Sri Padmanabha Swami Hindu Temple

Sri Padmanabha Swami Hindu Temple

Times of india wants all the wealth found to be distributed amongst poor. What a pathetic idea this dumb editor comes up.

Times Of India, Yellow Journalism..

” Unlike, say, Switzerland, India isn’t rolling in wealth. Even as we trip GDP figures off our tongue, a country is deemed wealthy not when it has plenty of rich people but when it has no one mired in poverty. Tough scenario for a country for a billion-plus people but with India home to enough

folks not getting a square meal a day, there is something awry about a temple in Kerala sitting on a treasure trove supposedly worth ‘Rs 1 lakh crore’ — that is Rs 1,000,000,000,000.
 Oh, we know the sanctity of the right to own your wealth and spend it (or not) in whatever manner you choose.

But the Sri Padmanabha Swami temple in Kerala, now unofficially considered the richest temple in the country, isn’t exactly just a fixed deposit that will take care of a family’s Bugatti bills, or even the local mandir or gurdwara providing succour to souls with a cash flow on the side.

In fact, such temples are gargantuan vaults of tax-free wealth. So how about dismantling what are essentially parallel economies by opening these vaults up and use the money to set up private schemes that can bring material comforts to the poor?

Sure, many of these religious institutions have social sch-emes already running. But clearly, much more needs to be done.

If the incentive for such a move is lacking from the trusts of these temples or mosques, why not consider taxing these institutions?

The purpose of taxing people much less wealthy than those who own the wealth of the Padmanabha Swami temple is to bring about some amount of redistribution of wealth through building public facilities such as roads and power stations.

With the temples having enough money to spare, surely being a charitable body won’t make them stingy about spreading the cash for public good?

Especially, since they should be happy to share their wealth in good faith for the purpose of making India a truly rich country.”

With views like these, there is no need of ghoris and Gaznis to break temples and loot when such people with such anti Hindu views are present in Hindusthan

Go after Muslim and Christian first who stole all the land and wealth from native Hindu and then talk about sharing Hindu wealth. Period no if no but and nothing less.

Why are people always after the temples and not after anyother worship places? you are speaking of taking the money from the temple and using it for public good……one fact that you have forgotten my friend is that the so called politicians of this country has more wealth than the worship places,.

The money that people paid as tax for the betterment of the country,was robbed by them and kept in forgein banks,don’t you have the guts to ask them to give it back.

They enter politics as just an average citizen,they go to their graveyard as millioners,leaving back millions for their decendents to live in lavishness………This money belongs to the God……it was donated by humble beleivers,

As a note of thanks giving…….it should stay in the temple,as temple property.

One thing forgotten,its not containers of hard currency which is found,its valuables worth crores,how are you going to use it?

Pave the roads with gold and diamonds?give one diamond to each person?one coin to each person?Sell the valuables?????????

It should be protected,try to generate a revenue from it,by building a museum inside the temple premises for the public to see the heritage,the forgotten era, and a minimal charge taken from them,the revenue of the temple is to increase now as devotees would be flowing in….and that money can be used in public interest.If we oblige to give away the treasure to the benefit of the country,

you would say the Idol is worth crores of rupees,lets sell it for the country……wont you?????

The MAHARAJA who saved this treasure from british rulers should be awarded by the best award(which is given after death) of our country. he was a REAL KING AND REAL DESHBHAKTA.
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अतः इस लेख के माध्यम से मैं सुप्रीम कोर्ट से अपील करता हूँ कि वह “स्वयं संज्ञान” लेते हुए ताजमहल के नीचे स्थित 22 सीलबन्द कमरों को खोलने का आदेश दे, जिसकी निगरानी सुप्रीम कोर्ट की निगरानी में हो ताकि पता चले कि कहीं शाहजहाँ और मुमताज सोने की खदान पर तो आर…ाम नहीं फ़रमा रहे? इन सीलबन्द कमरों को खोलने से यह भी साफ़ हो जाएगा कि क्या वाकई ताजमहल एक हिन्दू मन्दिर था? इसी के साथ सुप्रीम कोर्ट में जनहित याचिका दायर करके यह माँग भी की जाना चाहिए कि ज्ञानवापी मस्जिद के नीचे, अजमेर दरगाह के नीचे एवं गोआ के विशाल चर्चों तथा केरल के आर्चबिशपों के भव्य मकानों की भी गहन जाँच और खुदाई की जाए ताकि जो सेकुलर-वामपंथी हिन्दू मन्दिरों के खजाने पर जीभ लपलपा रहे हैं, वे भी जानें कि “उधर” कितना “माल” भरा है। हिन्दुओं एवं उनके भगवान के धन पर बुरी नज़र रखने वालों को संवैधानिक एवं कानूनी रूप से सबक सिखाया जाना अति-आवश्यक है… वरना आज पद्मनाभ मन्दिर का नम्बर आया है, कल भारत के सभी मन्दिर इस “सेकुलर-वामपंथी” गोलाबारी की रेंज में आ जाएंगे

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