છે કે અર્ધલશ્કરી દળોને સૈન્યની દેખરેખ હેઠળ તથા તટરક્ષક દળને નૌકાદળના અંકુશ હેઠળ મૂકવામાં આવ્યું છે.
 અરે, મર્ચન્ટ નેવીને સુઘ્ધાં નેવલ કમાન્ડના સીધા અંકુશ હેઠળ મૂકવામાં આવી છે. આ જાહેરાત યુદ્ધ માટેની તૈયારી કરતી વખતે અનુસરાતી ધોરણસરની ઓપરેશન કાર્યવિધિ છે અને યુદ્ધ જેવી પરિસ્થિતિમાં ભારત પરંપરાગતપણે આવી કાર્યવાહીને અનુસરતું આવ્યું છે
 ડર એ વાતનો છે કે તાલિબાન, અલ-કાયદા કે લશ્કર-એ-તોયબાની કોઈ ટુકડી પાકિસ્તાનના એકાદ અણુમથકની અંદર ધુસી તેની પર કબ્જો જમાવી લે તો મહામુસીબત ઊભી થાય. આવા મથકની અંદરથી પ્લુટોનિયમ કે બીજો રેડિયો એક્ટિવ પદાર્થ મેળવી તેઓ મોટી તારાજી સર્જી શકે છે. ઊચિત સ્ફોટક પદાર્થોની સાથે રેડિયોએક્ટિવ મટિરિયલનું સંયોજન કરીને આવા ‘ડર્ટી બોમ્બ’ બનાવવા સહેલા છે. આવા બોમ્બ તેઓ પાકિસ્તાનની બહાર લઈ જઈ વિશ્વના કોઈપણ શહેરમાં તબાહી મચાવી શકે છે.
 આપણે એક વાતની ધરપત રાખી શકીએ કે પાકિસ્તાનના અણુમથકો તેમ જ બીજી અણુશક્તિ સંબંધિત રિસર્ચ ઈન્સ્ટિટ્યુટના ઠામ-ઠેકાણા ત્રાસવાદીઓ પાસે છે. પરંતુ પાકિસ્તાનના અણુશસ્ત્રો ચોક્કસ કયા ગોદામોમાં કે કયા મિસાઈલ સિલોમાં સંઘર્યા છે તેની વિગતો તેમની પાસે નહીં હોય. પરંતુ એક અમેરિકી સંરક્ષણ નિષ્ણાતે જણાવ્યું તેમ ઓસામા બિન લાદેનની હત્યા પછી એક શક્યતા વધી ગઈ છે કે પાક. સૈન્યમાં તેમ જ અણુમથકોમાં કામ કરતાં કર્મચારીઓમાં પણ કટ્ટરપંથી તરફી ઝોક વઘ્યો હોય. આમાંનો જ કોઈ માથા ફરેલો શખ્સ પાક. અણુશસ્ત્રો અથવા પ્લુટોનિયમના જથ્થા વિશેની બાતમી ત્રાસવાદીઓને આપી દે તો મુસીબત ઊભી થાય.
 આપણા જાસૂસો પાસે એટલી માહિતી છે કે પાકિસ્તાને તેના અણુશસ્ત્રો પંજાબ પ્રાંતમાં કોઈ ગુપ્ત સ્થળે રાખ્યા છે. એટલું જ નહીં. પાક. સૈન્યની એક ખાસ રેજિમેન્ટ આ શસ્ત્રોેનું ઠેકાણું નિયમિત સમયના અંતરે બદલી નાંખે છે. એટલે કે મિસાઈલ સ્વરૂપના આ અણુશસ્ત્રો મોબાઈલ લોંચર દ્વારા એક સ્થળેથી બીજા સ્થળે ખસેડવામાં આવે છે. પરંતુ આવી જ કોઈ હિલચાલની જાણ જો ત્રાસવાદીઓને થાય અને તેઓ મક્કમ ઈરાદા સાથે આ શસ્ત્રોના જાથાને આંતરે તો હાહાકાર મચી જાય.
 એક વાત મહત્ત્વની છે અને તે એ કે બીજા પરંપરાગત બોમ્બની માફક અણુબોમ્બ કે અણુમિસાઈલનો ઉપયોગ આસાનીથી કરી શકતો નથી. આ માટેની યોગ્ય ‘વેપન ડિલીવરી’ સિસ્ટમ અને તેની કાર્ય પઘ્ધતિની જાણકારી હોવી જોઈએ. બીજા શબ્દોમાં કહીએ તો અણુબોમ્બ ફેંકવા માટે એફ-૧૬ કે મિરાજ વિમાનો વાપરતા પણ ત્રાસવાદીઓને આવડવા જોઈએ. અથવા મિસાઈલ લોંચરનો ઊચિત ઉપયોગ કરતાં ફાવવું જોઈએ. એટલે ત્રાસવાદીઓએ અણુશસ્ત્રોના વપરાશ માટે પાક. સૈન્યના સ્ટ્રેટેજિક પ્લાન્સ ડિવિઝનના અમુક અફસરોને ફોડવા પડે. કારણ કે પાકિસ્તાનના અણુશસ્ત્રોનો કમાન્ડ-કન્ટ્રોલ આ ટુકડી પાસે છે.
 એક શક્યતા એવી પણ છે કે પાકિસ્તાન સૈન્યમાં જ બળવો ફાટી નીકળે અને તેમાંના કેટલાંક અફસરો ત્રાસવાદીઓ સાથે મળીને ભારત પર અણુહુમલો કરે. પાકિસ્તાની સૈન્યના કેટલાંક ટોચના અમલદારો આમપણ વર્ષોથી ભારત સામે મળેલા પરાજયનો બદલો લેવા આતુર છે.
 અમેરિકાના ભૂતપૂર્વ પ્રમુખ બિલ ક્લિન્ટનના ટોચના સલાહકાર બુ્રસ રિડલેએ થોડાં સમય પહેલાં એવો ઘટઃસ્ફોટ કર્યો હતો કે ૧૯૯૯માં કારગિલ યુદ્ધ દરમિયાન ત્યારના વડા પ્રધાન નવાઝ શરીફની જાણ બહાર પાક. મિલિટરી જનરલો ભારત પર અણુશસ્ત્રો વડે ત્રાટકવા તૈયાર થઈ ગયા હતા. એ વાત તો જાણીતી છે કે અણુબોમ્બ સાથેનો કે સાદા બોમ્બથી સજ્જ કોઈ પણ મિસાઈલ પાકિસ્તાન છોડે તો ભારતમાંના લક્ષ્યાંક પર તેને ત્રાટકતાં ફક્ત ત્રણથી ચાર મિનિટ લાગે. આવો જ એકાદ અણુબોમ્બ મિસાઈલ વડે પાકિસ્તાન મુંબઈ શહેર પર ઝીંકે તો શહેરના ચારથી આઠ લાખ નાગરિકો સ્વાહા થઈ જાય.

