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7 Big Blunders of Bharat / Hindustan

History is most unforgiving. As historical mistakes cannot be undone, they have complex cascading effect on a nation’s future. Here is a saga of seven historical blunders that have changed the course of independent India’s history and cast a dark shadow over its future.

These costly mistakes will continue to haunt India for generations. They have been recounted here in a chronological order with a view to highlight inadequacies of India’s decision making apparatus and leadership’s incompetence to act with vision.

This article has been authored by Maj Gen Mrinal Suman – India’s foremost expert in defence procurement procedures and offsets. He heads Defence Technical Assessment and Advisory Services Group of CII.

1. The Kashmir Mess

There can be no better example of shooting in one’s own foot than India’s clumsy handling of the Kashmir issue. It is a saga of naivety, blinkered vision and inept leadership. Hari Singh was the reigning monarch of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947.

He was vacillating when tribal marauders invaded Kashmir in October 1947, duly backed by the Pakistan army. Unable to counter them, Hari Singh appealed to India for assistance and agreed to accede to India. Indian forces blunted the invasion and re-conquered vast areas.

First, India erred by not insisting on unequivocal accession of the state to the Dominion of India and granted special status to it through Article 380 of the Constitution. Secondly, when on the verge of evicting all invaders and recapturing the complete state, India halted operations on 1 January 1949 and appealed to the Security Council. It is the only case in known history wherein a country,

when on the threshold of complete victory, has voluntarily forsaken it in the misplaced hope of winning admiration of the world community. Thirdly and most shockingly, the Indian leadership made a highly unconstitutional offer of plebiscite in the UN.

Forty percent area of the state continues to be under Pakistan’s control, providing it a strategic land route to China through the Karakoram ranges. As a fall out of the unresolved dispute, India and Pakistan have fought numerous wars and skirmishes with no solution in sight. Worse, the local politicians are holding India to ransom by playing the Pak card.

Kashmir issue is a self created cancerous furuncle that defies all medications and continues to bleed the country.

2. Ignoring Chinese Threats and Neglect of the Military

Memories of the year 1962 will always trouble the Indian psyche. A nation of India’s size had lulled itself into believing that its protestations and platitudes of peaceful co-existence would be reciprocated by the world. It was often stated that a peace loving nation like India did not need military at all. The armed forces were neglected.

Political leadership took pride in denigrating the military leadership and meddled in internal affairs of the services to promote sycophancy. Foreign policy was in shambles. Intelligence apparatus was rusted.

Even though signs of China’s aggressive intentions were clearly discernible for years in advance, Indian leadership decided to keep its eyes shut in the fond hope that the problem would resolve itself. When China struck, the country was caught totally unprepared. Troops were rushed to snowbound areas with summer clothing and outdated rifles. Despite numerous sagas of gallantry, the country suffered terrible embarrassment. India was on its knees.

With national morale and pride in tatters, India was forced to appeal to all nations for military aid. Inept and incompetent leadership had forced a proud nation to find solace in Lata Mangeshkar’s ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo’.

3. The Tashkent Agreement and Return of Haji Pir Pass

Following the cease-fire after the Indo-Pak War of 1965, a Russian sponsored agreement was signed between India and Pakistan in Tashkent on 10 January 1966. Under the agreement, India agreed to return the strategic Haji Pir pass to Pakistan which it had captured in August 1965 against heavy odds and at a huge human cost.

The pass connects Poonch and Uri sectors in Jammu and Kashmir and reduces the distance between the two sectors to 15 km whereas the alternate route entails a travel of over 200 km. India got nothing in return except an undertaking by Pakistan to abjure war, an undertaking which meant little as Pakistan never had any intention of honouring it.

Return of the vital Haji Pir pass was a mistake of monumental proportions for which India is suffering to date. In addition to denying a direct link between Poonch and Uri sectors, the pass is being effectively used by Pakistan to sponsor infiltration of terrorists into India.

Inability to resist Russian pressure was a manifestation of the boneless Indian foreign policy and shortsighted leadership.

4. The Simla Agreement

With the fall of Dhaka on 16 December 1971, India had scored a decisive victory over Pakistan. Over 96,000 Pak soldiers were taken Prisoners of War (PoWs). Later, an agreement was signed between the two countries on 2 July 1972 at Shimla.

Both countries agreed to exchange all PoWs, respect the line of control (LOC) in Jammu and Kashmir and refrain from the use of threat or force. Additionally, Bhutto gave a solemn verbal undertaking to accept LOC as the de facto border.

India released all Pak PoWs in good faith. Pakistan, on the other hand, released only 617 Indian PoWs while holding back 54 PoWs who are still languishing in Pakistani jails.

The Indian Government has admitted this fact a number of times but has failed to secure their release. India failed to use the leverage of 96,000 Pak PoWs to discipline Pakistan.

A rare opportunity was thus wasted. What to talk of establishing permanent peace in the sub-continent, India failed to ensure release of all Indian PoWs – a criminal omission by all accounts.

Naivety of the Indian delegation can be seen from the fact that it allowed Pakistan to bluff its way through at Shimla.

The Indian leadership was fooled into believing Pakistan’s sincerity. Unquestionably, Pakistan never intended to abide by its promises, both written and verbal.

Fruits of a hard fought victory in the battlefield were frittered away on a negotiating table by bungling leadership.

5. The Nuclear Muddle

Subsequent to the Chinese Nuclear Test at Lop Nor in 1964, India showed rare courage in carrying out its first nuclear test on 18 May 1974 at Pokharan.

Outside the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, India was the only nation to prove its nuclear capability. The whole country was ecstatic and every Indian felt proud of its scientific prowess.

But Indians had not contended with their Government’s penchant for converting opportunity into adversity and squandering hard earned gains.

Instead of asserting India’s newly acquired status of a nuclear power and demanding recognition, India turned apologetic and tried to convince the world that it had no nuclear ambitions. Strangely, it termed the Pokharan test as a ‘peaceful nuclear explosion’ – a term unheard of till then. The Defence Minister went to the extent of claiming that the Indian nuclear experiment was “only for mining, oil and gas prospecting, for finding underground sources of water, for diverting rivers, for scientific and technological knowledge.

” It was a self-deprecating stance. Displaying acute inferiority complex, India did not want to be counted as a member of the exclusive nuclear club.

Criticism and sanctions were expected and must have been factored in before opting for the nuclear test. Whereas a few more assertive follow-on tests would have forced the world to accept India as a member of the nuclear club, India went into an overdrive to placate the world through a self imposed moratorium on further testing.

It lost out on all the advantages provided to it by its scientists. It suffered sanctions and yet failed to gain recognition as a nuclear power. The country missed golden opportunities due to the timidity and spinelessness of its leaders.

6. Kandahar Hijack

Hijacking of an Indian Airlines aircraft to Kandahar by Pakistani terrorists in December 1999 will continue to rile India’s self-respect for long. According to the Hindustan Times, India lost face and got reduced to begging for co-operation from the very regimes that were actively undermining its internal security. The hijacking revealed how ill-prepared India was to face up to the challenges of international terrorism.

The eight day long ordeal was over when India’s National Security Adviser brazenly announced that an agreement had been reached for the release of all the hostages in exchange for three Kashmiri militants including Maulana Masood Azhar.

Sadly, the Prime Minister claimed credit for forcing the hijackers to climb down on their demands. The worst was yet to follow. India’s Foreign Minister decided to accompany the released militants to Kandahar, as if seeing off honoured guests.

