Interesting. Like your expression. Keep up speaking your mind via words. 


The proclamation of Emergency 40 years ago. 


Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

My father Mr. AshwinKumar Bhatt was journalist working For today’s Times Of India before it was sold out to khangress a decade ago when emergency was thumped on ordinary citizens of Bharat and their  freedom of speech was compromised. 

On this day at Wee hours of dawn my father was arrested and confined in Sabarmati Jail for 9 months. 

I have seen suffering of first hand pain in my Mom’s eyes. 

Our Education and Social struggle I haven’t written yet but will write a book when I have more time. 

Journalists in India can be subject to intimidation or worse when they stand up for probity. 

These incidents seem ominous when viewed in the backdrop of reminiscences about the darkest hour of Indian democracy –

 The proclamation of Emergency 40 years ago. 

A free media is one of the pillars of democracy.

 Restrictions on media freedom, directly or through roundabout methods, undermine democracy. 

Over the last four decades, platforms through which information is disseminated have undergone radical change. 

They have become diffuse to the point where national boundaries cease to matter. 

Nor is there any need to possess elite techniques or access to financial resources to tap any of these platforms. 

In some fundamental ways, journalism has changed since the Emergency.

I am strong in my above belief of freedom of speech so much that I will defend to death your belief and choice and freedom of speech and would Die doing so. 

That much important I give to mine and yours freedom of Speech. 

I am glade I am living in a free country where I can say anything even to My President and write and feel safe and not intimidated. 

Beta ( Bhautik Bhatt and Vaibhav Bhatt) 

Freedom of speech is very important for your own survival and growth. 

Your Dada (Grand papa ) and hundreds of thousands have sacrificed  a lot and paid heavy price and suffering on self and By theier loved one family members , so people can breath, think and write and speak  their  mind with ought fear and intimidation.

Please never take it lightly.

Remember pain and suffering our family has gone during Emergency.

आज ईमरजनसी के 40 साल पुरे होने पर अहमदाबाद टागोर होल मे सब मीसावासी पूरे परिवार के साथ जमा हुए 

ये लोकतंत्र सेनानी
कम मे माननीय गवर्नर श्री कोहली
गवर्नर श्री कणॉटका वजुभाई वाडाजी, माननीय प़देश
जयभाई रूपानी, भूपेन्द्र सिंह चुडासमाजी ओर लोकतंत्र सेनानी संघ के

 अध्यक्ष जयंती भाईबारोट उपस्थित रहे। साथ मे दीलीपभाई संघानी और हरिन पाठकजी भी उपस्थित रहे। हमें गवॅ हे हमारे मीसावासीओ पर।वंदेमातरम्।

A picture speaks it Self a story. 


Life of Colors

There is no eastern or western color. 

Color is just color, or plain color or deep color or water color or light color or printed color or my color or her / his colors or kids color 

But never a east or west color. 
Colorful could be cloths or attitude or life style. 

Life with ought color is most boring and depressing life like a dead. 

Enjoy all colors and make life colorful and add spices of color to brighten life. 

U can add white color in to any color and make new color. 


You can not add any color and make white. 


white is life 

White is  fine

White is peace

White is dish of life



Just fabulous for “JUSTICE”  plz  read.

……    ………      ………..

One morning at our Law College, when our new teacher to “Introduction to the Rights” entered the classroom, the first thing that he did was to ask the name of a student who was seated on the first bench: 

“What is your name?”

“My name is Juan, Sir.”

“Leave the classroom and I don’t want to ever see you in my class ever!” screamed the unpleasant teacher.

Juan was bewildered. When he got hold of his senses, he got up quickly, collected his belongings and left the classroom.

All were scared and angry; however nobody spoke anything.

“Well….” said the new teacher, “whom do the enacted Laws serve?”

We were afraid, but slowly gained confidence and we began to answer his questions.

“So that there is an order in our society.”

“No!” The teacher answered

“To accomplish them.”


“So that the wrong people pay for their actions?”

“No! Is it that nobody knows to answer this question?!”

“So that there is justice,” said a girl timidly.

“At last! That’s it…. so that there is justice. And now, what is the use of justice?”

All began to feel uneasy by such rude attitude. 

However, we followed answering….

“To safeguard the human rights….”

“Well, what more?” 

asked the teacher.

“To differentiate the right from the wrong…. to reward the good….”

“Ok, that is not bad; 

however… answer this question: 

Did I act correctly when expelling Juan from the classroom?”

All were quiet, nobody answered.

“I want a decisive and unanimous answer!”


we all replied in unison.

“Could you all say I committed injustice?”


“And why did nobody do anything in that respect? 

So why do we need Rules and Laws if we don’t have the necessary will to practice them? 

Each one of you has the obligation of when you witness an injustice. 

All of you! Do not stay quiet, never again! 

Go and call Juan,” he said staring at me.

On that day, I received the most practical lesson in my course of Law.

When we don’t defend our Rights, 

we lose our Dignity, 


Je chhe te chhe Prem chhe te Jivan chhe

Durathi joyine nasho chadhe te prem chhe. 

Malya vagar ehsash thay te prem chhe

Varsaad vaghar bhinjavay te prem chhe

Shabdo vagar nayano thi thaay vaat te prem chhe.

Prem ni paribhasha ni koshish thay chhe

Maun shabdo thi bolay te prem chhe

Puchho gopi ne prem ni paribhasha

Dandiyaa thi ramay raas te prem chhe.

Je chhe te chhe 

Prem chhe te Jivan chhe

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

Keep Writing.

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

I keep writing.

Because I know that no matter what happens, I have more ideas, more books.

This is the part of the path we make. 

The only part we control. Do not sit down. Do not stand still.

When writers–aspiring, debut, and established–ask for insight, I always say, “Just keep writing.”

And I know that sounds like a very Dory thing to say, but the fact of the matter is, if you’ve written a book, and it doesn’t sell, and you want to keep going, you need to write another. 

If you’ve written a book, and it does sell, but doesn’t do well, you need to write another. 

If you’ve written a book, and it does well, you need to write another. All roads lead to writing.

Just. Keep. Writing.

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