Abuse of power has nothing to do with sex. 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

What I want everyone to remember is that purpose is not  to put anyone down. 

Or call anyone bad. 

Purpose is just to write things in an interesting fashion. 

It’s not about judging people. 

It’s about having a normal conversation on day to day subject which are part of people’s life. 

And in above message I actually mixed too many messages again. 

Abuse of power has nothing to do with sex. 

You can have sex or orgies that’s not abuse of power.

True  I’m just just a writer. But that doesn’t mean I’m asking that others have to talk about it. 

But then there is certain hypocrisy of shaming and lying too. 

I have had people just playing me. 

Just knowing everything very well but playing like they didn’t know a thing and in the end the same story of their own comes out with flying colors, Thats ok too. 

I call housewives ” monsters” with love. 

On one hand I’m happy they are this strong because of kids. 

Husbands are totally helpless before them. 

But some cases, they are abusing their husbands. 

But then its a person’s own responsibility to protect themselves. 

I always say be selfish 5 percent. And put you, yourself and you again First. 

There is a time everyone has to protect themselves. 

 But I agree with what you said. That being said, in every other culture people have talked about it. 

About choices. 

And sexual behaviors. 

Only in Pakistan and Bharat and Bangladesh and Mid East we pretend that none of this exists when it does. 

Just like rest of the world.


Scums of Bharat’s Traitor Gandhi Sonia and Rahul

The scum of Bharat’s traitor, Sonia and rape of India. To understand Sonia and the rape of India, we need to understand the multi dimensional rape of the nation. 1) Rape of Wealth of the nation This animal now have enough money to buy up whole parliament, wikileaks revelation is just a primer. 

She will flex her muscles when the time of elections to put right election commissioner, to throw away the stolen trillions and foist her son on India. 

She is sitting on such wealth. Starting from illegal insurance provider when she entered India to director of Maruti to Bofors to 2G, she graduated each time to higher levels that she is sucking up nation’s wealth with impunity. 

Of course, she allows crumbs to the selfish politicians such as Raja and other lower creatures.

Daan, Dakshina and Daani. 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

People expect from U. 

You give. 

And you become DANI. ( donor )

After people accept what you give them you give them again a small token called DAKSHINA because first time when you give after their expectations and if they don’t accept then you can’t become DANI. 

So our culture came up with concept. 

Daan and Daani and DAKSHINA. 

By accepting they made you DAANi 

So we say thanks by giving small portion again second time as our gratitude toward them by accepting what we gave them expected from us. 

And thanking again to make us Daani.

We Add small Token of Gratitude is Called Dakshinaa. 

Humanity is inseparable From Education.

Some Times : By Sam Hindu

What stuns the educated people is that they do not blame themselves or their educational-background for their misery; they just put the blame on western world.

“Afghans suffer poverty because of America’s disproportionate wealth” – this is what Madrasah teachers say in Afghanistan.

This is the bottom line of Madrasah education.

The basic essentials of a successful education system are never fulfilled.

Education involves transference of knowledge and values accumulated by mankind from one person to another.

Humanity is inseparable from education.

The best process of education encourages the students to ask questions, which propel them on the path of further learning.

Without this, education becomes a burden.

Scientific enquiry also enriches mankind with knowledge.

Education improves the reasoning power of a person.

Neither memorization of a book nor physical punishment helps the students.

Students can learn not only through reading, but also by experience, by watching others and also by observing the world in general.

Unfortunately, Madrasah education lacks all of the above.

Education is an important area to advance the civilization further. If it is left in the hands of some semi-literates, sadists, paedophiles and homosexuals, this is bound to happen.

Some Times By : Sam Hindu

Pappu Rahul Gandhi Khan Hindustan is not your fathers Property.

Some Times : By Santosh Bhatt

67 years of independence, out of which more than 50 plus years were under the # Khangress rule, and yet, Pappu RaGa still calls farmers ‘gareeb, kamjor, lachar, bebas Kisan’.

 Question is, WHO is responsible for keeping them this way?

What about Land grabber corrupt Son of Bitch vadra who  acquired land dishonestly. 

Why doesn’t  Khangress  ever mention this shady deals by Huda’s  government ? 

if charity begins at home then honesty should start with congress party first , then u start talking about other things why can’t  congress practice what they loudly preach….?

Yesterday in his whole speech Pappu was saying  ” humne aap ko ye diya woh diya “. As if given from his pocket. This clearly goes to show that they think that the country is their private property. 

Pappu Hindustan is not your fathers Property and who the Fxxx are you to give all these to Hindustani Citizens. ?

I think you should educate people on why the land bill is important, there is a lot of misinformation out there and nobody realizes how crucial this bill is.

1) There are 20 crore farmers in this country, with an average land holding of 5 acres, most of which is non-irrigated, so there can be only 1 or 2 harvests a year, so after all expenses are paid (highly subsidized) a farmer makes just over 600 rupees per acre of land per month, by selling the same land they can get a minimum of 2 lakhs per acre which is definitely a great deal since they’re getting over 10 times earnings.