Government’s poor crisis-management skills and extreme complacency in security matters allowed the hijackers to take off from Amritsar airport after 39 minutes halt for refueling, thereby letting the problem get out of control. India’s much vaunted decision making apparatus collapsed and was completely paralysed by the audacity of a bunch of motivated fanatics. It was a comprehensive failure of monumental proportions. India’s slack and amateurish functioning made the country earn the tag of a soft nation which it will find very difficult to shed.

7. Illegal Immigration and Passage of IMDT Act

It is a standard practice all over the world that the burden of proving one’s status as a bonafide citizen of a country falls on the accused. It is so for India as well under Foreigners Act, 1946. Political expediency forced the Government to make an exception for Assam.

In one of the most short-sighted and anti-national moves, India passed Illegal Migrants – Determination by Tribunals (IMDT) Act of 1984 for Assam. It shifted the onus of proving illegal status of a suspected immigrant to the accuser, which was a tall and virtually impossible order. Detection and deportation of illegal immigrants became impossible.

Whenever demands were raised for repealing the Act, Congress, Left Front and United Minorities Front resisted strongly. Illegal immigrants had become the most loyal vote bank of the Congress.

Worse, every protest against the Act was dubbed as ‘anti-minority’, thereby imparting communal colour to an issue of national security.

Government’s ‘pardon’ of all Bangladeshis who had come in before 1985 was another unconstitutional act that aggravated the problem.

The Act was struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on July 13, 2005, more than 20 years after its enactment. The Apex Court was of the view that the influx of Bangladeshi nationals into Assam posed a threat to the integrity and security of northeastern region.

Unfortunately immense damage had already been done to the demography of Assam and the local people of Assam had been reduced to minority status in certain districts. Illegal immigrants have come to have a stranglehold over electioneering to the extent that no party can hope to come to power without their support.

Nearly 30 Islamic groups are thriving in the area to further their Islamist and Pan Bangla Desh agenda. It is incomprehensible that a nation’s leadership can stoop so low and endanger even national security for garnering votes.

Finally, is India Wiser Today?

Two features are common to all the above mentioned blunders. First, all decisions were taken by the political leadership and the bureaucracy. The military leadership was neither taken into confidence nor consulted. As a matter of fact it was deliberately kept out of the decision making loop.

Although military is the primary stake holder in India’s nuclear prowess, it was not considered necessary to take it in confidence while taking decisions of strategic proportions.

Both Tashkant and Shimla Agreements were preceded by bitterly fought wars. They entailed negotiating the extent, scope and modalities of withdrawal from occupied areas. Even then, no need was felt to seek military’s advice and no service officer was included in the Indian delegations.

Political leaders and the bureaucracy abrogated the right to negotiate military matters, in the egoistic belief that they were more qualified for the task. The results were disastrous, as mentioned above.

The second common feature is that no political leader or bureaucrat was ever held accountable for monumental blunders made by them. On the contrary, every single bureaucrat made it to the higher grades and was even given lucrative post-retirement appointments.

It is an obnoxious sight to see the guilty men of the above blunders masquerading as foreign policy experts on TV shows and unabashedly offering their pearls of wisdom.

The above mentioned seven indefensible blunders have had enormous impact on the security, standing and history of India. Future generations will rue the fact that the Indian leadership failed the nation at critical junctures due to incompetence, ineptitude and selfish interests.

Proclivity for perpetuating personal power made the leadership shortsighted and egocentric. But for the historical blunders, the current Indian geo-political scenario would have been totally different.

Has India learnt any lesson? Unfortunately, none whatsoever. Even now, military leadership is consciously and willfully kept out of all decision making apparatus.

Even issues that affect security of the nation are decided by the bureaucrats who do not possess even elementary knowledge of military matters. It is only in India that well connected retired bureaucrats are offered membership of the National Security Council (NSC) as a rehabilitation measure.

Merit and expertise are of little consequence. Further, India is perhaps the only country in the world wherein NSC does not have a single military member. Bureaucrats and ex-police officers have made NSC their exclusive domain, thereby depriving the nation of expert military advice. Resultantly, recurring blunders will continue to cost the country dear.

Christians are using Dalits

(I received this by e-mail)

I came across certain incidents which I thought I should mention to you.

Africanization of Dalits I feel had started long back..beginning of 2000s when “Dalit panthers” were formed in TN around that time with the help of “theoretical inputs” from “African American-Black Panthers-Black Empowerment” type activists from USA. Slowly it spread to certain parts of Kerala,esp Thiruvananthapuram District( the treasure temple city) with a huge migrant Tamil population.

The new outfit was called “kerala dalit panthers”. Around 2002- 03, I was doing an internet research on religious conversions in India..and methods used in other areas of the world. I had come across a Colarado based church..

(I forgot what denomination and name it was) specializing in converting Indians specifically hindus. It had mentioned in its website how to specifically to “save” dalits and as early as 2002 or 2003 it had a “Dalit Human Rights” organization functioning out of that church. Fast Forward to 2008. april..

A sleepy village panchayat named Ayiroor in TVPM district wakes up to the shocking news that an early morning jogger in that village was hacked to death, and a few other tea shop owners were hacked for no reason.Victims were picked randomly. The attention grabbing “operation” was to mark the arrival of a new organization called “Dalit Human Rights Movement” claiming to be an extremist organization working for upliftment of dalits. Needless to say people stopped early morning walks for quite sometime.This organization was based in a dalit colony(ghetto) in this village.

I noted the English name of the organization ,DHRM for short, even more surpising since not many people in the dalit community can write or read English. Slowly DHRM spread to other colonies. Their activities include discouraging dalits from practising hindu religion, advocating soft-terro with knives, axes etc instead of the usual hand made explosion creating devices which may get them a “terro’ branding.

My biggest shock was yet to come. around 6 weeks ago..one of their activists was arrested for carrying weapons and kept in police custody for a day. This was followed by “gherao” of the police station accusing the police of conspiracy against dalits.

As usual leaders were called for discussion and the culprit was released. afther that I was shocked to see how around 25 activists of DHRM including women and small children lined up and started clapping their hands in 2 second intervals and started moving their hips exactly like in an American baptist church!!! (i am sure you must seen in some church channel). This was their celebration, instead of the usual “inquilab zindabad, name of the organization zindabad” typical of parties in kerala. I had never seen this before in Kerala, very untypical of keralites to do something like this in public.

I checked with some dalit community members to see if this celebration was a community specific ritual dance. The answer was no. Since I had seen this before in baptist church channels it was easy to recollect. I feel there is more going on than just “projects”.

I thought I should share this with you since i feel there is a need for such matters of national interests ( i feel so) to get to the right people.

Thank you for your time

Who owns the media in India ?


Who owns the media in India ?

Let us see the ownership of different media agencies.

when i was in india and young journalist working for Goenka group and first time when people started talking about foreign investment i opposed it.
I was against of any foreign investment due to this kind of long-term effects it will have on …country and mass..and Culture and Rape to the country by thoughts of bigots,.
NDTV: A very popular TV news media is funded by Gospels of Charity in Spain Supports Communism. Recently it has developed a soft corner towards Pakistan because Pakistan President has allowed only this channel to be aired in Pakistan .

Indian CEO Prannoy Roy is co-brother of Prakash Karat, General Secretary of the Communist party of India . His wife and Brinda Karat are sisters.