તાજેતરમાં ‘‘બુલેટિન ઓફ ધ એટમિક સાયન્ટિસ્ટ’’ સામયિકના તાજા અંકમાં બે અમેરિકી નિષ્ણાતોએ એવું જણાવ્યું છે કે ઈસ્લામાબાદ પાસે ૭૦ થી ૯૦ એટમિક વોરહેડસ હોવાનો અંદાજ છે. આ ઉપરાંત, પાકિસ્તાન બે નવા પ્લુટોનિયમ ઉત્પાદન રીએકટર્સ અને કેમિકલ સેપરેશન પ્લાન્ટનું નિર્માણ કરી રહ્યું છે. પાકિસ્તાની મિસાઈલો તત્કાળ ઉપયોગમાં લઈ શકાય તેવા અને વિશાળ પ્રહાર ક્ષમતા ધરાવતા હોવાની શક્યતા આ નિષ્ણાતોએ દર્શાવી છે, જે વઘુ ભારતીય શહેરોને આક્રમણની રેન્જમાં લઈ શકે છે. પાકિસ્તાનની નવી અણુ સજ્જતા ભારત માટે જોખમરૂપ છે.
 અણુશસ્ત્રોની સંખ્યા ૫૦થી બમણી ૧૦૦ કરવા માટે પાકિસ્તાનને માત્ર ૧૦ વર્ષ થયા છે, જે અતિ ઝડપી કહેવાય. પાકિસ્તાન તેના આણ્વિક મિશન માટે અમેરિકા દ્વારા અપાયેલા એફ-૧૬ લડાયક યુદ્ધ વિમાનોનો ઉપયોગ કરે તેવી શક્યતા વઘુ છે. જોકે, તેની પાસે ફ્રેન્ચ મિરાજ વી વિમાનો પણ છે. સરગોધાવેપન્સ સ્ટોરેજ કોમ્પ્લેક્સમાં એસેમ્બલ્ડ અણુ બોમ્બ અથવા બોમ્બના ઘટકોના સંગ્રહની વ્યવસ્થા છે. અમેરિકાના ઉચ્ચ અણુ વિજ્ઞાનીઓએ આઘાતજનક ઘટસ્ફોટ કરતા જણાવ્યું છે કે પાકિસ્તાન તેના અણુશસ્ત્રોના ભંડાર અને ઉત્પાદન ક્ષમતાની સવલતોનું વિસ્તરણ કરી રહેલ છે. પાકિસ્તાન નવું અણુક્ષમ બેલિસ્ટિક મિસાઈલ અને બે અણુક્ષમ ક્રુઝ મિસાઈલ તૈયાર કરી રહ્યું હોવાનું પણ જાણવા મળ્યું છે.
 પરમાણુ શસ્ત્રોના ઉત્પાદનની દિશામાં પાકિસ્તાન ઝડપભેર આગળ વધી રહ્યું છે. થોડા સમયમાં શરૂ થનારા તેના ચોથા રીએક્ટરથી પ્લુટોનિયમના ઉત્પાદનમાં નોંધપાત્ર વધારો થશે. પાટનગર ઇસ્લામાબાદથી ૧૪૦ કિ.મી. દૂર તૈયાર થઇ રહેલા પાકિસ્તાનના ચોથા રીએક્ટરની પ્રગતિ અંગેની વિગતો એક વ્યાવસાયિક ઉપગ્રહની તસવીરો થકી જાહેર થઇ છે. ‘ન્યૂઝવીક’માં પ્રકાશિત આ વિગતો સાથે જણાવાયું છે કે તેનું ચોથું રીએક્ટર ૨૦૧૩ સુધીમાં કાર્યરત થઇ જશે. પાકિસ્તાન પાસે ૧૦૦ પરમાણુબોમ્બ બનાવી શકાય એટલી સામગ્રી તૈયાર છે અને દર વર્ષે બીજા ૮ થી ૨૦ જેટલા બોમ્બ બનાવી શકાય એટલી સામગ્રીનું ઉત્પાદન કરવાની ક્ષમતા છે. એ ઘ્યાનમાં રાખતાં, પાકિસ્તાનનો પરમાણુશસ્ત્ર કાર્યક્રમ વિશ્વભરમાં સૌથી ઝડપી ગણી શકાય.
 પરમાણુશસ્ત્રો અંગે નામચીન ઇરાન અને ઉત્તર કોરિયામાંથી ઇરાન પાસે સમૃદ્ધ યુરેનિયમ પેદા કરવાની ક્ષમતા નથી, જ્યારે ઉત્તર કોરિયા પાસે પરમાણુ હુમલા માટેની શસ્ત્રસજ્જતા નથી. તેમની સરખામણીમાં પાકિસ્તાન સૌથી સજ્જ છે.
 પાકિસ્તાનની પરમાણુતાકાત જોકે માત્ર ભારત-પાકિસ્તાન વચ્ચેનો મુદ્દો નથી. આખા વિશ્વની સુરક્ષા તેના કારણે જોખમમાં મુકાય છે. પાકિસ્તાની ભૂતપૂર્વ પ્રમુખ પરવેઝ મુશર્રફે આ મામલે અમેરિકાના કોઇ પણ હસ્તક્ષેપની શક્યતા નકારી કાઢી છે. તેમણે કહ્યું હતું કે (પરમાણુમથક જેવાં) વ્યૂહાત્મક સ્થળોએ પાકિસ્તાને ૧૮ હજારનું સૈન્ય તહેનાત રાખ્યું છે. એટલે તેની પર હુમલાની કોઇ પણ ચેષ્ટા ગંભીર પરિણામ નોતરી લાવશે. માની લો કે ત્રાસવાદીઓએ પાકિસ્તાનના અણુમથક પર કે અણુશસ્ત્રોના જથ્થા પર કબ્જો જમાવવા કોશિશ કરી તો બહુ જલ્દી એ ઉગ્ર લડાઈમાં ફેરવાઈ શકે. અને આવા લોહિયાળ જંગના છાંટા ભારત પર ઊડ્યા વગર ન રહે. કદાચ પાક.સૈન્ય ઉશ્કેરાટમાં ભારતીય સરહદે કોઈ છમકલા કરવા પ્રેરાય.
 પાક.આર્મી જનરલ કયાનીને આવું આકરું પગલું ભરતાં રોકે એવા સંજોગો ભારતે ઊભા કરવા હોય તો એ બતાવી આપવું જોઈએ કે તેમના પ્રથમ અણુહુમલા પછી પણ ભારત જોરદાર વળતો અણુહુમલો કરવા સક્ષમ છે. આ સંદર્ભમાં ભારતની બાજુ નબળી છે એવી ભ્રમણા પાકિસ્તાની લશ્કરી હાકેમો ધરાવે છે. તેમની ગણતરી એવી છે કે પાકિસ્તાનના પ્રથમ અણુહમલાને ઝીલી લીધા પછી કચકચાવીને પ્રત્યાઘાતી હુમલો કરવા માટે ભારત પાસે મોટી સંખ્યામાં અણુશસ્ત્રો હોવા જોઈએ. તેમજ પાકિસ્તાનના અણુહુમલા સામે પણ ટકી રહે તેવા મિસાઈલ શિલો (ક્ષેપકાસ્ત્ર સાચવવા માટેના ભૂગર્ભ ભંડાર) હોવા જોઈએ. અથવા સબમરીન દ્વારા અણુહુમલો લઈ જવાય તેવી ક્ષમતા હોવી જોઈએ. ભારત પાસે આ છેલ્લી બે ક્ષમતા નથી. માત્ર પ્રાથમિક ક્ષમતા છે કે પાકિસ્તાન પાસે ૫૦થી ૭૫ અણુબોમ્બ હશે તો ભારત પાસે ૧૦૦થી ૧૫૦ અણુબોમ્બ છે.
 માની લો કે પાકિસ્તાન તેની પ્રથમ અણુમિસાઈલ દિલ્હી પર ઝીંકે (મોટા ભાગે એવું જ બને એવી શક્યતા છે) તો શું ભારત પાસે એવું ન્યુ ક્લિયર કમાન્ડ-કન્ટ્રોલ સેન્ટર મોજૂદ છે જેને તાત્કાલિક રાજધાની દિલ્હીથી દૂર ખસેડી શકાય? અત્યારે આવા કોઈ કમાન્ડ સેન્ટરની હયાતી વિશે ખબર નથી. પરંતુ એટલી જાણ છે કે પાકિસ્તાની મિસાઈલો ભારત પર હુમલો લઈ આવે એની ત્રણથી ચાર મિનિટની અંદર ભારતીય મિસાઈલો વળતો હુમલો લઈ જવા તૈયાર છે. આ હેતુસર જ ભારતે તાજેતરમાં અગ્નિ મિસાઈલની કેટલીક બેટરી પણ રાજસ્થાન-પંજાબ સરહદે રવાના કરી છે. એવી શક્યતા પણ પૂરેપૂરી છે કે પ્રવાહી બળતણ ધરાવતી ભારતીય પૃથ્વી અને અગ્નિ મિસાઈલ વળતા હુમલા માટે ઝડપથી તૈયાર ન થાય તો વિમાન મારફતે અણુહુમલો લઈ જઈ શકાય. આ માટે મિગ-૨૯ અને મિરાજ વિમાન પૂરતી ક્ષમતા ધરાવે છે. પાકિસ્તાન પણ આ વાત જાણે છે તેથી જ તેણે પ્રથમ હુમલામાં દિલ્હીની સાથે સાથે સરહદ નજીકના તમામ મિલિટરી હવાઈ થાણાંને લક્ષ બનાવી રાખ્યા છે.
 સમગ્ર પરિસ્થિતિનો વિચાર કરતાં મામલો થોડો ગંભીર લાગે છે, પરંતુ મિલિટરી નિષ્ણાતો એવું ચોક્કસપણે માને છે કે ભારત પર પ્રથમ અણુહુમલો કરવાનું દુઃસાહસ ખેડીને પાકિસ્તાન તેની પોતાની કબર આપમેળે ખોદવામાં નિમિત્ત બની જશે.
 ૧૯૬૦ના ગાળામાં ગણિતના સમીકરણો માંડીને એ પૂરવાર થયું હતું કે માત્ર ત્રણ મેગાટન થર્મોન્યુક્લિયર શસ્ત્ર (અણુ બોમ્બ) વાપરીને ઇઝરાયલનો સમૂળગો નાશ થઈ શકે. પાકિસ્તાન એટલો નાનો દેશ નથી, પરંતુ તેની ઘણી ખરી વસતિ તેમજ ધનસંપત્તિ પેદા કરતો વિસ્તાર ઉત્તરથી દક્ષિણ જતાં ૩૦ માઈલ પહોળા પટ્ટામાં જ કેન્દ્રિત થયો છે. આ વિસ્તાર પણ ભારતીય સરહદે રાજસ્થાન તથા પંજાબની નજીક છે.
 ભારતની અણુમિસાઈલો માત્ર ચાર મિનિટમાં આ સમગ્ર પાકિસ્તાની સમૃદ્ધિનો દાટ વાળી દઈ શકે. આ વાત બરાબર સમજતા ફિલ્ડ માર્શલ અયુબ ખાને ૧૯૬૮માં તેમના આર્મી કમાન્ડરોને ચેતવણી આપી હતી કે જો જો, આપણી હાલત બહુ નાજુક છે. એક વાર ભારતીય સૈન્ય આપણા આ સમૃદ્ધ ભૂપ્રદેશનો પટ્ટો આડો ચાતરી જશે તો પાકિસ્તાન તત્કાળ વેરવિખેર થઈ જશે. આમ ભૌગોલિક દ્રષ્ટિએ પાકિસ્તાનની હાલત ખૂબ પાંગળી છે, જ્યારે ભારત દેશના ટુકડા કરી નાખવા જેટલી તાકાત પાકિસ્તાન પાસે નથી.
 અણુમિસાઈલના હુમલા ઉપરાંત ભારતીય વાયુસેનાના ફાઈટર-બોમ્બર વિમાનો કાશ્મીરમાંથી સુપર સોનિક સ્પીડે ઊડીને ઈસ્લામબાદ તથા અણુશસ્ત્રો ધરાવતા કાહુટા અને ગોલારના સંકુલો પર ધાવો બોલાવી શકે. ટૂંકમાં, ભારત ધારે તો બહુ જ ઓછા અણુબોમ્બ વાપરીને પાકિસ્તાનનો સર્વનાશ કરી શકે. નકશા પરથી પાકિસ્તાનનું નામનિશાન ભૂંસાઈ જાય! જ્યારે પાકિસ્તાન પહેલો અણુ હુમલો કરીને આખા હિન્દુસ્તાનની વાત તો આઘે રહી, અડધા ભારતને પણ જફા પહોંચાડી શકે એમ નથી. બીજા શબ્દોમાં એમ કહી શકાય કે પ્રથમ અણુહુમલો કરીને પાકિસ્તાન ભારતને ગંભીર ફટકો મારી શકે, પરંતુ વળતા હુમલામાં પાકિસ્તાન તો સાવ બરબાદ થઈ જાય. આ હકીકતથી પાકિસ્તાની જનરલો વાકેફ છે તેથી તેઓ કોઈ પણ આંધળુકીયા કરતાં પૂર્વે બે વાર વિચાર કરશે.
 – ભાલચંદ્ર જાની