2) 20 crore people working to feed 120 crores is highly unsustainable, we need them to move towards industry, increase the average land holding per farmer, making it possible to perform extensive and mechanic cultivation, which would eventually lead to much higher yields.

Farmers have just become a vote bank in this country, nobody really cares about them, 

I’d say don’t care what the media or general public think about this, just go ahead, 

I’m sure farmers will appreciate this in 10 years from now.

Khangess should immediately stop this kind of dirty politics, people of India are  fully fed up with the dirty politics of the  party. 

This is the party which divided the country on the basis of religion, this is the party divided the  strong Indian society on the  basis of religion and caste to  build up its vote bank to keep its family permanently ruling India, without having any quality in the leadership.

 Congress should cooperate with the good works of the government otherwise people of India may forget this name very soon

भारत और पाकिस्तान के गद्दार निवासियों को सीख देती एक हमारी प्रस्तुति। –

भारत और पाकिस्तान के गद्दार निवासियों को सीख देती एक हमारी प्रस्तुति। –from Face Book Friend. ———

-मन्दिर मस्जिद चर्च रौशनी गुरुद्वारे शर्मिन्दा हैं। 

भारत मां को डायन कहने वाले अबतक जिन्दा है। 

अगर कभी इतिहास दुहाई देकर तुमसे पूंछेगा। 

दुनियाँ का हर कोना तुमसे तुम्हें जगाकर पूंछेगा। 

ऎसी क्या मजबूरी थी जो मां को गाली सह बैठे। 

गन्दी नाली के कीड़े गुलशन के माली बन बैठे। 

लम्बे कुर्ते, छोटी लुन्गी हत्यारी सी लगती है।

 अब तो जाली वाली टोपी गद्दारी ही लगती है।

 ईद कोई हो चन्दा मामा तुम्हें बताने आता है। 

मुझे मानते हो तो शीतलता समझाने जाताहै। 

भीख मिली रौशनी की ताकत होती ही कितनी है। 

सूरज के उजियारे में जुगनू की कीमत जितनी है। 

जिसको कहते तुम महान वो अकबर भी शर्मिन्दा है। 

कहता गर अकबर महान गौहत्यारा क्यों जिन्दा है। 

हमने तो रघुकुल के गीतों से भी तुमको जोड़ा है। 

ईश्वर अल्लाह एक है दुनिया में सन्देशा छोड़ा है। 

कैसे तुमने कर्म किये हैं अपने तौर तरीकों से। 

कुछना सीखा तुमने अपने अशफाक और हमीदों से। 

केवल सुन्नत वाले ही मन्नत के ठेकेदार नहीं।

 ईश्वर अल्लाह दरबारों में रहमत के हकदार नहीं। 

लाहौर, कराची से झन्डे लेकर जो भारत आते हैं। 

अपनी मां बहने आतंकी घर गिरवी रख आते हैं। 

मस्जिद और मदरसों से हत्यारी शिछा देते हो। 

इसीलिये पेशावर. में स्कूली हमले लेते हो।

 तुममें से कुछ तलवे देखो चाट रहे गद्दारों के।

 नाली के कीडे इसीलिये हकदार बने हथियारों के। 

केवल एक सन्देशा उनतक पहुंचाने की बारी है।

 ना अब जिन्ना है, ना नेहरू ना गांधी सी यारी है। 

अबकी युद्ध हुआ तो फिर अन्तिम सौगात यही होगी। 

भारत तो होगा नक्से में पर तेरी बात नहीं होगी।

why Khangress people are so interested in this good for nothing  Sabbatical guy.   Rahul Gandhi. ? 

Some Times By : Santosh Bhatt

Rahul gandhi has been on a sabbatical since birth, and has just returned from an overseas sabbatical which was official. 

Where he went, what he did overseas is any body’s guess.

 But the reasons of sabbatical to carry out introspection on party’s defeats is only meant for fools to be believed.
 Rahul is a political disaster waiting to happen if elected leader of the italian national congress party.
 H e neither has any interest in political maturity,  nor has  local knowledge of the country, leave aside the critical attributes of beiing the leader of the masses.  

why Khangress people are so interested in this good for nothing guy ? Rahul Gandhi. 

Instead of every one jumping onto conclusions about rahul gandhi atleast ask him honestly what he wants to do with his life ?

 whether he is interested in politics at all ?

 he is not a qualified man with no professional degree and no work experience he is not fit enough for any kind of job. 

so let him introspect about his life, give him time. politics in india is not an ad-hoc job. 

either he has to be a full time politician or enjoy spoils of his family name and Loot of Hindustan. 

 in fact except for  nehru no one from nehru- gandhi family has anty academic background and strength. 

Although  alysis is largely ok.

 All critics are either missing a very important point or are dithering to mention the same; is his capacity or the lack of it to shoulder such a big responsibility. 

To say very gently, he is absolutely mediocre and does neither have intelligence nor capability.

 His one tv interview to ‘times now’ talks volumes. 

Can these people imagine this man at the helm of affairs of the country? 

please stop reducing this country to a level of a gram panchayat which also is a big responsibility for rahul. 

he is a total disaster.

 please do not mince word while analyzing him;

 You would be doing injustice not only to the youth of the country but country itself.

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