India Today which used to be the only national weekly which supported BJP is now bought by NDTV!! Since then the tone has changed drastically and turned into Hindu bashing.

CNN-IBN:This is 100 percent funded by Southern Baptist Church with its branches in all over the world with HQ in US.. The Church annually allocates $800 million for promotion of its channel.

Its Indian head is Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife Sagarika Ghosh.

Times group list : Times Of India, Mid-Day, Nav-Bharth Times, Stardust, Femina, Vijay Times, Vijaya Karnataka, Times Now (24- hour news channel) and many more… Times Group is owned by Bennet & Coleman.

’World Christian Council does 80 percent of the Funding, and an Englishman and an Italian equally share balance 20 percent.

The Italian Robertio Mindo is a close relative of Sonia Gandhi.

Star TV:It is run by an Australian, who is supported by St. Peters Pontifical Church Melbourne.

Hindustan Times: Owned by Birla Group, but hands have changed since Shobana Bhartiya took over. Presently it is working in Collaboration with Times Group.

The Hindu: English daily, started over 125 years has been recently taken over by Joshua Society, Berne , Switzerland .. N. Ram’s wife is a Swiss national.

Indian Express: Divided into two groups. The Indian Express and new Indian Express (southern edition) ACTS Christian Ministries have a major stake in the Indian Express and latter is still with the Indian counterpart.

Eeenadu:Still to date controlled by an Indian named Ramoji Rao. Ramoji Rao is connected with film industry and owns a huge studio in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Jyothi:The Muslim party of Hyderabad known as MIM along with a Congress Minister has purchased this Telugu daily very recently.

The Statesman:It is controlled by Communist Party of India.

Kairali TV: It is controlled by Communist party of India (Marxist)

Mathrubhoomi: Leaders of Muslim League and Communist leaders have major investment.

Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle: Is owned by a Saudi Arabian Company with its chief Editor M.J. Akbar. Gujarat riots which took place in 2002 where Hindus were burnt alive, Rajdeep Sirdesai and Bharkha Dutt working for NDTV at that time got around 5 Million Dollars from Saudi Arabia to cover only Muslim victims, which they did very faithfully…Not a single Hindu family was interviewed or shown on TV whose near and dear ones had been burnt alive, it is reported.

Tehelka.com’s Tarun Tejpal regularly gets blank cheques from Arab countries to target BJP and Hindus only, it is said.

The ownership explains the control of media in India by foreigners. The result is obvious.

When continuously print media and TV will air systematic venom towards the same culture and country and dumb politicians and common man are so blind to see the long-term effects of act are no friend of country.


Here is an eye-opening list of linkages of media people in India. As can be seen, it is an incestuous cabal of Communists, Christians and Muslims that is dominating Indian English Media. It is a closed group and Hindus are simply not welcome. Only in India with an 80 percent Hindu majority can this kind of nonsense be accepted by the majority.

Suzanna Arundhati Roy is niece of Prannoy Roy (CEO of NDTV)
Prannoy Roy married to Radhika Roy
Radhika Roy is sister of Brinda Karat (CPI(M))
Brinda Karat married to Prakash Karat (CPI(M) – General Secretary)
CPI(M)’s senior member of Politburo and Parliamentary Group Leader is Sitaram Yechury.
Sitaram Yechury is married to Seema Chisthi.

Seema Chisthi is the Resident Editor of Indian Express

Burkha Dutt works at NDTV
Rajdeep Sardesai was Managing Editor at NDTV
Rajdeep Sardesai married to Sagrika Ghose
Sagarika Ghose is daughter of Bhaskar Ghose.
Bhaskar Ghose was Director General of Doordarshan.
Sagarika Ghose’s aunt is Ruma Pal
Ruma Pal is former justice of Supreme Cour
Sagarika Ghose’s another aunt is Arundhati Ghose.
Arundhati Ghose was India’s permanent representative/ambassador to United Nations.

Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy is the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
YSR Reddy is from the Congress party (INC).
YSR Reddy’s father, Raja Reddy, setup a degree college and a Polytechnic in Pulivendula.
YSR Reddy has said that his one year study at Andhra Loyola College (ALC), a Jesuit institution, influenced him so much that he handed over the Pulivendula colleges to the Loyola Group.
The YS family has established several educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh.
YSR Reddy’s daughter is Sharmila.
Sharmila married Anil Kumar, Anil Kumar converted to Christianity after the marriage.
Anil Kumar set up “Anil World Evangelism” and is an active Evangelist.
YSR Reddy’s son is YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.
YS Jagan is a youth Congress Leader.
YS Jagan is Chairman of Jagati Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Bhumna Karunakara Reddy is close to YSR Reddy.
Karunakara Reddy is the Chairman of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam.
JPPL publishes the newspaper Sakshi.
Chandra Babu Naidu has claimed that Lanco group was forced to invest in JPPL.
L. Sridhar is alleged to have made the investment from Lanco Group.
L Sridhar is Lanco Infratech’s Vice Chairman
L Sridhar’s brother is L.Rajagopal.
L.Rajagopal joined Congress in 2003.
L Rajagopal is the son-in-law of P.Upendra.
P.Upendra is a former Minister from Congress.
Lanco Group’s Chairman is L. Rajagopal
Andhra Prabha is a telugu newspaper started in 1938.
Andhra Prabha is owned by The New Indian Express Group.

Andhra Jyothi is a telugu newspaper.
Andhra Jyothi’s Managing Director is Vemuri Radhakrishna.

SUN TV Network is owned by Kalanidhi Maran.
Kalanidhi Maran is the Chairman & Managing Director of SUN TV Network.
SUN TV network owns: Sun TV, Gemini TV, Teja TV, Surya TV, Kiran TV, Udaya TV, Surjo TV among other channels.
Kalanidhi Maran owns the tamil daily `Dinakaran’.
Dinakaran was started by a former DMK Minister K.P.Kandasamy.
Kalanidhi Maran’s brother is Dayanidhi Maran.
Dayanidhi Maran was Minister of Communications and IT in the UPA government.
Kalanidhi Maran’s father was Murasoli Maran.
Murasoli Maran was a Union Minister from the DMK party.
Murasoli Maran edited a tamil daily `Murasoli’.
Murasoli Maran was an editor to `The Rising Sun’ a English weekly.
Murasoli Maran as a publisher published the following tamil magazines: Kungumam, Muththaram, Vannathirai & Sumangali.
Murasoli Maran’s uncle is M.Karunanidhi.
M.Karunanidhi is Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, from the DMK party.
M.Karunanidhi launched Kalaignar TV in 2007.
M.K.Azhagiri owns Kalaignar TV.
M.K.Azhagiri is M.Karunanidhi’s son.
M.K.Stalin is another son of the M.Karunanidhi..
M.K.Stalin was named after Joseph Stalin.
Joseph Stalin was the authoritarian leader of the Soviet Union.
M.K.Stalin is the Minister for Rural Development and Local Administration in Tamil Nadu.
Kanimozhi is one of the daughters of M.Karunanidhi.
Kanimozhi was a sub-editor for the `The Hindu’.
Kanimohi was Editor in Charge of `Kungumam’ a tamil weekly.
Kanimozhi became a Rajya Sabha member in 2007.
Kanimozhi conducted programs in SUN TV and Vijay TV.
Kanimozhi’s second husband G.Aravindan is Singapore based Tamil literary figure.