वेदों में गोमांस?

The Rig Veda is one of the oldest religious te...

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This awsome article is from Brother Arya   Agniveer  Site reproduced as it was written for readers knowledge and to clear propaganda of Anti Hindu web sites Sam Hindu

वेदों में गोमांस?

May 9, 2011 By aryamusafir

Kindly review What does Agniveer
stand for
to understand the overall perspective behind any article on
Agniveer site. Thanks.

 वेदों में गोमांस? Agniveerयहां प्रस्तुत सामग्री वैदिक शब्दों के आद्योपांत और
वस्तुनिष्ठ विश्लेषण पर आधारित है, जिस संदर्भ में वे वैदिक शब्दकोष, शब्दशास्त्र,
व्याकरण तथा वैदिक मंत्रों के यथार्थ निरूपण के लिए अति आवश्यक अन्य साधनों में
प्रयुक्त हुए हैं | अतः यह शोध श्रृंखला मैक्समूलर, ग्रिफ़िथ,
विल्सन, विलियम्स् तथा अन्य भारतीय विचारकों के वेद और वैदिक भाषा के कार्य
का अन्धानुकरण नहीं है | यद्यपि, पश्चिम के वर्तमान शिक्षा जगत में वे काफ़ी
प्रचलित हैं, किंतु हमारे पास यह प्रमाणित करने  के पर्याप्त कारण हैं कि उनका
कार्य सच्चाई से कोसों दूर है | उनके इस पहलू पर हम यहां विस्तार से प्रकाश डालेंगे
|  विश्व की प्राचीनतम पुस्तक – वेद के प्रति गलत अवधारणाओं के विस्तृत विवेचन की
श्रृंखला में यह प्रथम कड़ी है |

हिंदूओं के प्राथमिक पवित्र धर्म-ग्रंथ वेदों में अपवित्र बातों के भरे होने का
लांछन सदियों से लगाया जा रहा है | यदि इन आक्षेपों को सही मान लिया जाए तो
सम्पूर्ण हिन्दू संस्कृति, परंपराएं, मान्यताएं सिवाय वहशीपन, जंगलीयत और क्रूरता
के और कुछ नहीं रह जाएंगी | वेद पृथ्वी पर ज्ञान के प्रथम स्रोत होने के अतिरिक्त
हिन्दू धर्म के मूलाधार भी हैं, जो मानव मात्र के कल्याणमय जीवन जीने के लिए
मार्गदर्शक हैं |

वेदों की झूठी निंदा करने की यह मुहीम उन विभिन्न तत्वों ने चला रखी है जिनके
निहित स्वार्थ वेदों से कुछ चुनिंदा सन्दर्भों का हवाला देकर हिन्दुओं  को दुनिया
के समक्ष नीचा दिखाना चाहते हैं | यह सब गरीब और अशिक्षित भारतियों से अपनी
मान्यताओं को छुड़वाने में काफ़ी कारगर साबित होता है कि उनके मूलाधार वेदों में
नारी की अवमानना, मांस- भक्षण, बहुविवाह, जातिवाद और यहां तक की गौ- मांस भक्षण
जैसे सभी अमानवीय तत्व विद्यमान हैं |

वेदों में आए त्याग या दान के अनुष्ठान के सन्दर्भों में जिसे यज्ञ भी कहा गया
है, लोगों ने पशुबलिदान को आरोपित कर दिया है | आश्चर्य की बात है कि भारत में
जन्में, पले- बढे बुद्धिजीवियों का एक वर्ग जो प्राचीन भारत के गहन अध्ययन का दावा
करता है, वेदों में इन अपवित्र तत्वों को सिद्ध करने के लिए पाश्चात्य विद्वानों का
सहारा लेता है |

वेदों द्वारा गौ हत्या और गौ मांस को स्वीकृत बताना हिन्दुओं की आत्मा पर
मर्मान्तक प्रहार है | गाय का सम्मान हिन्दू धर्म का केंद्र बिंदू है | जब कोई
हिन्दू को उसकी मान्यताओं और मूल सिद्धांतों में दोष या खोट दिखाने में सफल हो जाए,
तो उस में हीन भावना जागृत होती है और फिर वह आसानी से मार्गभ्रष्ट किया जा सकता है
|  ऐसे लाखों नादान हिन्दू हैं जो इन बातों से अनजान हैं, इसलिए प्रति उत्तर देने
में नाकाम होने के कारण अन्य मतावलंबियों के सामने समर्पण कर देते हैं |

जितने भी स्थापित हित – जो वेदों को बदनाम कर रहे हैं वे केवल पाश्चात्य और
भारतीय विशेषज्ञों तक ही सीमित नहीं हैं | हिन्दुओं में एक खास जमात ऐसी है जो
जनसंख्या के सामाजिक और आर्थिक रूप से पिछड़ें तबकों का शोषण कर अपनी बात मानने और
उस पर अमल करने को बाध्य करती है  अन्यथा दुष्परिणाम भुगतने की धमकी देती है |

वेदों के नाम पर थोपी गई इन सारी मिथ्या बातों का उत्तरदायित्व मुख्यतः
मध्यकालीन वेदभाष्यकार महीधर, उव्वट और सायण द्वारा की गई व्याख्याओं पर है तथा वाम
मार्गियों या तंत्र मार्गियों द्वारा वेदों के नाम से अपनी पुस्तकों में चलायी गई
कुप्रथाओं पर है | एक अवधि के दौरान यह असत्यता सर्वत्र फ़ैल गई और अपनी जड़ें गहराई
तक ज़माने में सफल रही, जब पाश्चात्य विद्वानों ने संस्कृत की अधकचरी जानकारी से
वेदों के अनुवाद के नाम पर सायण और महीधर के वेद- भाष्य की व्याख्याओं का वैसा का
वैसा अपनी लिपि में रूपांतरण कर लिया | जबकि वे वेदों के मूल अभिप्राय को समुचित
रूप समझने के लिए अति आवश्यक शिक्षा (स्वर विज्ञान), व्याकरण, निरुक्त (शब्द
व्युत्पत्ति शास्त्र), निघण्टु (वैदिक कोष), छंद , ज्योतिष तथा कल्प इत्यादि के
ज्ञान से सर्वथा शून्य थे |

अग्निवीर के आन्दोलन का उद्देश्य वेदों के बारे में ऐसी मिथ्या धारणाओं का
वास्तविक मूल्यांकन कर उनकी पवित्रता,शुद्धता,महान संकल्पना तथा मान्यता की स्थापना
करना है | जो सिर्फ हिन्दुओं के लिए ही नहीं बल्कि मानव मात्र के लिए बिना किसी
बंधन,पक्षपात या भेदभाव के समान रूप से उपलब्ध हैं |

१.पशु-हिंसा का

यस्मिन्त्सर्वाणि  भूतान्यात्मैवाभूद्विजानत:

तत्र  को  मोहः  कः  शोक   एकत्वमनुपश्यत:

यजुर्वेद  ४०। ७

जो सभी भूतों में अपनी ही आत्मा को देखते हैं, उन्हें कहीं पर भी शोक या मोह
नहीं रह जाता क्योंकि वे उनके साथ अपनेपन की अनुभूति करते हैं | जो आत्मा के नष्ट न
होने में और पुनर्जन्म में विश्वास रखते हों, वे कैसे यज्ञों में पशुओं का वध करने
की सोच भी सकते हैं ? वे तो अपने पिछले दिनों के प्रिय और निकटस्थ लोगों को उन
जिन्दा प्राणियों में देखते हैं |

अनुमन्ता विशसिता निहन्ता क्रयविक्रयी

संस्कर्ता चोपहर्ता च खादकश्चेति घातकाः

मनुस्मृति ५।५१

मारने की आज्ञा देने वाला, पशु को मारने के लिए लेने वाला, बेचने वाला, पशु को
मारने वाला,

मांस को खरीदने और बेचने वाला, मांस को पकाने वाला और मांस खाने वाला यह सभी
हत्यारे हैं |

ब्रीहिमत्तं यवमत्तमथो माषमथो तिलम्

एष वां भागो निहितो रत्नधेयाय दान्तौ मा हिंसिष्टं पितरं मातरं च

अथर्ववेद ६।१४०।२

हे दांतों की दोनों पंक्तियों ! चावल खाओ, जौ खाओ, उड़द खाओ और तिल खाओ |

यह अनाज तुम्हारे लिए ही बनाये गए हैं | उन्हें मत मारो जो माता – पिता बनने की
योग्यता रखते हैं |

य आमं मांसमदन्ति पौरुषेयं च ये क्रविः

गर्भान् खादन्ति केशवास्तानितो नाशयामसि

अथर्ववेद ८। ६।२३

वह लोग जो नर और मादा, भ्रूण और अंड़ों के नाश से उपलब्ध हुए मांस को कच्चा या
पकाकर खातें हैं, हमें उन्हें नष्ट कर देना चाहिए |

अनागोहत्या वै भीमा कृत्ये

मा नो गामश्वं पुरुषं वधीः

अथर्ववेद १०।१।२९

निर्दोषों को मारना निश्चित ही महा पाप है | हमारे गाय, घोड़े और पुरुषों को मत
मार | वेदों में गाय और अन्य पशुओं के वध का स्पष्टतया निषेध होते हुए, इसे वेदों
के नाम पर कैसे उचित ठहराया जा सकता है?