Dilip D’Souza was member of PIPFD
Dilip D’Souza’s father was Joseph Bain D’Souza.
J.B.D’Souza was former Maharastra Chief Seccretary and activist.
Teesta Setalva member of PIPFD
Teesta Setalvad married to Javed Anand
Teesta and Javed run Sabrang Communications.
Javed Anand is General Secretary of Muslims for Secular Democracy { ?? }
Javed Akhtar is spokesperson for Muslims for Secular Democracy
Javed Akhtar married to Shabana Azmi
Karan Thapar owns ITV
ITV produces shows for BBC
Karan Thapar’s father was General Pran Nath Thapar COAS during 1962 war, when India lost under his watch.
Karan Thapar was very good friend of Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari.
Benazir Bhutto was Pakistan’s Prime Minister.
Benazir Bhutto’s father was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
Z.A.Bhutto served as Pakistan’s President.
A.A.Zardar is the current Pakistani’s President.
Karan Thapar’s Mama was married to Nayantara Sahgal.
Nayantar Sahgal is daughter of Vijayalakshmi Pandit.
Vijayalakshmi Pandit was sister of Jawharlal Nehru.

Medha Patkar is a leading spokesperson for Narmada Bacho Andolan.
NBA was helped by Patrick McCully of International Rivers (formerly Internal Rivers Network.)
Angana Chatterjee was on the board of IRN
Dipti Bhatnagar was an Intern/Volunteer at IRN.
Dipti Bhatnagar is an activist at NBA.
]Dr. Angana Chatterjee part of PROXSA
PROXSA mother-ship of FOIL
ASHA endorsed by FOIL
Sandeep Pandey co-founder of Asha for education (ASHA)
Dr. Angana Chatterjee is married to Richard Shapiro
Richard Shapiro is Director and Associate Professor of the Grad. Anthropology Prgm at CIIS
Shubh Mathur co-wrote a letter with Angana on ‘Humanitarian Crisis in J&K’
Biju Matthew is co-founder of FOIL.
Vijay Prasad is co-founder of FOIL.
Vijay Prasa co-authored with Angana Chatterjee and wrote against IDRF.
ASHA has association with AID
AID works with FOSA
FOSA started by a Pakistani – Ali Hasan Cemendtaur.
Amitava Kumar associated with FOIL
FOIL & FOSA opposed California Text Book Edits.
California Text Book Edits was opposed by Michael Witzel.
M.Witzel is Wales Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard University.

Rahul Bose is brother-in-law of Khalid Ansari.
Khalid Ansari is the Chairman of Mid-Day Group of Publication based in Mumbai.
Khalid Ansari is Chairman of M.C.Media Ltd.
M.C.Media Ltd. has a join-venture with BBC for FM radio brodcasting.
Khalid Ansari’s father was Abdul Hameed Ansari.
A.H.Ansari was a freedom fighter and active Congressman.
Dr.John Dayal worked as a journalist with the N.Delhi edition of Mid-Day.
Narasimhan Ram is the Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Hindu’.
N.Ram’s first wife was Susan.
Susan, an Irish, was in charge of Oxford University Press publications in India.
N.Ram and Susan’s daughter is Vidya Ram.
Vidya Ram is a journalist.
N.Ram is now married to Mariam.
N.Ram, Jennifer Arul and K.M.Roy participated in closed door Catholic Bishops Conference of India in Thrissur, Kerala.
Jennifer Arul is the Resident Editor and Bureau Chief in South India for NDTV.
Jennifer Arul is Chief Operating Office for Astro Awani – Indonesian news and information channel.
K.M.Roy was a reporter in `The Hindu’
K.M.Roy is the General Editor of the group of the `Mangalam’ Publications.
Mangalam Group of Publications was started by M.C.Varghese
K.M.Roy received the `All India Catholic Union Lifetime Award’
All India Catholic Union’s National Vice President is Dr.John Dayal.
Dr.John Dayal is also Secretary General of All India Christian Council (AICC)
AICC’s President is Dr. Joseph D’souza
Dr. Joseph D’souza founded Dalit Freedom Network (USA)
Dr.Joseph D’Souza participated in the inaugural Religious Freedom Day

The Religious Freedom Day was attended by former Republican Sentor Rick Santorum
AICC claims Confederation of SC/ST Organizations (India) as a sister organization.
AICC claims Christian Solidarity Worldwide (UK) as a sister organization.
AICC claims Release International (UK) as a sister organization.
Release International states it supplies bibles and literature to meet the need of growth and evangelism.
Dalit Freedom Network’s partner’s with Operation Mobilization India.
OM India’s South India Regional Director is Kumar Swamy
Kumar Swamy is the State President of Communal Harmony Committee.
Kumar Swamy serves with Karnataka State Human Rights Commission.
OM India’s North India Regional Director is Moses Parmar.
Moses Parmar serves as North India Public Relations officer of the All India Christian Council (AICC)
OM seeks to plant and strengthen churches in areas of the world where Christ is least known.
OM ministries work with Dalit-Bahujan people in India.
Operation Mercy Charitable Company (OMCC) grew out of OM India
OMCC works with Dalit Freedom Network.
DFN has Dr. Kancha Illaiah on its Advisory Board.
Dr. Kancha Illaiah is a Professor in Osmania University, Hyderbad.
DFN has William Armstrong on its Advisory Board.
William Armstrong is a former US Senator from Colarado (Republican).
William Armstrong is currently the President of Colorado Christian University.
Colorado Christian University’s one of the strategic objective is to share the love of Christ around the World.

Suhasini Haidar is daughter of Subramanian Swamy
Suhasini Haidar is daughter-in-law of Salman Haidar
Nadira Alvi married V S Naipaul
Nadira Alvi, a journalist, is sister of recently assassinated Maj Gen Amir Faisal Alvi, the ex-chief of Pakistan’s elite SSG
“Resalat” is a Tehran-based Persian daily.
“Ettela’at” is another Tehran-based Persian daily.
“Resallat” and “Ettela’at”signed MoU with “Siyasat” and “Munif”
Siyasat and Munif are Hyderbad, Andhra Pradesh based dailies.
Toseeh is another Persian daily.
Toseeh has tied up with Vaarta.
Vaarta is one of the dailies from A.G.A.Publications Pvt Ltd.
A.G.A Publications Pvt Ltd is one of the companies in Sanghi Group
Sanghi Group was co-promoted by Gireesh Sanghi with his brothers.
Gireesh Sanghi is Congress M.P, Rajaya Sabha
Gireesh Sanghi is All India Vaish Federation National President.
Mahendra Mohan Gupta is on the Advisory Board of AIVF
Mahendra Mohan Gupta is Chairman of Dainik Jagran Group
Ramoji Group is headed by Ramoji Rao
Ramoji Rao is Founder & Chairman of Eenadu
Eenadu is the largest Telugu news daily in Andhra Pradesh.
Ramoji Group also owns ETV Network.
ETV Network produces content in Telugu, Bangla, Marathi, Kannada, Oriya, Gujarati, Urdu & Hindi.
Ramoji is reported to be close to Chandra Babu Naidu and supported of Telugu Desam Party.
Ushodaya Enterprises Pvt. Ltd’s parent company is Ramoji Group.
Blackstone Group is reported to have invested Rs600 crore in UEL.

Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd brings out The Deccan Chronicle newspaper.
DCHL also brings out “Andhra Bhoomi” a telugu newspaper.
DCHL also brings out “Asian Age”.
DCHL became a publishing parter of `The New York Times’.
DCHL began publishing `The International Herald Tribune’
T.Venkatram Reddy is the Chairman of DCHL.
T.Venkatram Reddy is former MP, Rajhya Sabha from Congress.
M.J.Akbar was Editor-in-Chief of Deccan Chronicle and Asian Age.
M.J.Akbar is Founder and Chairman of the fortnightly the Covert.
M.J. Akbar worked at `Times of India’, `Sunday’ & `The Telegraph’
M.J.Akbar was a Congress MLA from 1989 to 1991.
M.J.Akbar joined The Brookings Institution, Washington in 2006, as a Visiting Fellow on U.S. Policy Towards the Islamic World.
M.J.Akbar was a member of the `Forum of Islamic Scholars and Intellectual’ held in Makkha al-Mukaramma in 2005.
M.J.Akbar’s wife is Mallika Joseph.
Mallika Joseph worked at Times of India.

અત્રે થોડીક ગુજરાતીમાં ઉપયોગી સલાહ/સુચના અને નોંધ

અત્રે થોડીક ગુજરાતીમાં ઉપયોગી સલાહ/સુચના અને નોંધ
જે નીચે પ્રમાણે ઘણાજ લંબાણથી જુદાજુદા નુસખામાં દર્શાવેલ છે.

v Cooking (રસોઈ બનાવતી વેળા)
v Healthy living (આરોગ્યપ્રદ જીવન)
v Home care/tasks (ઘર સંભાળ અને કામકાજ )
v Beauty and body care (સુંદરતા અને શરીર સંભાળ)

[ક] રસોઈ ટિપ્સ
[1] લીલા ચણા અથવા વટાણા બાફતી વખતે તેમાં ખાંડ નાખવાથી તેનો લીલો રંગ યથાવત રહે છે.
[2] રોટલી માટે લોટ ગૂંદતી વખતે બે ચમચી દૂધ, ઘી કે મલાઈ મેળવી દેવાથી રોટલી એકદમ પાતળી બનશે.
[3] ભીંડાનું શાક બનાવતી વખતે તેમાં એક ચમચી દહીં નાખવાથી તેની ચીકાશ ઓછી થશે.
[4] મેળવણ ન હોય તો ગરમ દૂધમાં લીલા મરચાં નાખવાથી પણ દહીં જમાવી શકાય છે.
[5] ભાત બનાવતી વખતે તેમાં લીંબુના રસના ટીપાં નાખવાથી ભાત એકદમ સફેદ રંગનો બનશે. અને તેમાં એક ચમચી તેલ કે ઘી નાખવાથી દાણા અલગ-અલગ રહેશે.
[6] ફલાવરનું શાક બનાવતી વખતે એમાં બે ચમચી દૂધ ઉમેરવાથી ફલાવર ચડી ગયા પછી પણ સફેદ રહે છે.
[7] પૂરીનો લોટ પાણીથી બાંધવાને બદલે દહીંથી બાંધવાથી પૂરી પોચી થશે.
[8] મીઠા સક્કરપારા બનાવવાના મેંદામાં થોડું મીઠું ભેળવવાથી સક્કરપારા સ્વાદિષ્ટ લાગશે.
[9] ચણા પલાળતાં ભૂલી ગયા હોવ તો તેને બાફતી વખતે તેની સાથે કાચા પપૈયાના બે-ચાર ટૂકડા મૂકી દો તો ચણા જલ્દી બફાશે.
[10] બિસ્કિટ પર દૂધ લગાવી ધીમા તાપે ઓવનમાં રાખવાથી બિસ્કિટ કડક, તાજા અને કરકરા થશે.
[11] વેફરને છૂટી કરવા કેળાં-બટાટાની કાતરી પર મીઠાના પાણીનો છંટકાવ કરવો અને પછી તળવી.
[12] દાળ-ઢોકળી બનાવતી વખતે ઢોકળીને કાચી-પાકી શેકીને દાળમાં નાખવાથી તે ચોંટશે નહિ.
[13] પાણીપૂરીની પૂરી બનાવતી વખતે ઝીણા રવામાં પીવાનો સોડા લોટ બાંધવા માટે લેવાથી પૂરી ફૂલશે.
[14] ઈડલીનું ખીરું જો વધારે પડતું પાતળું થઈ ગયું હોય તો તેમાં શેકેલો રવો નાખવાથી જાડું બનશે અને ખીરાથી ઈડલી મુલાયમ પણ બને છે.
[15] સાબુદાણાને બનાવતા પહેલાં એને દૂધમાં પલાળીને મૂકવાથી એ એકદમ ફૂલેલાં બનશે.
[ખ] આરોગ્ય ટિપ્સ
[1] વરિયાળી સાથે આદું અથવા જીરાનું સેવન કરવાથી પેટની બળતરા તથા પાચન ક્રિયામાં લાભ થાય છે.
[2] હાલતા દાંત અટકાવવા મોંમાં તલના તેલના કોગળા ભરી રાખવાથી ચાર-છ મહિનાના પ્રયોગ બાદ દાંત બરાબર ચોંટી જાય છે.
[3] ઘઉંના લોટમાં શક્કરિયાંનો લોટ મેળવીને રોટલી ખાવામાં આવે તો થોડા દિવસોમાં જ શરીરનું વજન વધવા લાગે છે.
[4] શેરડીના રસમાં આદુંનો રસ નાખી પીવાથી કફ થતો નથી અને કફની તકલીફ મટે છે.
[5] એક ગ્લાસ ઠંડા પાણીમાં થોડો લીંબુનો રસ મેળવી પ્રાત:કાળે પીવાથી
કબજિયાતમાં ખૂબ જ ફાયદો થાય છે.
[6] ખોરાક પચતો ન હોય તેમણે જીરું શેકીને સંતરાના રસમાં ભેળવી પીવું જોઈએ. પેટનો ગેસ તથા અપચો દૂર થશે.
[7] ત્રણ ચમચી નાળિયેરના તેલમાં કપૂર મેળવીને રાત્રે વાળના મૂળમાં ઘસીને સવારે વાળ ધોવાથી જૂ-લીખ સાફ થઈ જાય છે.
[8] નાળિયેરના પાણીમાં લીંબુનો રસ મેળવીને પીવાથી પથરીની તકલીફમાં રાહત થાય છે.
[9] રાત્રે ભારે ખોરાક લીધા પછી છાસમાં જીરું, લીમડો અને આદુનો ઘીમાં
વઘાર કરીને પીવાથી ફાયદો થશે.
[10] ઊલટી થતી હોય કે ઊબકા આવતા હોય તો તુલસીના રસમાં એલચીનો પાઉડર મિક્સ કરીને પીવાથી રાહત થશે.
[11] સંધિવામાં આવતા સોજા પર અજમાનું તેલ લગાવવાથી ફાયદો થાય છે.
[12] મેથીના દાણાનો પાઉડર પાણીમાં ભેળવી સવાર-સાંજ તે પાણી પીવાથી ડાયાબિટીસ તેમજ બ્લડપ્રેશરમાં ફાયદો થાય છે.
[13] હાઈબ્લડપ્રેશરના દર્દી માટે પપૈયું ફાયદાકારક હોય છે. તેને રોજ
ભૂખ્યા પેટે ચાવીને ખાવું.
[14] એક ચમચી તુલસીનો રસ અને બીલીના ફૂલની સાથે એક ચમચી મઘ ઉમેરી દિવસમાં બે વખત લેવાથી તાવમાં રાહત થાય છે.
[15] જે વ્યક્તિને ખાસ ઉનાળામાં ગરમી નીકળતી હોય તેમણે કારેલાનો રસ જીરું પાવડર નાખીને એક ચમચી પીવો.
[ગ] હોમકેર ટિપ્સ
[1] દૂધ ગરમ કરતાં પહેલાં તપેલીમાં થોડું પાણી રેડવાથી દૂધ ઉભરાશે નહિ. આ ઉપરાંત તપેલીમાં ચમચો રાખવાથી પણ દૂધ જલદી ઉભરાતું નથી.
[2] ફ્રિજમાં જીવાત થઈ ગઈ હોય તો એક લીંબુ સમારીને ફ્રીજમાં મુકી દો. બીજે દિવસે જીવાત આપમેળે દૂર થઈ જશે.
[3] આદુને ફૂલના કૂંડામાં કે બગીચામાં માટી નીચે દબાવી રાખવાથી તાજું રહેશે.
[4] મલાઈમાંથી ઘી બનાવતી વખતે તેમાં થોડા મીઠા લીમડાંના પાન નાખવાથી ઘીમાં સુગંધ આવશે.
[5] કાચના વાસણને ટૂથપેસ્ટ લગાવી બ્રશથી ઘસીને સાફ કરવાથી ચમક વધારે આવે છે.
[6] અરીસાને ચોખ્ખો કરવા માટે તેની પર શેવિંગ ક્રીમ લગાવી થોડીવાર રહેવા દેવું. પછી ભીના મલમલના કપડાથી લૂછી કોરા કપડાથી લૂછવું.
[7] વાસણમાંથી બળેલા ડાઘ દૂર કરવા માટે કાંદાના બે ટુકડા નાખી થોડું પાણી નાખીને ઉકાળો. થોડીવાર બાદ તેને સાફ કરો. ડાઘ તરત નીકળી જશે.
[8] ખીલીને ગરમ પાણીમાં બોળીને દીવાલમાં લગાવવાથી પ્લાસ્ટર તૂટતું નથી.
[9] બેટરીના સેલ કે મીણબત્તીને ફ્રિજમાં રાખવાથી એ લાંબો સમય ચાલે છે.
[10] પંખા અને લોખંડની બારીઓ કે ગ્રિલ પર જાળાં ન જામે એ માટે એને કેરોસીનથી સાફ કરવી.