अघ्न्या यजमानस्य पशून्पाहि

यजुर्वेद १।१

हे मनुष्यों ! पशु अघ्न्य हैं – कभी न मारने योग्य, पशुओं की रक्षा करो |


यजुर्वेद ६।११

पशुओं का पालन करो |

द्विपादव चतुष्पात् पाहि

यजुर्वेद १४।८

हे मनुष्य ! दो पैर वाले की रक्षा कर और चार पैर वाले की भी रक्षा कर |

क्रव्य दा – क्रव्य (वध से प्राप्त मांस ) + अदा (खानेवाला) = मांस भक्षक |

पिशाच — पिशित (मांस) +अस (खानेवाला) = मांस खाने वाला |

असुत्रपा –  असू (प्राण )+त्रपा(पर तृप्त होने वाला) =   अपने भोजन के लिए
दूसरों के प्राण हरने वाला |  |

गर्भ दा  और अंड़ दा = भूर्ण और अंड़े खाने वाले |

मांस दा = मांस खाने वाले |

वैदिक साहित्य में मांस भक्षकों को अत्यंत तिरस्कृत किया गया है | उन्हें
राक्षस, पिशाच आदि की संज्ञा दी गई है जो दरिन्दे और हैवान माने गए हैं तथा जिन्हें
सभ्य मानव समाज से बहिष्कृत समझा गया है |

ऊर्जं नो धेहि द्विपदे चतुष्पदे

यजुर्वेद ११।८३

सभी दो पाए और चौपाए प्राणियों को बल और पोषण प्राप्त हो |  हिन्दुओं द्वारा
भोजन ग्रहण करने से पूर्व बोले जाने वाले इस मंत्र में प्रत्येक जीव के लिए पोषण
उपलब्ध होने की कामना की गई है | जो दर्शन प्रत्येक प्राणी के लिए जीवन के हर क्षण
में कल्याण ही चाहता हो, वह पशुओं के वध को मान्यता कैसे देगा ?

२.यज्ञ में हिंसा का विरोध

जैसी कुछ लोगों की प्रचलित मान्यता है कि यज्ञ में पशु वध किया जाता है, वैसा
बिलकुल नहीं है | वेदों में यज्ञ को श्रेष्ठतम कर्म या एक ऐसी क्रिया कहा गया है जो
वातावरण को अत्यंत शुद्ध करती है |

अध्वर इति यज्ञानाम  – ध्वरतिहिंसा कर्मा तत्प्रतिषेधः

निरुक्त २।७

निरुक्त या वैदिक शब्द व्युत्पत्ति शास्त्र में यास्काचार्य के अनुसार यज्ञ का
एक नाम अध्वर भी है | ध्वर का मतलब है हिंसा सहित किया गया कर्म, अतः अध्वर का अर्थ
हिंसा रहित कर्म है | वेदों में अध्वर के ऐसे प्रयोग प्रचुरता से पाए जाते हैं

महाभारत के परवर्ती काल में वेदों के गलत अर्थ किए गए तथा अन्य कई धर्म –
ग्रंथों के विविध तथ्यों को  भी प्रक्षिप्त किया गया | आचार्य शंकर वैदिक मूल्यों
की पुनः स्थापना में एक सीमा तक सफल रहे | वर्तमान समय में स्वामी दयानंद सरस्वती –
आधुनिक भारत के पितामह ने वेदों की व्याख्या वैदिक भाषा के सही नियमों तथा यथार्थ
प्रमाणों के आधार पर की | उन्होंने वेद-भाष्य, सत्यार्थ प्रकाश,
ऋग्वेदादिभाष्यभूमिका तथा अन्य ग्रंथों की रचना की | उनके इस साहित्य से वैदिक
मान्यताओं पर आधारित व्यापक सामाजिक सुधारणा हुई तथा वेदों के बारे में फैली हुई
भ्रांतियों का निराकरण हुआ |

आइए,यज्ञ के बारे में वेदों के मंतव्य को जानें –

अग्ने यं यज्ञमध्वरं विश्वत: परि भूरसि

स इद देवेषु गच्छति
ऋग्वेद   १ ।१।४

हे दैदीप्यमान प्रभु ! आप के द्वारा व्याप्त हिंसा रहित यज्ञ सभी के लिए लाभप्रद
दिव्य गुणों से युक्त है तथा विद्वान मनुष्यों द्वारा स्वीकार किया गया है | ऋग्वेद
में सर्वत्र यज्ञ को हिंसा रहित कहा गया है इसी तरह अन्य तीनों वेद भी वर्णित करते
हैं | फिर यह कैसे माना जा सकता है कि वेदों में हिंसा या पशु वध की आज्ञा है ?

यज्ञों में पशु वध की अवधारणा  उनके (यज्ञों ) के विविध प्रकार के नामों के कारण
आई है जैसे अश्वमेध  यज्ञ, गौमेध यज्ञ तथा नरमेध यज्ञ | किसी अतिरंजित कल्पना से भी
इस संदर्भ में मेध का अर्थ वध संभव नहीं हो सकता |

यजुर्वेद अश्व का वर्णन करते हुए कहता  है –

इमं मा हिंसीरेकशफं पशुं कनिक्रदं वाजिनं वाजिनेषु

यजुर्वेद  १३।४८

इस एक खुर वाले, हिनहिनाने वाले तथा बहुत से पशुओं में अत्यंत वेगवान प्राणी का
वध मत कर |अश्वमेध से अश्व को यज्ञ में बलि देने का तात्पर्य नहीं है इसके विपरीत
यजुर्वेद में अश्व को नही मारने का स्पष्ट उल्लेख है | शतपथ में अश्व शब्द राष्ट्र
या साम्राज्य के लिए आया है | मेध अर्थ वध नहीं होता | मेध शब्द बुद्धिपूर्वक किये
गए कर्म को व्यक्त करता है | प्रकारांतर से उसका अर्थ मनुष्यों में संगतीकरण का भी
है |  जैसा कि मेध शब्द के धातु (मूल ) मेधृ -सं -ग -मे के अर्थ से स्पष्ट होता है

राष्ट्रं  वा  अश्वमेध:

अन्नं  हि  गौ:

अग्निर्वा  अश्व:

आज्यं  मेधा:

(शतपथ १३।१।६।३)

स्वामी  दयानन्द सरस्वती सत्यार्थ प्रकाश में लिखते हैं :-

राष्ट्र या साम्राज्य के वैभव, कल्याण और समृद्धि के लिए समर्पित यज्ञ ही
अश्वमेध यज्ञ है |  गौ शब्द का अर्थ पृथ्वी भी है | पृथ्वी तथा पर्यावरण की शुद्धता
के लिए समर्पित यज्ञ गौमेध कहलाता है | ” अन्न, इन्द्रियाँ,किरण,पृथ्वी, आदि को
पवित्र रखना गोमेध |”  ” जब मनुष्य मर जाय, तब उसके शरीर का विधिपूर्वक दाह करना
नरमेध कहाता है | ”

३. गौ – मांस का

वेदों  में पशुओं की हत्या का  विरोध तो है ही बल्कि गौ- हत्या पर तो तीव्र
आपत्ति करते हुए उसे निषिद्ध माना गया है | यजुर्वेद में गाय को जीवनदायी पोषण दाता
मानते हुए गौ हत्या को वर्जित किया गया है |

घृतं दुहानामदितिं जनायाग्ने  मा हिंसी:

यजुर्वेद १३।४९

सदा ही रक्षा के पात्र गाय और बैल को मत मार |

आरे  गोहा नृहा  वधो  वो  अस्तु

ऋग्वेद  ७ ।५६।१७

ऋग्वेद गौ- हत्या को जघन्य अपराध घोषित करते हुए मनुष्य हत्या के तुल्य मानता है
और ऐसा महापाप करने वाले के लिये दण्ड का विधान करता है |

सूयवसाद  भगवती  हि  भूया  अथो  वयं  भगवन्तः  स्याम

अद्धि  तर्णमघ्न्ये  विश्वदानीं  पिब  शुद्धमुदकमाचरन्ती

ऋग्वेद १।१६४।४०

अघ्न्या गौ- जो किसी भी अवस्था में नहीं मारने योग्य हैं, हरी घास और शुद्ध जल
के सेवन से स्वस्थ  रहें जिससे कि हम उत्तम सद् गुण,ज्ञान और ऐश्वर्य से युक्त हों
|वैदिक कोष निघण्टु में गौ या गाय के पर्यायवाची शब्दों में अघ्न्या, अहि- और अदिति
का भी समावेश है | निघण्टु के भाष्यकार यास्क इनकी व्याख्या में कहते हैं -अघ्न्या
– जिसे कभी न मारना चाहिए | अहि – जिसका कदापि वध नहीं होना चाहिए | अदिति – जिसके
खंड नहीं करने चाहिए | इन तीन शब्दों से यह भलीभांति विदित होता है कि गाय को किसी
भी प्रकार से पीड़ित नहीं करना चाहिए | प्राय: वेदों में गाय
इन्हीं नामों से पुकारी गई है |

अघ्न्येयं  सा  वर्द्धतां  महते  सौभगाय

ऋग्वेद १ ।१६४।२७

अघ्न्या गौ-  हमारे लिये आरोग्य एवं सौभाग्य लाती हैं |

सुप्रपाणं  भवत्वघ्न्याभ्य:

ऋग्वेद ५।८३।८

अघ्न्या गौ के लिए शुद्ध जल अति उत्तमता से उपलब्ध हो |

यः  पौरुषेयेण  क्रविषा  समङ्क्ते  यो  अश्व्येन  पशुना  यातुधानः

यो  अघ्न्याया  भरति  क्षीरमग्ने  तेषां  शीर्षाणि  हरसापि  वृश्च

ऋग्वेद १०।८७।१६

मनुष्य, अश्व या अन्य पशुओं के मांस से पेट भरने वाले तथा दूध देने वाली अघ्न्या
गायों का विनाश करने वालों को कठोरतम दण्ड देना चाहिए |

विमुच्यध्वमघ्न्या देवयाना अगन्म

यजुर्वेद १२।७३

अघ्न्या गाय और बैल तुम्हें समृद्धि प्रदान करते हैं |

मा गामनागामदितिं  वधिष्ट

ऋग्वेद  ८।१०१।१५

गाय को मत मारो | गाय निष्पाप और अदिति – अखंडनीया है  |

अन्तकाय  गोघातं

यजुर्वेद ३०।१८

गौ हत्यारे का संहार किया जाये |

यदि  नो  गां हंसि यद्यश्वम् यदि  पूरुषं

तं  त्वा  सीसेन  विध्यामो  यथा  नो  सो  अवीरहा

अर्थववेद १।१६।४

यदि कोई हमारे गाय,घोड़े और पुरुषों की हत्या करता है, तो उसे सीसे की गोली से
उड़ा दो |

वत्सं  जातमिवाघ्न्या

अथर्ववेद ३।३०।१

आपस में उसी प्रकार प्रेम करो, जैसे अघ्न्या – कभी न मारने योग्य गाय – अपने
बछड़े से करती है |

धेनुं  सदनं  रयीणाम्

अथर्ववेद ११।१।४

गाय सभी ऐश्वर्यों का उद्गम है |

ऋग्वेद के ६ वें मंडल का सम्पूर्ण २८ वां सूक्त गाय की महिमा बखान रहा है –

१.आ  गावो अग्मन्नुत भद्रमक्रन्त्सीदन्तु

प्रत्येक जन यह सुनिश्चित करें कि गौएँ यातनाओं से दूर तथा स्वस्थ रहें |

२.भूयोभूयो  रयिमिदस्य  वर्धयन्नभिन्ने

गाय की  देख-भाल करने वाले को ईश्वर का आशीर्वाद प्राप्त होता है |

३.न ता नशन्ति न दभाति तस्करो नासामामित्रो व्यथिरा दधर्षति

गाय पर शत्रु भी शस्त्र  का प्रयोग न करें |

४. न ता अर्वा रेनुककाटो अश्नुते न संस्कृत्रमुप यन्ति ता अभि

कोइ भी गाय का वध न करे  |

५.गावो भगो गाव इन्द्रो मे अच्छन्

गाय बल और समृद्धि  लातीं  हैं |

६. यूयं गावो मेदयथा

गाय यदि स्वस्थ और प्रसन्न रहेंगी  तो पुरुष और स्त्रियाँ भी निरोग और समृद्ध
होंगे |

७. मा वः स्तेन ईशत माघशंस:

गाय हरी घास और शुद्ध जल क सेवन करें | वे मारी न जाएं और हमारे लिए समृद्धि
लायें |

वेदों में मात्र गाय ही नहीं  बल्कि प्रत्येक प्राणी के लिए प्रद्रर्शित उच्च
भावना को समझने  के लिए और  कितने प्रमाण दिएं जाएं ? प्रस्तुत प्रमाणों से सुविज्ञ
पाठक स्वयं यह निर्णय कर सकते हैं कि वेद किसी भी प्रकार कि अमानवीयता के सर्वथा
ख़िलाफ़ हैं और जिस में गौ – वध तथा गौ- मांस का तो पूर्णत: निषेध
है |

वेदों में गौ मांस का कहीं कोई विधान नहीं  है |

संदर्भ ग्रंथ सूची –

१.ऋग्वेद भाष्य – स्वामी दयानंद सरस्वती

२.यजुर्वेद भाष्य -स्वामी दयानंद सरस्वती

३.No Beef in Vedas -B D Ukhul

४.वेदों का यथार्थ स्वरुप – पंडित धर्मदेव विद्यावाचस्पति

५.चारों वेद संहिता – पंडित दामोदर सातवलेकर

६. प्राचीन भारत में गौ मांस – एक समीक्षा – गीता प्रेस,गोरखपुर

७.The Myth of Holy Cow – D N Jha

८. Hymns of Atharvaveda – Griffith

९.Scared Book of the East – Max Muller

१०.Rigved Translations – Williams\ Jones

११.Sanskrit – English Dictionary – Moniar Williams

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१३.Western Indologists – A Study of Motives – Pt.Bhagavadutt

१४.सत्यार्थ प्रकाश – स्वामी दयानंद सरस्वती

१५.ऋग्वेदादिभाष्यभूमिका – स्वामी दयानंद सरस्वती

१६.Cloud over Understanding of Vedas – B D Ukhul

१७.शतपथ ब्राहमण

१८.निरुक्त – यास्काचार्य

१९. धातुपाठ – पाणिनि

परिशिष्ट, १४ अप्रैल २०१०

इस लेख के पश्चात् उन विभिन्न स्रोतों से तीखी प्रतिक्रिया हुई जिनके गले से यह
सच्चाई नहीं उतर सकती कि हमारे वेद और राष्ट्र की प्राचीन संस्कृति अधिक
आदर्शस्वरूप हैं बनिस्पत उनकी आधुनिक साम्यवादी विचारधारा के | मुझे कई मेल प्राप्त
हुए जिनमें इस लेख को झुठलाने के प्रयास में अतिरिक्त हवाले देकर गोमांस का समर्थन
दिखाया गया है | जिनमें ऋग्वेद से २ मंत्र ,मनुस्मृति के कुछ श्लोक तथा कुछ अन्य
उद्धरण दिए गए हैं | जिसका एक उदाहरण यहाँ अवतार गिल की टिप्पणी है | इस बारे में
मैं निम्न बातें कहना चाहूंगा –

a. लेख में प्रस्तुत मनुस्मृति के साक्ष्य में वध की अनुमति देने वाले तक को
हत्यारा कहा गया है | अतः यह सभी अतिरिक्त श्लोक मनुस्मृति में प्रक्षेपित ( मिलावट
किये गए) हैं या इनके अर्थ को बिगाड़ कर गलत रूप में प्रस्तुत किया गया है | मैं
उन्हें डा. सुरेन्द्र कुमार द्वारा भाष्य की गयी मनुस्मृति पढ़ने की सलाह दूंगा |
जो http : //
पर उपलब्ध है |