[ચ] સોંદર્ય ટિપ્સ

[1] કાંદાનો રસ અને મધ સમાન માત્રામાં ભેળવી વાળમાં લગાડી વાળ ધોવાથી વાળ ખરતા અટકે છે.
[2] ત્વચા પર ડાઘ અને ધબ્બા હોય તો સરસિયાના તેલમાં ચપટી મીઠું નાખીને એનાથી માલિશ કરો. ડાઘા જરૂર ઓછા થશે.
[3] એક મુઠ્ઠી જેટલી અગરબત્તીની રાખમાં ખાટું દહીં ભેળવો. તેને ચહેરા પર લગાવી પંદર મિનિટ પછી ધોઈ નાખો. એથી ચહેરા પરની દૂર કરેલી રૂવાંટી ઝડપથી નહીં ઉગે.
[4] દૂધીનો રસ અને નાળિયેરનું તેલ મિક્સ કરી એનાથી માથામાં સારી રીતે માલિશ કરો. વાળની ચમક વધી જશે.
[5] ચહેરા પરની રૂંવાટી દૂર કરવા માટે ત્રણ ચમચી રવામાં થોડોક ઘઉંનો લોટ, થોડોક ચણાનો લોટ તથા દૂધ મિક્સ કરીને લગાવો. સૂકાઈ જાય એટલે એને વાળની ઊલટી દિશામાં હળવેથી ઘસો. પછી ધોઈ નાખો.
[6] લીમડાની લીંબોડીને છાસમાં વાટી તેને ખીલ પર લગાવવાથી ખીલ દૂર થાય છે. અને ચહેરાની ત્વચા મુલાયમ બને છે.
[7] જાયફળ વાટીને ચહેરા પર લગાડવાથી કરચલીઓ દૂર થાય છે.
[8] ચહેરા તથા ગરદન પરની કાળાશ દૂર કરવા માટે ફુદીનાના પાન વાટીને તેનો અર્ક કાઢીને રૂ વડે ચહેરા તથા ગરદન પર લગાવી 20 મિનિટ પછી ચહેરો ધોઈ નાખવો.
[9] કાંદા શેકી તેની પેસ્ટ બનાવી એડી પર લગાડવાથી એડી પરના ચીરા મહિનામાં મટી જશે.

[10] તુવેરની દાળને પાણીમાં રાતના પલાળી દેવી. સવારે તેને ઝીણી વાટી લેવી. આ મિશ્રણથી વાળ ધોવાથી વાળ ખરતા અટકાવી શકાય છે.
[છ] જાળવણી ટિપ્સ
[1] ચાંદીના વાસણોને કાળા થતા બચાવવા માટે ચાંદીનાં વાસણોની સાથે કપૂરની ગોળી રાખવી.
[2] સ્વેટરને ધોતા પહેલાં મીઠાના પાણીમાં પલાળવાથી ઊન ચોંટવાનો ભય રહેતો નથી.
[3] આમલીને લાંબો સમય તાજી રાખવા એક કપ પાણીમાં હિંગ અને મીઠું નાખી ઘોળ તૈયાર કરી આમલી પર છાંટવો અને એને ત્રણ-ચાર દિવસ સુકાવવી.
[4] અથાણાંને ફૂગથી બચાવવા માટે રૂને સરકામાં બોળીને જે બરણીમાં અથાણું ભરવાનું હોય એને સારી રીતે લૂછી નાખો. પછી અથાણું ભરવાથી ફૂગ નહીં લાગે.
[5] લીમડાના છોડમાં ખાટી છાશ કે વપરાયેલી ચાની ભૂકી નાખવાથી છોડ મોટો અને તાજો રહે છે.
[6] વધારે પ્રમાણમાં લીંબુ ખરીદી લીધાં હોય તો બગડી જવાની બીક ન રાખશો. લીંબુને મીઠાની બરણીમાં રાખી મૂકવાથી લાંબા સમય સુધી તાજાં રાખી શકાશે.
[7] સાડી પર તેલના ડાઘ પડ્યા હોય તો, એ જગ્યા પર કોઈ પણ ટેલકમ પાઉડર સારી રીતે રગડીને સાડીને બે-ત્રણ કલાક સુધી તાપમાં મૂકો પછી ધોઈ લો.
[8] નવા ચંપલને રાત્રે ઘી કે તેલ લગાડી રાખવાથી એ સુંવાળાં રહેશે અને નડશે નહિ.
[9] રાઈના પાણી વડે બોટલ ધોવાથી બોટલમાંની વાસ દૂર થાય છે.