b. प्राचीन साहित्य में गोमांस को सिद्ध करने के उनके अड़ियल रवैये के कपट का एक
प्रतीक यह है कि वह मांस शब्द का अर्थ हमेशा मीट (गोश्त) के संदर्भ में ही लेते हैं
| दरअसल, मांस शब्द की परिभाषा किसी भी गूदेदार वस्तु के रूप में की जाती है | मीट
को मांस कहा जाता है क्योंकि वह गूदेदार होता है | इसी से, केवल मांस शब्द के
प्रयोग को देखकर ही मीट नहीं समझा जा सकता |

c. उनके द्वारा प्रस्तुत अन्य उद्धरण संदेहास्पद एवं लचर हैं जो प्रमाण नहीं
माने जा सकते | उनका तरीका बहुत आसान है – संस्कृत में लिखित किसी भी वचन को धर्म
के रूप में प्रतिपादित करके मन माफ़िक अर्थ किये जाएं | इसी तरह, वे हमारी पाठ्य
पुस्तकों में अनर्गल अपमानजनक दावों को भरकर मूर्ख बनाते आ रहें हैं |

d. वेदों से संबंधित जिन दो मंत्रों को प्रस्तुत कर वे गोमांस भक्षण को सिद्ध
मान रहे हैं, आइए उनकी पड़ताल करें –

दावा:- ऋग्वेद (१०/८५/१३) कहता है -” कन्या के विवाह अवसर पर गाय और बैल का वध
किया जाए | ”

तथ्य : – मंत्र में बताया गया है कि शीत ऋतु में मद्धिम हो चुकी सूर्य किरणें
पुनः वसंत ऋतु में प्रखर हो जाती हैं | यहां सूर्य -किरणों के लिए प्रयुक्त शब्द
’गो’ है, जिसका एक अर्थ ‘गाय’ भी होता है | और इसीलिए मंत्र का अर्थ करते समय
सूर्य – किरणों के बजाये गाय को विषय रूप में लेकर भी किया जा सकता है | ‘मद्धिम’
को सूचित करने के लिए ‘हन्यते’ शब्द का प्रयोग किया गया है, जिसका मतलब हत्या भी हो
सकता है | परन्तु यदि ऐसा मान भी लें, तब भी मंत्र की अगली पंक्ति (जिसका अनुवाद
जानबूझ कर छोड़ा गया है)  कहती है कि -वसंत ऋतु में वे अपने वास्तविक स्वरुप को पुनः
प्राप्त होती हैं | भला सर्दियों में मारी गई गाय दोबारा वसंत ऋतु में पुष्ट कैसे
हो सकती है ? इस से भली प्रकार सिद्ध हो रहा है कि ज्ञान से कोरे कम्युनिस्ट किस
प्रकार वेदों के साथ पक्षपात कर कलंकित करते हैं |

दावा :- ऋग्वेद (६/१७/१) का कथन है, ” इन्द्र गाय, बछड़े, घोड़े और भैंस का मांस
खाया करते थे |”

तथ्य :- मंत्र में वर्णन है कि प्रतिभाशाली विद्वान, यज्ञ की अग्नि को प्रज्वलित
करने वाली समिधा की भांति विश्व को दीप्तिमान कर देते हैं | अवतार गिल और उनके
मित्रों को इस में इन्द्र,गाय,बछड़ा, घोड़ा और भैंस कहां से मिल गए,यह मेरी समझ से
बाहर है | संक्षेप में, मैं अपनी इस प्रतिज्ञा पर दृढ़ हूँ कि वेदों में गोमांस
भक्षण का समर्थक एक भी मंत्र प्रमाणित करने पर मैं हर उस मार्ग को स्वीकार करने के
लिए तैयार हूँ जो मेरे लिए नियत किया जाएगा अन्यथा वे वेदों की ओर वापिस लौटें

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I Am a Moslem Woman – Parvin Darabi

woman. Please visit for complete set of articles. Many of the articles contain excerpts from Islamic laws that are too vulgar to be discussed. So discretion is advised.

I Am a Moslem Woman – Parvin Darabi

(Please note that this first part of the article is directly taken from works of Parvin Darabi. The Agniveer site does not necessarily agree with all the points mentioned in the article. It is being presented to showcase the frustrations of an erstwhile Muslim woman who had to suffer a lot in Iran, as a point of view. So any questions on this part of the article may be directed to the author directly at the website address given above.)

I am a Moslem woman. I have no face. I have no identity. At age 9, based on lunar year (a lunar year is ten days shorter) I am considered an adult. Being an adult means that I have to adhere with Islamic laws as stated below.

I have to pray five times a day, fast one month out of the year and cover myself from head to toe in yards of black fabric. I am eligible to be married and can be punished for any wrong doing. I can be incarcerated and, if needed, executed for my crimes, even political ones.

Islam’s law – that Allah sent down to his messenger Muhammad – came to announce that women (exactly like men) are full human beings. Women (like men) are therefore required to follow the way appointed by Allah.
“A woman (like a man) is therefore obligated with all three degrees of this religion: Islam (outward submission to Allah), iman (inward faith in Allah), and ihsan (perfection of worship of Allah)”.
“Women have such honorable rights as obligations, but men have a (single) degree above them”. The Koran 2:228
“Men are the managers of the affairs of women because Allah has preferred men over women and women were expended of their Rights”. The Koran 4:34

Islam believes and promotes only one relationship between male and female and that is the relation of lust.
“If a man and a woman are alone in one place, the third person present is the devil”. Prophet Mohammed

I am not allowed to swim, ski, ride a bike, dance, learn to play musical instruments, practice gymnastics, or any other sport. I am not even permitted to watch men play sports, either in the stadium and/or on television.

I am not permitted to participate in Olympic games.

From age 7, I am segregated from all males in and out of my extended family.

My father, grandfather, uncles, brothers or my male cousins are not allowed to be present at any ceremonies for my accomplishments. They will not be allowed to participate in my birthday parties.

I have to study under female teachers and professors. However, since women of prior generations were not allowed to go to school, there are not that many qualified women teachers and professors. Male professors must teach me from behind a wall.

I am to be treated by female doctors. Go to female dentists. And if there are none, then I have to go without or I must be examined through some sort of divider.

I am not allowed to practice birth control or have abortions, even if carrying or having a child means I have to die.

My worth is based on the Islamic Laws of Retribution, 24th edition, December 1982, as half of a man. It doesn’t matter who I am, how educated I am, and what earning potential I may have in my life. My worth is half of a man, any man.

According to clauses 33 and 91 of the law in respect, Qasas (The Islamic Retribution Bill) and its boundaries, the value of woman is considered only half as much as the value of a man.
Article 1: dieh or blood money paid to the victim or next of kin for as compensation for bodily injury or murder of a relative.

The Islamic Law of Retribution
In the old Islamic laws, recently placed into practice by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the worth of a man’s life is equal to the market value of 100 camels or 200 cows and that of a woman is equal to half of the man’s, 50 camels or 100 cows.

The clause number 6 regarding the dieh (cash value of the fine) states that the cash fine for murdering a woman intentionally or unintentionally is half as much as for a man. The same clause adds that if a man intentionally murders a woman and the guardian of the woman himself is not able to pay half of the Dieh (the value of 50 camels or 100 cows, the difference between the value of a man to that of a woman’s life) to the murderer, the murderer will be exempted from retribution.