[10] માઈક્રોવેવ ઓવનની સફાઈ કરવા માટે સફેદ દંતમંજન પાઉડર ઓવનમાં ભભરાવી કોરા કપડાંથી લૂછી સાફ કરવાથી ઓવન ચમકી ઊઠશે.
[જ] સ્પેશ્યલ ટિપ્સ
[1] દરવાજાના મિજાગરા પર તેલ નાખવા કરતાં પેન્સિલ ઘસો. એનાથી મિજાગરા અવાજ નહીં કરે અને કાટ પણ નહીં લાગે.
[2] કપડાં ધોતી વખતે શર્ટના કોલર પર પડેલા જિદ્દી ડાઘને દૂર કરવા માટે સાબુની જગ્યાએ શેમ્પુનો ઉપયોગ કરો.
[3] પુસ્તકોના કબાટમાં લીમડાના પાન રાખવાથી જીવડાં અને ઊઘઈ લાગવાની શક્યતા નથી રહેતી. થોડા-થોડા સમયે પાન બદલતા રહેવું.
[4] ચાની વપરાયેલી ભૂકીને સૂકવીને બારીનાં કાચ સાફ કરવાથી કાચ ચમકે છે.

[5] કાચના ગ્લાસ ચકચકિત કરવા પાણીમાં થોડી ગળી મિક્સ કરીને એનાથી ધોવા અને પછી સ્વચ્છ પાણીથી ધોઈ નાખવા.

[ઝ] જીવન ટિપ્સ
[1] તમારે જીવવું હોય તો ચાલવું જોઈએ, તમારે લાંબું જીવવું હોય તો દોડવું જોઈએ.
[2] સૂરજ જ્યારે આથમવાની તૈયારીમાં હોય ત્યાર સુધીમાં તમે કસરત ન કરી હોય, તો માનજો કે દિવસ ફોગટ ગયો.
[3] થાક લાગે તેના જેવી ઊંઘની ગોળીની શોધ હજી થઈ નથી.
[4] હાથ ચલાવવાથી અન્નની કોઠીઓ ભરાઈ જાય છે અને જીભ ચલાવવાથી ખાલી થાય છે.
[5] શરીર પિયાનો જેવું છે અને આનંદ એનું મધુર સંગીત છે. વાદ્ય બરાબર હોય તો જ સંગીત બરાબર વાગે છે.

ધર્મ અને વીજ્ઞાન- સંદેશ ખૂબ સરસ છે

A poem by unknown writer, If any one knows about author please write to me and credit shall be given to original author.

ધર્મ અને વીજ્ઞાન- સંદેશ ખૂબ સરસ છે –

મોકલેલું આ જોડકણાં જેવું ગીત આમ કાવ્યની દૃષ્ટિએ તો સામાન્ય છે.

પણ એનો સંદેશ ખૂબ સરસ છે એટલે તમને મોકલું છું.

અંધશ્રદ્ધા છે આંધળી, વહેમને વંટોળે વહે;
અતીશ્રદ્ધા છે અવળચંડી,વેવલાપણાંનાંવાવેતર કરે..

યુરોપે અટપટાં યંત્રો શોધી ફીટ કર્યાં ફૅક્ટરીમાં;
આપણે સીદ્ધીયંત્રો બનાવી, ફીટ કર્યાં ફોટામાં.

પશ્ચીમે ઉપગ્રહ બનાવી, ગોઠવી દીધા અંતરીક્ષમાં;
આપણે ગ્રહોના નંગ બનાવી, મઢી દીધા અંગુઠીમાં.

જાપાન વીજાણુ યંત્રો થકી, સમૃદ્ધ બન્યું જગમાં;
આપણે વૈભવલક્ષ્મીનાં વ્રતો કરી, ગરીબી રાખી ઘરમાં.

અમેરીકા વૈજ્ઞાનીક અભીગમથી બળવાન બન્યો વીશ્વમાં;
આપણે ધાર્મીક કર્મકાંડો થકી, કંગાળ બન્યા દેશમાં.

પશ્ચીમે પરીશ્રમ થકી, સ્વર્ગ ઉતાર્યું આ લોકમાં;
આપણે પુજાપાઠ–ભક્તી કરી, સ્વર્ગ રાખ્યું પરલોકમાં.

ઍડવર્ડ જેનરે રસી શોધી, શીતળા નાબુદ કર્યા જગમાં;
આપણે શીતળાનાં મંદીર બાંધી, મુર્ખ ઠર્યા આખા જગમાં.

પર્યાવરણ–પ્રદુષણથી જયારે જગત આખું છે ચીંતામાં;
આપણે વૃક્ષો જંગલો કાપી, લાકડાં ખડક્યાં ચીતામાં..

વાસ્તુશાસ્ત્રનો દંભ ને વળગાડ, લોકોને પીડે આ દેશમાં;
ફાલતુશાસ્ત્ર છે એ, છેતરાશો નહીં, ઠગનારા ઘણા છે આ દેશમાં.

સાયંટીફીકલી બ્લડ ચૅક કરી, ઍંગેજમેન્ટ કરે પશ્ચીમમાં,
સંતાનોને ફસાવી જન્મકુંડળીમાં, લગ્નકુંડાળાં થાય આ દેશમાં.

લસણ–ડુંગળી–બટાકા ખાવાથી પાપ લાગે આ દેશમાં,

આખી ને આખી બેન્ક ખાવા છતાં પાપ ન લાગે આ દેશમાં.


Who is Nehru, GAndhi…A Truth By History

1.GHIASUDDIN GHASI – Literal meaning of name-Kafir Killer. Mughal noble man who was the city Kotwal of Delhi.Persian ancestry. The British issued a shoot-at-site order to finish off all mughal noblemen who could be potential claimants for the throne of Delhi.

This ethnic cleansing was done by Sikh and Gorkha soldiers with an efficiency, which only they are capable of.

This muslim escaped from Allahabad and left for Agra. On way he was stopped by the British and asked to identify himself.

He gave his name as Ganga Dhar. Dhar is a Kashmiri brahmin surname.

When asked to explain his Persian features he told them he was a Kashmiri Brahmin.

The British believed him. If they had investigated him properly the history of India would have been totally different.

2. MOTI LAL NEHRU – Son of Ghiasuddin Ghasi. Hindu only by name. Was a muslim like his father. He picked up a Persian word ‘nahr'(canal or nullah) and added the sound ‘oo’ to make it sound like a Kashmiri Brahmin name. That was how the name Nehru was born.He was a totally unsuccessful vakil’s assistant(mukhtear) in the Allahabad court. In utter desparation he worked as a pimp at 77,Mirganj,Allahabad which was in a red light area.

3. THUSSU – Innocent, poor brahmin girl from Kashmir.After the death of his first wife during delivery, Moti Lal went to Kashmir and married Thussu. He renamed her as Swarup Rani.This innocent girl was not aware of Moti Lal’s evil designs.

4. MOBARAK ALI – Very successful and prosperous lawyer from Allahabad. Moti Lal befriended him in order to get a job under him. On bringing Swarup Rani to Allahabad he immediately gifted her to Mobarak Ali. Mobarak Ali kept her in his house Irshad Manzil for his pleasure. When she became pregnant, Mobarak Ali asked Moti Lal to take her back. Moti Lal requested Mobarak Ali to have the delivery at Irshad Manzil as he was living in a brothel. But Mobarak Ali refused.As per Sharia Laws even a @#%$ has a right of inheritance if he is born in his father’s house.So Moti Lal took Swarup Rani to the brothel at 77, Mirganj where the child was born.

5. JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU – @#%$ child born to Swarup Rani and Mobarak Ali. The Nawab of Oudh on hearing that this muslim child was living in a brothel, took him to his palace. Jawahar Lal lived in this palace from age 1 to 10. It was here that his circumcision ceremony took place. He was taught Persian and Urdu by the Nawab of Oudh. He never knew a word of Sanskrit or Hindi. Went to Trinity College,England. Came back and started an unsuccessful lawyer’s practice in Malabar hill, Mumbai. Arrested by Mumbai police for molesting a Parsi girl working in his office. Went on to become the first prime minister of India. Famous womaniser. He once had a keep who was a catholic nun. When she became pregnant,the catholic church stepped in and helped him out by sending the nun out of India. Ever since, the Catholic Church has grown in India with a speed that has not been mathched anywhere else in the world. They used to black mail Jawahar Lal and got what they wanted. Jawahar Lal died of syphillis.

6. INDIRA GANDHI – Daughter of Jawahar Lal and Kamala Kaul. Her real name was MAIMUNA BEGUM. She was a practicing muslim throughout her life. She was once invited to Mecca by the King of Saudi Arabia. Only muslims are allowed to enter the city of Mecca. Even the Saudis knew the truth but the Hindus were kept in the dark for obvious reasons. Our p-sec journalists worked overtime to push the news of the invitation under the carpet. Once she told one of her lovers M.O.Mathai, secretary to Nehru,”I will never marry a Hindu. I hate them. “This explains why she never took any action to save the lives of the Hindus in East Bengal. This also explains why she always surrounded herself with anti-Hindus.

7. FEROZE GANDHI – Contrary to popular belief, he was not a Parsi. He was the son of a muslim, Nawab Khan, who was the liquor supplier at Moti Lal’s brothel. His mother was a Parsi who converted to Islam after marrying Nawab Khan. In later years converted to christianity due to influence of his daughter-in-law Sonia Maino. His real name was FEROZE KHAN.

8. RAJIV RATTAN BRIJESH ROBERTO NEHRU GANDHI – Rajiv Gandhi was born to Feroze Khan(Feroze Gandhi) and Maimuna Begum (Indira Gandhi).His circumcision ceremony was conducted secretly. He was a muslim until Sonia Maino converted him to christianity. He went to Cambridge for his studies at the expense of the Indian tax-payer. He spent his time reading porn books and running after girls. Did not pass a single exam in three years. Was asked to vacate the hostel. Lived in the Indian High Commissioner’s residence for the remaining period of his stay in England. Picked up a low class Italian girl for a one night stand. But the girl had other ideas. He never got a degree from Cambridge. Was made a pilot(without any licence) in India to impress the low class Italian girl whom he was planning to marry.

9. SONIA MAINO – Low class Italian village girl from the village of Orbassano near Turin in northern Italy. Her ambition in life was to become an ‘au pair’ girl. In plain English it means ‘part time servant maid’.She had a get-rich-quick mentality which was typical of low class Italians. Someone suggested to her that she could go to Oxford or Cambridge where rich boys from all over the world were congregating for their education and they were looking for good looking young girls. This girl chose to go to Cambridge. If she had gone to Oxford, the Indian public would have been spared a lot of trouble. She went to Cambridge under the pretext of picking up some English which would be useful for her job as an au pair girl. She was picked up one night by Rajiv Gandhi from a Greek pizza place in a back-alley of Cambridge. The rest is history. She owns a shop named Ganpati in her native village of Orbassano on Regina Margherita Street, which is run by her sister Marouchka. To a visitor it would look as if they are dealing in Indian made trinkets associated with Hindu gods, like small figurines of Ganpati and pictures of Krishna as a baby.But they were actually selling original antique idols of Hindu gods stolen from Indian museums and Hindu temples in India.They have reduced the scale of business after the Italian police started investigating them. Her present financial empire leads all the way to Pablo Escobar,the head of the Colombian drug cartel. She exports coffins to a company called Tribute Caskets in Kansas City. A senior executive of this company Virginia Cover de Rodrigues is a very close friend. This woman owns a bank account code named Svenska into which the Bofors kick back money was paid. This Virginia is also a close friend of Manuel Noriega of Nicaragua.The president of the Vatican Bank Archbishop Paul Marcinkus who was doing money laundering for Escobar suddenly disappeared with a lot of money. The police were looking for him all over the world. He was safely sitting in no.10,Janpath doing in-house catholic services for Sonia Maino.

10. SANJAY GANDHI – @#%$ child born to Maimuna Begum(Indira Gandhi) and Mohamad Yunus. Went to England like his brother for studies, funded by the Indian tax payer. His original name was Sanjiv Gandhi. When he was about to be caught by the British police for stealing a car,a fresh passport was issued by the govt. of India with a new name Sanjay Gandhi, to escape arrest. When he was a boy his mother disappeared alongwith him for a couple of days. The excuse given was that the boy had a speech defect and had to undergo a surgery. This was one more lie from the family of congenital liars. The truth was that circumcision was done for Sanjay Gandhi and Indira Gandhi underwent an abortion to avoid the birth of the child sired by M.O.Mathai. In his later years he came across some photos of Indira Gandhi with Dhirendra Brahmachari in some compromising positions. Used to blackmail and physically assault his mother. Could have been assasinated by the Russians on a request from Indira Gandhi herself. The Russians would have gladly done it as Sanjay Gandhi was pro-American.

11. THE RANI OF ETAWAH – Dumb, stupid Hindu woman. On the death of her husband the Raja of Etawah, she found that she would have to part with her entire kingdom as she had no children. Asked Mobarak Ali and Motilal to fight her case. They asked her for Rs.500,000.00. This was a very, very big sum in those days. The Rani paid in full. They shared the amount between them and did not fight the case. The case was lost in the lower court. They then told the Rani that they would fight the case in the higher court. They took another 500,000.00.They split this amount also and did not fight the case.The case was lost in the higher court also. They then told the Rani that they would fight the case in the Privy Council in London. They demanded up and down plane fare, a fat fee for themselves and a fee for a British advocate to fight the case in London. The smart British advocate said that the Rani could get hold of an infant of the appropriate age and say to the entire world that she was pregnant at the time of the Raja’s death. This idea worked and the Rani’s kingdom was saved.This stupid Rani thought that Mobarak Ali and Motilal had saved her. She gave them a lot of money and gave Amethi,a part of her kingdom to Motilal. Ever since the members of the Nehru >family have been behaving as if Amethi is their private property. This was how Moti Lal bacme a very rich man. He bought Irshad Manzil from Mobarak Ali. Irshad Manzil in Persian means ‘House of happiness’.Moti Lal changed the name to Ananda Bhavan which means ‘House of happiness’ in Sanskrit.Jawahar Lal was not born in this house as our pseudo secular historians would want us to believe.

12. MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI – So called Apostle of Truth. Aided and abetted in spreading the biggest lie in the history of mankind.

On thinking about this whole issue, I think we Hindus alone are responsible for this situation. How could a small family of muslims and Christians fool so many Hindus for so long and still continue to do it? I am reminded of what Abraham Lincoln once said,”You can fool some people all the time or all the people for some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”….

Bhargava Vsn i dnt knw wether dis is true or not! but i hate nehru bastard & his family :

Hindu Samrajya From where u have got this refrence
, if it is true then we will print in all history school books when india become’s HINDURASHTRA

Tarun Goyal

अब सिर्फ प्रत्यंचा चडाने का ही समय है…शांति पाढ अब सरकार को भी पसंद नहीं वो ही आमने सामने का युद्ध चाहती है…

जब सन्यासी निकल पड़ा है युद्ध के लिए…..तो जनता कब तक सोती रहेगी…

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