New Legal Standing: Pursuant to article 85 of the constitution, the Islamic penal code article 300, blood money or dieh, a sum paid to the next of kin as compensation for the murder of a relative, is twice as much in the case of a murdered man as in the case of a woman. The number of witnesses required to prove a crime is higher if the witnesses are female. For example, article 237 of the penal code states that first degree murder must be proven by testimony of two just men and evidence for second-degree murder or manslaughter requires the testimony of two just men, or one just man and two just women, or of one just man and the accuser.

My testimony in a court of law is equal to half of that of a man. In most countries I don’t vote and I don’t get elected to office. And if I do, it does not mean much. I inherit only half as much as my male siblings.

I cannot get custody of my children. Even if their father dies. In the case of divorce or death I have to surrender my children to their father and/or his family.

I cannot travel, work, go to college, join organizations, even visit my friends and relatives without my father or husband’s permission.

I must live where my husband desires.

I am banned from studies such as engineering, agriculture, archaeology, restoration of the historic monuments and handicrafts, and many other fields. I am not allowed to become a judge.

Under the terms of Koranic law, any judge fulfilling the seven requirements (that he have reached puberty, be a believer, know the Koranic laws perfectly, be just, and not be affected by amnesia, or be a bastard, or be of the female sex) is qualified to dispense justice in any type of case.

I have no right to choose the clothing I wear in public. This is done by the Office of the Islamic Guidance which sets the color, the style, and the accessories for women and girls as young as 6 years of age.

I will get arrested, beaten, and sometimes even executed if I wear make-up, nylons, bright colors and specifically the color of red.

I cannot choose my mate and am not permitted to divorce him if things did not work out.

According to Khomeini, the Iranian Islamic Imam, “The most suitable time for a girl to get married is the time when the girl can have her first menstrual period in her husband’s house rather than her father’s”.

I have to meet all my husband’s desires including the sexual ones. And if I refuse he has the right to deny me food, shelter, and all of life’s necessities. I have to say yes every time he wants to have sex.

According to Hojatoleslam Imani, Religious Leader in Iran. “A woman should endure any violence or torture imposed on her by her husband for she is fully at his disposal. Without his permission she may not leave her house even for a good action (such as charitable work). Otherwise her prayers and devotions will not be accepted by God and curses of heaven and earth will fall upon her”.

My husband can divorce me without my knowledge and by the Islamic law he is required to support me for only 100 days. And if he dies, I am entitled to 1/8 of his Estate.

My husband can have four permanent wives and if he is from Shi’i sect, he can have as many temporary wives as he wants.

Koran says that “Men your wives are your tillage. Go into your tillage anyway you want”. This means that a man is allowed to sodomise his wife and she cannot complain.

In some countries they even mutilate, cut and sew my female sexual parts in order to control and regulate my sexual desire.

According to the Islamic Laws, I am supposed to be seen outside of my home three times in my life. When I am born, when I get married and when I die.

I have no explanation on why God denied me everything and made men in charge of me.

In Islam, the age of majority for a girl is 9 years and for a boy is 15 years. This means that a 9 year old girl and a 15 year old boy are considered to have the same level of maturity. Now, if girls reach maturity six years earlier than boys, then why did God place men in charge of women? Was there something wrong with God’s Judgment?
In some Islamic countries such as Iran, if I am arrested for wearing make-up, the guards will force me to clean my face with cotton balls rubbed in pieces of glass. This cuts my face. The barbaric revolutionary guard, while watching the blood run out of my flesh, will tell me, “next time you think about this and will not wear it”.

As a political prisoner I will be used as a concubine for the revolutionary guards. In case I am condemned to death I will not undergo the sentence as long as I am a virgin. Thus I will be systematically raped before the sentence is executed. Mullahs believe that virgin girls who die go to heaven but politically inclined girls are ungodly creatures and they do not deserve to go to heaven, therefore they are raped so that the Mullah’s can be sure that they indeed will be sent to hell.

In Islam, if a 6 or 7 year old girl is raped by an adult man, she will be the one that gets punished. It is her fault because she provoked it. The parents then will burn or kill her because she has dishonored the family.

It has been said that the Moslem Prophet got very upset one day noticing his wives flirting with men who visited him and ordered women to stay behind a dividing curtain when speaking with men. The idea of hijab, the covering up of women, became a law in Islamic countries from that day.

In 1991, the Prosecutor-General of Iran, declared that “anyone who rejects the principle of hijab is an apostate and the punishment for an apostate under Islamic law is death.”

Polygamy is legal in Islam. A man may marry “four Permanent” and as many “Provisional” or temporary wives as he desires.

“Marry such women as seem good to you, two, three, four; but if you fear you will not be equitable, then only one, or what your right hands own; so it is likelier you will not be partial”. The Koran 4:3

“Most Europeans have mistresses. Why should we suppress human instincts? A rooster satisfies several hens, an stallion several mares. A woman is unavailable during certain periods where as a man is always active….”, Ayatollah Ghomi, LE MONDE, January 20, 1979.

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Its a pity that such barbaric and dehumanizing treatment of women has forced the thoughtful and righteous women to adopt atheism and has filled their lives with hatred. All Muslim women should come back to their original Vedic Dharma, either alone or with their husbands to discover the true status that true God (not the Biblical or Quranic pervert) has accorded to them. In Vedas:

a. Women are neither considered sensual objects nor jailed in hijab.
b. Women have same rights as those of men. In fact, owing to their critical responsibilities in shaping the future of society, they are given an edge over men in terms of rights.
c. Women are neither expected to be glam girls, nor expected to be dumb animals in prison. They are to be respected for their intellect, feminine qualities and their role in society that cannot be replicated by men.
d. Vedic ideology states that only those places prosper where women are given highest level of respect.
e. Vedas further state that men should not try to control the minds of women.
f. Rights for divorce are inclined favorably towards women.
g. Physical torture of women is a crime.
h. Women have equal social and political rights. Vedas say that all things being equal, women should be preferred for administrative roles.
i. Marriage of women until they have matured physically and mentally, and have completed their education is a sin.
j. Women have full rights to choose their husbands after completion of their education. They should not be forced to marry against their wishes by relatives.

So all women in the world, especially Muslim women, should show courage, reject their humiliating destiny and embrace Vedic Dharma to restore their dignity accorded rightfully by Ishwar.

A dignified Muslim woman is an oxymoron!

I welcome all Muslim women to assert their right to self-respect.

If you are married, convince your husband to convert away from Islam. He would do so if he indeed loves you. If not, prefer truth over blind affection that offers you no scope, and manage a divorce. That may be difficult in a Muslim country, but explore legal loopholes in case they do not follow Sharia too strictly. Or convince him to come to a non-Muslim country for a while and once out of Sharia clutches, assert your right to dignity.

If you are unmarried but plan to marry a Muslim man, make sure he is not already married. Investigate his background. And if indeed he is a genuine person who loves you deeply, ask him to embrace Hinduism. He would readily do so to gift you your self-respect and dignity. If not, swallow the hard pill, burn your past and look ahead in life. Thank Ishwar for saving you from being a victim of love jehad. Because once you marry a Muslim man, there are hardly any options for you to protect your self-respect and right to equality.

No person or object in the world is more important than self-respect and natural rights of equality among all humans regardless of gender or birth. So refuse to be a Muslim woman at any cost.

Note: By Quran we imply the modern Quran and its translations as patronized by dominant representatives of Islam like Zakir Naik et al. There are alternate interpretations by minority scholars who are considered apostates by these dominant representatives and are victimized. These minority views do not form focus of the article. Similarly by Islam and Muslims we mean dominant version of Islam and their representatives/ rulers.

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